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Town Creates Information Ministry - Baghdad Bob Hired
Information Minister embraces new Pamlico Challenge
April 15, 2003

he Town Of Oriental has taken a new step in its efforts to promote the positive aspects of the sailing village. A well placed source told TownDock.net, “we realized the need for a public relations professional. Someone who really knows how to handle the press.”

One such professional who caught the town’s eye was Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf, the former Iraqi Information Minister. “It wasn’t his fault that his Iraq position was eliminated” said a town official. “They were doing extensive layoffs.”

Sahaf (“call me Mo” he told reporters) started his first day on Thursday, and wasted little time in addressing public relations concerns.

Wearing the newly designed Oriental Information Ministry beret, “Mo” brought Pamlico’s extensive media entourage down to the harbor near the Town Dock.

Next we followed “Mo” out of Oriental and about half way down Straight Road. Information Minister Sahaf stopped us next to a swampy area, where a local man was already at work.

M. Sahaf’s final news conference of the day was on the subject of Oriental’s drinking water. At a podium near the water tower Sahaf proclaimed “It is delicious. The white wine of the Neuse. The mother of all mother’s milk! Filters are for cowards!”

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