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It's Friday August 23, 2019

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Garland Fulcher Docks @ Dawn | August 22, 2019

The Garland Fulcher docks at dawn this morning.

Dismasting On Midyette | August 21, 2019

Power was out on Midyette for a few hours last night. A sailboat on a trailer attempted to navigate Midyette Street… with the mast up. Results above. (Click the pic for more masty views. Leah Jordan photo.)

Spellbinder - 1st place 1989 Oriental Cup | August 20, 2019

Monday on TownDock we pondered when the 1st Oriental Cup was. This morning comes visual confirmation from reader (and Cup winner) Leslie Cameron:

Chuck Lee and I won the first Oriental Cup in 1989 on Spellbinder. The nautical clock was 1st prize. We still have it hanging in our living room as our only clock. The picture/plaque awarded to us for the racing season shows Spellbinder had an excellent year.
Crew top row: Diana Lee, Chuck Lee, Leslie Cameron, Dave Kramer.
Bottom row: Robin Lee, G.E. Lee
The Cup is back for 2019… more details later today. Click that pic above for the big clock view.

PecanCam Red Sky On The Water | August 19, 2019

Sunday night PecanCam captured the red sky sunset reflecting off the harbor and the Pecan Grove Marina channel. The photo was taken at 7:50p.

Dark & Stormy | August 18, 2019

Just sayin’.

Zoe & Cloyd | August 17, 2019

Zoe & Cloyd. 7:30p Tonight @ The Old Theater. They released a song “Satan Your Kingdom Must Come Down” earlier this year. It showcases how good this duo is:

Wet Morning On Radar | August 16, 2019
FJ Mayhem? | August 15, 2019

It looks like mayhem, but these FJ sailboats all passed the upwind mark cleanly in Saturday’s Bow To Stern Regatta.

PecanCam Morning View | August 14, 2019
Minnesott Beach Golf Course Future? | August 13, 2019

Tonight @ 7p the town of Minnesott Beach is having its town meeting. It will be better attended than usual. On the docket – should the town purchase Minnesott Golf & Country Club and its approx 150 acres for $270,000? The club, like many golf clubs in recent years, is in financial trouble. The fear for Minnesott Beach is that if the club goes under, values would plummet for the nearby properties. That could cost the town huge property tax revenues. Strong feelings on both sides are expected at tonight’s meeting.

Watermelon Slices Stand By To Be Eaten | August 12, 2019

Watermelon slices ready to be grabbed up and eaten. There were gold watermelon in the mix at Watermelon Sunday at The Bonds yesterday, in honor of the golden anniversary of the watermelon event. 50 years of watermelon. The crowd Sunday may have been the largest – hundreds with a long line waiting.
(click pic for the big view and people eatin’ watermelon)

Watermelon Smile | August 11, 2019

That is a watermelon smile. Then 2 1/2 year old Eili Yair showed his watermelon eating style in the 2015 event. Today is Watermelon Sunday 2019 at The Bonds. It starts at 4p. Everyone is invited. Even you.

One Design Regatta Today | August 10, 2019

The Bow To Stern One Design Regatta sails off Oriental today & Sunday. In this 2018 regatta file photo, mother-son team Michele Lunsford and Cole Wise.

Trawler Carolyn Ann | August 9, 2019

Shrimp season see trawlers pulling in for the weekend with their week’s catch. Early Friday morning trawler Carolyn Ann was landing at the Garland Fulcher docks.

One Design Regatta Coming This Weekend | August 8, 2019

The Bow To Stern One Design Regatta is this weekend in Oriental. The 2018 regatta was breezy – here Don Munn sails a Laser is some healthy wind.
(click pic for the big view, and a capsize)

MV Sabbatical | August 7, 2019

MV Sabbatical at the town dock this week. (click pic for more Sabbatical views)

Amelia Looks At Clouds | August 6, 2019

Monday night blue sky poked through the clouds. Drone Amelia went out over the river to take a look.
(click the sky for more cloudy views)

MV Journey | August 4, 2019

MV Journey visiting from Beaufort, at the Oriental Marina Inn docks.
(click image to see more of Journey)

Tightly Packed Fishing Trawlers | August 3, 2019

Tightly packed fishing trawlers in Oriental’s harbor.

Monster In The Harbor? | August 1, 2019

Monster in the harbor? Details Friday Saturday…

Clouds Over Oriental | July 31, 2019

Puffy clouds over Oriental. You can almost hear The Simpson’s theme.

Sunrise on the Minnesott Beach / Cherry Branch Ferry | July 30, 2019

Sunrise on the Minnesott Beach / Cherry Branch ferry. A few years back TownDock went for a ride upstairs on the ferry.

Mermaid weekend in Oriental | July 29, 2019

Annie Ostendorff trained as a mermaid at Weeki Wachee Springs in Florida. Saturday, she greeted visitors at the Oriental History Museum. One young visitor was fascinated with her fins. Click the picture for the bigger view and more.

Trawler Lorelei | July 27, 2019

Trawler Lorelei, resting at the Oriental Marina Inn docks. Lorelei is a 1963 Willard 36 Vega Flybridge Sedan, designed by William Garden.

Saturday Morning HarborCam View | July 27, 2019

Saturday morning HarborCam view.

Christian Sweeps the Street | July 25, 2019

In June, Broad Street got a makeover. The process left behind a lot of broken asphalt and debris. It was a mess. Then Christian Michaels showed up, spending several weeks cleaning it up. Read the story here.

OYC Founding Members | July 24, 2019

Oriental Yacht Club (OYC) was founded in 1968. In this 1978 photo – OYC’s founding members. From left: Joe Cox, Tom Bulla, Les Evans, Howard Manning Sr, Charles Gryb and Al Sharp. With Les is son Jonathan Evans, and dog BB. Les Evans passed away Sunday night at his home in Oriental.

Girl Friend | July 23, 2019

Les Evans would have turned 90 next month. He passed away Sunday night at his family home on Orient Point. Les was a pillar in the Oriental sailing community, co-founding Oriental Yacht Club (OYC) and Neuse Sailing Association (NSA.) Les said he brought the first modern cruising boat to Oriental. That would be this boat – Girl Friend – a Tartan 34. More about Les Evans’ life will be coming…