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Photos From The Cover Of TownDock.net
The photos that have been on the Home page

Fisher at Endurance Seafood | January 16, 2020

When you get your fish from Endurance Seafood, Keith Bruno isn’t the only one waiting on you. Fisher, one of Bruno’s Anatolian Shepherds, waits on you, too. Click pic for the bigger view and more pics of Fisher

Ring-billed Gull | January 15, 2020

An adult Ring-billed Gull, identified by the black band around the bill, stands on a piling in Oriental’s harbor. Birder Liz Lathrop, says “they winter here and go north to breed in spring. In the spring, our smaller Laughing Gull (with pretty black head) returns.” Click pic for the bigger view

Grace Turns 90 | January 14, 2020

Happy Birthday #90 to the grace of Oriental, Grace Evans. Here’s Grace sailing, circa 1980, in an Ericson 27.
click image for the big pic and more graceful views

SV Sharlie | January 13, 2020

Sharlie. In McCall, Idaho, it’s the name of a legendary sea serpent. In Oriental, it’s a visiting 1981 Gulfstar 44, hailing from Tallahassee, FL. Click for the bigger pic and more.

Chasity Brooke Returns To Harbor | January 10, 2020

Chasity Brooke returns to harbor Friday morning, her colorful nets in place.

Lock and Key | January 9, 2020

A lock and key in the wheelhouse of EV America. Architectural salvage, some several hundred years old, is used throughout the vessel. Take a closer look at America.

EV America | January 8, 2020

A view from inside the state room of EV America. Tom Joyal used architectural salvage and inspiration from the past to create the 60’, electrically powered America. Read the story here. Click for the exterior view.

Miss Nicole Loaded With Shrimp | January 6, 2020

Why was trawler Miss Nicole sitting so low in the water? She was loaded down with shrimp. This winter has delivered an unusual windfall – the best winter shrimping season anyone can remember. It has been a welcome change after an unusually slow summer shrimping season.

PecanCam Sunrise | January 5, 2020
Radar - Mid Atlantic | January 4, 2020

More wet today. Mid Atlantic weather radar shows what’s coming…

Three Vessels at the Mark | January 3, 2020

Three of the forty-some vessels that took part in the Instead of Football Regatta. All had an equal chance of winning; not from their PHRF scores, but from names pulled out of a hat at the skipper’s meeting.

New Year's Eve 2019 | January 2, 2020

There were dragons, a croaker, a cannon, and near a thousand people in Oriental on New Year’s Eve. Click that video to watch the scene from New Year’s Eve 2019.

IOFR 2020 | January 2, 2020

On the water at the Instead of Football Regatta. (Photo Eifel Kreutz)

Dragon with Child New Year's | January 1, 2020

Touching the dragon for luck.

Dragon's Big Night | December 31, 2019

Somewhere in Oriental, the dragon is stirring….

Croaker on the Mast | December 30, 2019

Tomorrow, the croaker drops at midnight. When possible, it’s hung from the mast of a visiting sailboat. Take a look at New Year’s 2018.

Rainy Monday Morning Harborcam | December 30, 2019

Good rainy Monday morning…

Red Trawlers in the Harbor | December 29, 2019

Red fishing trawlers raft up and take Sunday off.

SV Beyond at Sunrise | December 28, 2019

Morning in Oriental Harbor.

The New Year Dragon | December 27, 2019

On New Year’s Eve, two dragons make the run along Hodges Street, but only one is said to bring luck in the New Year – the large, multi-colored dragon. It comes out to make both runs before the beginning of the New Year. Here, the dragon waits for the run to begin. The dragon is also seeking a little help.

E/V America | December 26, 2019

America is a 60 ft electric power vessel, crafted by boat builder and owner Tom Joyal. Based on a mid-1800s steamship design, she incorporates items from Joyal’s previous salvage business – like stained glass and window frames from the 1800’s. It’s an electric vessel, run by electric motors charged by dual diesel generators. click to see more views of America

Amos and Andy | December 23, 2019

Amos and Andy (left) are brothers and chief morale officers at The Red Rickshaw. They also share the title of December Pet of the Month.

Garland Fulcher Elves Celebrate Christmas 2019 | December 21, 2019

The Garland Fulcher Seafood Elves celebrate Christmas 2019. Be a brave soul and click that video.

Buddy Checks His Elf Pants | December 21, 2019

Here Buddy checks his Elf pants, prior to a media event. Elf video coming, but meanwhile know Buddy & Jeff will be at Garland Fulcher Seafood today from 10a-5p. Your Christmas fish is waiting.

Ice on the Duck Pond | December 20, 2019

There was ice on the Duck Pond early this morning. Here ice crystals have formed on the top of the Patrons Of The Dragon placard at the pond’s edge.

Free Will Baptist Bell | December 19, 2019

A bell with a bow. Salvaged from a church fire in 1970, it now stands in front of the Free Will Baptist Church on Ragan Rd. Click for the bigger pic and more

Sheetless visits Oriental | December 18, 2019

Sheetless visiting Oriental’s harbor, at the Marina Inn docks Tuesday and this morning at the town dock. Sheetless is a Provincial 42 – a pleasure boat created from a fishing boat hull. She was made by Provincial boats in Canada’s Prince Edward Island.

Scenes from the Spirit of Christmas 2019 | December 16, 2019

Some rain and a few schedule adjustments didn’t derail the Spirit of Christmas weekend. The sun came out for the parade where the Florence & Whortonsville Volunteer Fire Department demonstrated the three-tier candy toss. Click for more scenes from the Spirit of Christmas weekend.