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It's Saturday February 24, 2024

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SV Don't Delay | February 21, 2024

On Smith Creek, SV Don’t Delay provides a life hint.

A New Library Is Coming | February 20, 2024

You used to be able to get a sausage biscuit at this location. In the future, you’ll be able the find the works of Chaucer. Saturday was the official groundbreaking for the new Pamlico County Public Library. Story coming. (Ben Casey photo)

Ramble On Endeavour 35 | February 19, 2024

SV Ramble On enjoying a pleasant stay at Oriental Harbor Marina.

Plywood Lookout | February 18, 2024

A plywood salty seaman keeps a lookout on the harbor.

Time Out at OYC | February 17, 2024

SV Time Out, taking some time out at Oriental Harbor Marina.

2024 Dredge of Pierce Creek | February 16, 2024

Dredges are in Pierce Creek. They’re clearing out the channel so boats don’t run aground. Click for the big view and more. (John Rahm photo)

Birdhouse Squeeze | February 15, 2024

Time and pressure. But no diamond. A birdhouse on Factory Street.

Weathervane Fisherman | February 14, 2024

On Freemason, near South Ave, this just might point to where the good fishing is.

Fishing Trawler Shadowfax | February 13, 2024

Miss Kayden and Shadowfax, catching the sun at the Garland Fulcher docks.

Raindrop on the Rail | February 12, 2024

Rainy day evidence – caught on the South Avenue rail by Lou Mac Park.

Rain Radar Feb 12 | February 12, 2024

From the TownDock weather radar. Today’s forecast: lotsa rain. It’s just for today. Tomorrow, the sun shines again.

Taylor Swift CD Signing | February 11, 2024

The Taylor Swift CD signing scheduled for 11a Sunday at the town dock has been moved to The Bean porch, due to unanticipated dock repairs. Ms Swift will be signing both her albums Midnights and the upcoming Tortured Poets Department. Those choosing Tortured Poets will receive their CDs after the formal album release on April 19 (CDs will be legally embargoed until then at Town Hall). The signing will end promptly at noon, to allow Swift and her entourage time to get to New Bern airport (she has other obligations later today).

Leaf Skeleton | February 9, 2024

A leaf skeleton, found on Church St. Arborist and former Tree Board chair Dr. Bob Miller has more information on how this came to be: “There are insects whose larvae eat the leaf tissue between the veins leaving the skeleton leaves.”

Miss Kayden Reflection | February 8, 2024

Reflecting on a still and foggy mid-January morning. (Click to see the full – and the more familiar – views.)

Silverbrook Road Odd Fellows | February 7, 2024

On Silverbrook Rd, Odd Fellows Cemetery. We hear there are some normal folk in there, too.

A Curtain out the Window | February 6, 2024

No window. But there is a curtain, caught outside this crumbling home on Silverbrook Rd. (Click for the full view.)

Marker 8 Sunrise February 2024 | February 5, 2024

Cormorants check out a February sunrise from atop marker eight.

Dead End / Fork Point Road | February 3, 2024

As one enters Fork Point Road, a subtle transportation hint is provided.

Caressa Mae of New Orleans, LA | February 2, 2024

Caressa Mae of New Orleans, in the morning hours. (Click for the big view)

Gulf Stream Bow | February 1, 2024

The proud bow of Gulf Stream faces the harbor.

Trawler Sunset in Oriental Harbor | January 31, 2024

Harbor view from a Monday evening sunset stroll.

48 Hour Film Award Statuettes | January 29, 2024

Sunday was the awards ceremony for The Old Theater’s 48 Hour Film Festival Project. Some folks went home with one of these. If you missed seeing the films in The Old Theater, you can view them here. (Erich Huber photo)

Polar Plungers 2024 | January 28, 2024
The Polar Plungers of 2024. Saturday at 2p, hardy lads and lasses plunged into the Neuse at Oriental’s Miniscule Beach, raising $ for the Pamlico Special Olympics. (click pic for more plunging views)

Laura "Sees" the Polar Plunge | January 27, 2024

Some TownDock staff members are a bit sad it will be warm today – because today is the Polar Plunge. Brave~ish plungers take to the waters today @ 2p at Oriental’s Miniscule Beach. (Laura Turgeon drawing)

Morning Sky on Hodges | January 26, 2024

Early morning on Hodges Street. (Annemarie Wichrowski photo)

Town Dock #1 Closed for Repairs | January 24, 2024

The free dock at Hodges Street, also known as town dock #1, is closed for repairs. Town Manager Diane Miller and several members of the Harbor Waterfronts Committee were out inspecting the dock Wednesday morning.

Dawson Creek Sunrise 2024 | January 23, 2024

Tuesday morning sunrise at Dawson Creek. (Erich Huber photo)

MV Loon Point | January 22, 2024

48’ metal cruising Tug Loon Point at Oriental Marina and Inn, mid January.

Harbor & Clouds Like Cotton | January 21, 2024

A clear January morning on the harbor, with clouds like cotton.

Keith Bruno and The Oysters | January 18, 2024

Keith Bruno gets intimate with a bivalve. He and his deckhand Josh Summer went oyster hunting early one morning. For brave viewers like you, look below.

Calypso of Two Ports | January 17, 2024

Spotted on Camp Creek, a new take on hailing port etiquette: two hailing ports. (Ben Casey photo)

Heron in the Fog | January 16, 2024

A heron stands in the fog near the corner of Vandemere Street and South Avenue. (Jennifer Smart photo)

HarborCam | January 16, 2024 Calm Harbor | January 15, 2024

Low winds in tonight’s forecast will provide calm waters. Like this calm evening on Oriental’s harbor. (Sky Wiseman photo)

Sunday Morning Trawlers Cheek to Cheek | January 14, 2024

Trawlers Shadowfax and Blackbeard are cheek to cheek for warmth at the Garland Fulcher docks.

Harbor Morning Reflections | January 12, 2024

Oriental harbor morning. Click for the full view. (David Geiger photo)

Smith Creek Pelican 2024 | January 11, 2024

Sunning on Smith Creek.

Shadowfax Rust | January 10, 2024

An experienced fishing trawler at rest. Shadowfax at the Garland Fulcher Seafood Docks.

Perfect Lefty | January 9, 2024

A southpaw at Oriental Harbor Marina.

Mockingbird and Juniper Berries | January 8, 2024

Mockingbird, mid-meal in downtown Oriental.

SV Skippy | January 6, 2024

Skippy. At rest on Smith Creek.

The 2024 Polar Plunge is coming | January 5, 2024

January swimming? OK, you might need a reason. There is one. The Pamlico County Special Olympics Polar Plunge, coming January 27.

Instead of Football Regatta 2024 | January 4, 2024

The Neuse view on January 1, 2024: the Instead of Football Regatta. (Christel Monmoine photo)

Late December Sunset, Oriental Bridge | January 3, 2024

One of the last sunsets of 2023, caught on the Oriental Bridge.

New Year's Eve Mizuchi | January 2, 2024

This is Mizuchi. The dragon made its debut on the water at the 2022 Spirit of Christmas Kayak Flotilla. This New Year’s Eve, Mizuchi was invited on land to the Dragon Run – making a total of four dragons for the New Year’s Eve Dragon Run.

Il Gatto Misses The Mark | January 1, 2024

At the 2023 Instead of Football Regatta (a year ago today) SV Il Gatto missed the mark – barely. The warning horn for today’s Regatta is at 11:55a at SC1. The Skipper’s Meeting is at 3p.

Dragon Mouth | December 31, 2023

The Dragon Run is tonight. 8p & 11:30p on Hodges Street by the harbor. Bring your pots, pans, and other noisemakers and help The Dragon welcome in the New Year.

Mistletoad | December 30, 2023

Got mistletoe ready? Artist Laura Turgeon adapts to her environment. Presenting – MistleToad.