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It's Friday July 10, 2020

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Radar - Mid Atlantic | July 8, 2020

Invest 98 is heading our way. We’ll get some rain, but not much more in the way of storm impact is forecast. Click image for the big view, and also other radar views: National Weather Radar, Southeast Weather Radar, and Newport/Morehead City Weather Radar.

A Salute To A Young Hero | July 7, 2020

Firetrucks & emergency vehicles came down Highway 55 Monday – for a while it seemed all you could see were red trucks. Their mission – escort their young hero and fellow firefighter home.

Maegan Speciale | July 6, 2020

Four months ago Maegan Speciale nearly died while working as a volunteer firefighter. Today, she came home to Oriental.

MV Sugarfoot | July 5, 2020

MV Sugarfoot, resting at Sea Harbour Marina. (Andrea Bruce photo)

Friday Night Fireworks | July 4, 2020

Friday night fireworks over Oriental. (John Rahm photo)

Croaker Regatta Is Today | July 4, 2020

Croakerfest is cancelled, but one Croaker event is still happening. The Croaker Regatta is today on the Neuse. This regatta is for small boats – Lasers, FJs, Sunfish, and 420s. Lou Mac Park should provide a good view of the boats around noon. Above is a file photo of Sunfish racing in 2016.

Marker 8 - broken | July 3, 2020

Fess up. Who ran into marker # 8? Marker 8 is the last marker as you enter Oriental’s harbor from the channel. Some boater got a bit too close and clipped off the red triangle on one side of the marker. (click image for the big view and more photos)

Bridge Will Close Friday Night | July 2, 2020

Fireworks launch over Oriental Friday night… launching from the Oriental bridge. The bridge will be closed to all traffic (auto, bicycle, pedestrian, dog) from 3 till 11p Friday.

Lili's Lily | July 1, 2020

Yesterday was the third anniversary of Frank and Lili Bacon’s New Village Brewery. This lily was blooming near the front steps. It has bloomed every year around the beginning of July, and was blooming on the day the Brewery opened. Click for the bigger picture and more of the lily’s story

Another Event... cancelled | June 30, 2020

Another event… cancelled

Kashmir | June 30, 2020

SV Kashmir leaves Whittaker Creek, navigating the recently dredged channel. On the left is Whittaker Point, currently undergoing work to restore the eroding point. (Andrea Bruce photo)

Empty Pockets in Whittaker Creek | June 29, 2020

SV Empty Pockets, berthed in Whittaker Creek. (Andrea Bruce photo)

Bobby Cahoon Barge Visits The Harbor | June 28, 2020

Saturday morning a barge slowly came into the harbor. It was Bobby Cahoon Construction… visiting to fix a piling at the Oriental Marina Inn docks. (click pic for the big view and more bargey views)

Trawler Capt Jeff | June 27, 2020

Trawler Capt Jeff

Blackbeard's Bow | June 26, 2020

It’s not a sight you want to see emerge from a fog bank. Blackbeard’s bow… here resting at the Garland Fulcher docks on Oriental’s harbor. Blackbeard is a 62 ft fishing vessel, home port Swan Quarter. (Andrea Bruce photo)

Louis Is Looking At You | June 25, 2020

Louis is looking – at you. He’s a man that knows how to use his eyes… and a man that has been named Mister June. (Ben Casey photo)

The No Name Dragon | June 23, 2020

You’ve named plenty of things in your life: your pets, your kids, maybe even a boat or two. Now you can put those skills to work naming a dragon. This Dragon. Read on to find out how.

Dragon Patricia | June 23, 2020

This is Patricia. She’s one of the Dragons of Oriental, the one created for 1989. There are several dragons, and each has a name. All but one. Story coming.

SV Lola Moo | June 22, 2020

SV Lola Moo docked in Whittaker Creek. (Andrea Bruce photo)

Horse-drawn Carriage Anniversary | June 21, 2020

Stephen and Nicole Riggs had a 25th Wedding Anniversary. They had hoped to have a large gathering, but COVID-19 nixed that. Nicole writes in “On our wedding day one of our favorite parts of the day was our horse drawn carriage ride through the town on our way to the reception. So, that is how we decided to recognize this anniversary.”
And so it was… Saturday night at 6p a horse-drawn carriage made its way over the Oriental bridge and through town. Happy Anniversary Stephen & Nicole.
(click photo for larger view and more horse-drawn views)

The Reel Deal | June 20, 2020

It’s the “Reel Deal” – a sportfisherman visiting the Oriental Marina Inn docks.

Pollywog, Flicka on Whittaker Creek | June 19, 2020

On Whittaker Creek, Pollywog waits for her next voyage.

New Village Brewery Roofer | June 18, 2020

A roofer from R E Bengel Sheet Metal Co. at work on the New Village Brewery roof yesterday. He’s hammering down nails that held the original shingle roof in place. With a new metal roof – New Village Brewery hopes to be open for take-out brews this weekend. Check out more roof deconstruction here. (Allison DeWeese photo)

Fishing Outside the Harbor | June 17, 2020

Fishing just outside the harbor on a sunnier, drier day than the ones we’ve seen lately. (Andrea Bruce Photo)

Naval Architecture For Flooding | June 16, 2020

The field of Naval Architecture can provide appropriate yacht design for all situations.

A Good Dog Plans For Sea | June 15, 2020

A good dog plans. That includes planning a sea voyage. Get out your reading glasses, your stubby pencil… and take a dive into the new Captain’s Blog.

Dutchess, 1930 Elco | June 14, 2020

Dutchess is a 1930 Elco… the 50’ wooden vessel visited the Oriental Marina Inn docks this past week.

Weather For Ducks June 13 | June 13, 2020

Fine weather for…