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It's Friday September 24, 2021

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A Work In Progress | September 23, 2021

Are you a work in progress? Or just a piece of work? This month Captain John Rahm talks about some boat work you may have been missing. It’s in The Captain’s Blog.

Sunrise, First Day of Fall 2021 | September 22, 2021

The first sunrise of fall as seen from South Ave Wednesday morning. (Click for the big view and more)

A Look Inside Heartworks | September 21, 2021

This is inside the new classroom complex at Heartworks. Celebrating that new space, this Saturday Harborfest For Heartworks will, for the first time, be at Heartworks. More info here.

Duck Pond Dragon Points Northeast | September 20, 2021

The Duck Pond Dragon is a reliable wind indicator, today pointing northeast and into the wind.

Dinghy Wineglass Stern | September 19, 2021

A visiting dinghy shows off a wineglass stern.

Greens Creek Challenge - Today | September 18, 2021

Small sailboats compete on Oriental’s creeks… the Greens Creek Challenge is today. (file photo from the 2019 event)

Tom Lathrop and the Dragon Door | September 16, 2021

Retirement for some means sitting back. Not this man. He designs and builds boats. And stained glass and knives too. Today he celebrates 90 years. Meet Tom Lathrop.

Stone Horse 23 | September 15, 2021

At the town dock this morning, a Stone Horse. A 23 ft cutter, the Stone Horse was built in New England in the 1970s & 80s by Edey & Duff. A Nantucket Sound shoal inspired the name for the model.

High Season for Fishing Guides | September 14, 2021

This is high season for fishing guides – this morning there were 6 fishing guide boats in the harbor. The boats were hosting a corporate client, East Coast Lumber, taking folks out in search of Big Red Drum. At left, Ryan Hilsinger (East Coast Lumber), and fishing guides Chris Kimrey and George Beckwith.
TownDock talked with George Beckwith about the fishing:

Trawler Rebecca Ann | September 13, 2021

Trawler Rebecca Ann on Mitchell Creek, off Clubfoot Creek. (click pic for more Rebecca Ann views)

Lillie Jane Other Side of the Harbor | September 11, 2021

Lillie Jane as seen from the water side (instead of the harbor side) of Oriental Harbor. Behind Lillie Jane is the Village Gallery – sporting the Inland Waterway Treasure Company sign. (Click for the big picture and more)

(Old) Dawson Creek Bridge | September 9, 2021

Construction of a new bridge over Dawson Creek is scheduled to begin next summer, and construction will take about a year, says NCDOT. The department is proposing replacing the structure, parts of which are nearly 70 years old.

Keith Looks at the Weather | September 8, 2021

Before heading out fishing, Keith Bruno of Endurance Seafood checks out the marine forecast on MarineWeather.net. Learn more about the new marine weather site (from the folks at TownDock.net) here.

The MarineWeather Views | September 7, 2021

TownDock has a sister site, that until now, has not been formally introduced. Introducing MarineWeather.net.

Arrg, Pirate Jam 2021 | September 6, 2021

A fitting flag for Saturday’s Pirate Jam, Pamlico County Arts Council’s annual concert-on-the-water. Bands played from land at Teachs Point to an audience floating at the convergence of Smith and Greens Creeks. (click for the big view and more)

Pet The Dragon, Receive Good Luck | September 5, 2021

Oriental’s New Years Eve Dragon is normally only seen on that one night. Sunday the dragon makes a brief special appearance at Oriental’s History Museum, from 1-3p. Come on by and pet the dragon for some mid-year good luck.

Pirate Jam 2021 Map | September 4, 2021

Pirate Jam is Saturday, four bands play off Teachs Point from 1 p to 6p. You take in the music from your boat – here’s the map.

Pirate Jam 2021 is coming | September 3, 2021

Work boats, row boats, kayaks, and an inflatable swan or two – they carry the audience for Pirate Jam – an annual on-the-water concert. This Saturday, Sept 4, take your floating vessel of choice out on the water to hear the bands. (Click for the big view and more.)

Jolly Rancher in July | September 2, 2021

Two students of Bow to Stern’s Youth Sailing Program sail SV Jolly Rancher under the Oriental Bridge. This is the last week of the annual Sailing Day Camp. At week’s end, young sailors display their proficiency by sailing out of the creeks and into Oriental Harbor for ice cream at The Bean. These sailors are from a July session of camp.

Bridge Clearance | September 1, 2021

When exiting the creeks under the Oriental Bridge, look out for the dolphins. Not the mammal – they usually hang closer to Lou Mac Park when around – but the structural dolphins (clusters of pilings) marking the channel under the bridge.

Unknown Fisherman Photograph | August 31, 2021

A new land owner on Greens Creek found this photograph in a long unoccupied home on the property. They’re trying to identify the person, location, vessel – anything that could help identify the subject. Do you know who this is? Email your information to info@towndock.net. (Click for the bigger picture, scroll for the full picture)

SV Serena | August 30, 2021

SV Serena, docked in Whittaker Creek.

A Boat With No Name | August 29, 2021

At the Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor docks, a boat with no name.

Dog Days Dog | August 28, 2021

Today at Village Gallery in Oriental – it’s The Dog Days of Summer. From 11a-2p, bring your canines to the gallery. This is all to support PAWS, Pamlico Animal Welfare Society. Click this link with your paw for more info.
(Today’s canine model is Buddy, in costume at the 2018 PAWS Parade)

Grace Takes a Sip | August 27, 2021

A mischievous looking Grace Evans sipping wine, sometime in the 80s. During her time in Oriental Grace was a sailor, a founder of the Oriental History Museum, and she helped established one of the first programs to help monitor the health of local waterways. She passed earlier this year, at 91. Grace’s memorial is this evening at 7p in Lou Mac Park. Bring a chair, and stories to share.

MV Simply Messing | August 26, 2021

MV Simply Messing, a Cape Island Trawler, and crew were out on the Neuse seeking shrimp Sunday evening. (click for the big view and more)

Rainbow Over The Harbor | August 25, 2021

Early morning rain left a rainbow over the harbor Wednesday (there was a hint of double rainbow for a moment). It appears the pot o’ gold is at Windmill Point.

The Bridge @ Sunrise | August 24, 2021

The onboard sunrise view from Greens Creek. (click pic to find a stormier view)