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It's Sunday February 28, 2021

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Rahm's Figure Eight Stopper Knot | February 26, 2021

Captain John Rahm talks about the Ashley Book of Knots and demonstrates a few in the latest Captain’s Blog.

Connor Daniels, Sax Man @ Open Mic Night | February 25, 2021

Connor Daniels is 15 years old and is in 10th grade at Pamlico High. He was also the star of the show Wedneday night at The Silos Open Mic Night. No, Connor Daniels isn’t related to Silos owner Chris Daniels… but after hearing Connor play, Chris wishes he was. (click photo for the big view and more Tenor Sax man Connor)
Have a listen – here’s Connor and Chris from Open Mic Night:

OYC - Oriental Yacht Club in Febraury | February 24, 2021

Oriental Yacht Club (OYC) has been a staple of the harbor scene for more than 5 decades.

Figurehead On Sue Henry's House | February 23, 2021

An ample figurehead adorns artist Sue Henry’s home on Freemason St.

Chirp Before Entering | February 22, 2021

There may be as many bird houses in Oriental as human ones. This one on Freemason Street is already occupied. TownDock.net’s birding expert Liz Lathrop says this is a “male House Sparrow, not native, introduced to New York in 1850 and spread to California by 1910, likes the houses we put up for Bluebirds. Found most often near towns.” (click for the big view)

Rabbit Racoon - Drawing Version | February 21, 2021

An angry racoon was reported this week on Harbor Way. Reader Manfred Rott reports the potentially rabid beast has since been sent to meet its maker.
This got artist Laura Turgeon thinking… how do you indentify a rabid raccoon? This drawing is the result. Laura calls it “Rabbit Racoon”. Ears may be a subtle hint. (Not to be used for diagnostic or navigational purposes.)

Sunrise At Pierce Creek | February 20, 2021

Sunrise at Pierce Creek… it’s the view from Sea Harbour Marina.

Duck Weather | February 19, 2021

It’s good weather for…

Snow on town dock | February 18, 2021

This is… not from today. Over 73% of the country has snow this week. But not us – we’re actually in a “warm” spot.
The last time Oriental got significant snow was the storm shown above, in February 2015. There was even enough to build a snowman. (click dock for the big snow view)

Dory Cod, Ready To Depart | February 17, 2021

Evan and Ariana Alexay are brother and sister, traveling & living onboard a 23 ft wooden dory. Their story is in The Shipping News.

A Dory Named Cod | February 16, 2021

Winter visits to Oriental by boat often are the most unique. This brother and sister are living & cruising aboard a boat that was never designed to live on. It’s a 23 ft Dory. Their story is here.

Heron In Flight Over Smith's Creek | February 15, 2021

Heron in flight over Smith’s Creek. The skilled aviators somehow know how close to the water they can fly without their wings touching the water. (Ben Casey photo)

Dog Valentine's Day | February 14, 2021

A cool and rainy Valentine’s Day makes for good snuggling together weather. Happy Valentine’s Day.

The Year Of The Ox | February 12, 2021

Happy Chinese New Year… this is the beginning of the year of the Ox. In “normal” years the Dragon would dance on Hodges Street. While that isn’t happening due to COVID, we can take in the Ox dancing with the Dragon, thanks to the eye of artist Laura Turgeon. (click the Ox for the big view)

Oriental Bridge Fog | February 11, 2021

The foggy view from Oriental’s side of the bridge. (Ben Casey photo)

Foggy Sunset Over Oriental | February 10, 2021

Tuesday evening brought a mysterious fog over Oriental, right at sunset.

Carla Fisher at Work | February 9, 2021

This is artist and new Oriental resident Carla J Fisher at work in her studio in Philadelphia’s public venue, Cherry Street Pier. Carla is working to open a similar venue in Oriental she’s calling Art Works.

Chairs at Lou Mac | February 8, 2021

River view seating at Lou Mac Park. (Ben Casey photo)

Calm River Views from Lou Mac Pier | February 7, 2021

Early morning calm river views from Lou Mac Pier.

Cleared for takeoff from the Endurance Seafood docks | February 5, 2021

Cleared for takeoff from the Endurance Seafood docks… (Ben Casey photo)

Radar Rain Forecast Feb 5 2021 | February 5, 2021

The sun was nice while it visited. Rain is headed our way this morning, ahead of a cold front that will pass through today. Between now and Sunday over an inch of rain expected. At least it is warmer… mid 50s this afternoon.

Point Pride Seafood Trawlers | February 4, 2021

Red Trawlers line the Point Pride Seafood docks. (Ben Casey photo)

Heron in flight | February 3, 2021

A heron taking flight. (Ben Casey photo)

Piggly Wiggly Update Feb 2, 2021 | February 2, 2021

It’s Billy Flockhart’s Piggly Wiggly update.

Foggy Views | February 1, 2021

Foggy view at the Minnesott Beach ferry.

Longleaf Pine | January 31, 2021

Before extensive logging over a century ago, longleaf pine forests dominated the southeast. Ben Casey’s camera found this longleaf pine in the woods not far from the Minnesott Beach ferry station.

Moon Shadow & Linda Ann | January 30, 2021

Trawlers Moon Shadow & Linda Ann snuggle raft up at the Garland Fulcher docks. (Ben Casey photo)

Moon Over Minnesott | January 29, 2021

Moon over Minnesott. Thursday night was the first full moon of 2021 – called a “Wolf Moon.” The Wolf Moon is believed to have received its name from Native American tribes based on the sound wolves were heard to make on the long, cold winter nights. (Ben Casey photo)