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It's Saturday November 17, 2018

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Pamlico Jack 2018 - The Prophet Says No More Winter | February 2, 2018

The Prophet has weighed in. Pamlico Jack Predicts Winter 2018 Will End.
Happy Pamlico Groundhog Day, a county tradition celebrated since 1840. At precisely 6:48a this morning, Pamlico Jack emerged from his burrow and examined the skies of downtown Oriental. Pamlico Jack did not see his shadow (as well as wet, it was darkish), signifying that winter will soon end.
Word is that a copycat Pennsylvania groundhog did see his shadow, signifying more winter. Pamlico Jack released this statement: “Once again, the yankee rodent can’t pick it. As a Pamlico hound dog, I have greater thermal instincts. My sympathies to the rodent. Whatever he sees on Feb 2 in Pennsylvania, the nasty rodent is still getting more winter.”