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Humberto GOES East Satellite View | September 16, 2019

We may not be getting Humberto, but this satellite view from this morning shoes how close Humberto’s mess is. Humberto is politely moving east and away. (NOAA GOES East satellite)

Ill Gatto 2019 Oriental Cup | September 15, 2019

How windy was it Saturday? Winds into the mid 20s greeted the 2019 Oriental Cup Regatta. it was windy enough that Il Gatto put a reef in on a downwind run.

Sunday Morning HarborCam View | September 15, 2019

Sunday morning foggy HarborCam view…

Badfish in the 2019 Oriental Cup Regatta | September 14, 2019

Badfish moving through choppy seas in Saturday’s Oriental Cup Regatta. Winds were brisker than forecast, at times into the mid 20s. Some boats dropped out early due to uncomfortable crews. Results Sunday.

Sailcraft Boatyard - Drone View | September 13, 2019

Oriental’s boatyards filled up just prior to Hurricane Dorian. Here’s the drone’s eye view this week looking at Sailcraft Service boatyard.
(click photo for the big view and more drone views)

At Anchor in the Neuse | September 13, 2019

Sunset. At anchor in the Neuse.

Il Gatto Almost Hits.... | September 12, 2019

Il Gatto in the 2009 Oriental Cup Regatta. No, the boat didn’t hit the marker, although it may have been close. The 2019 Oriental Cup Regatta is this weekend. Participate by registering to sail – at this link, or show your support by signing up for Saturday night’s Low Country Boil dinner. More about the event at orientalcup.org.
(click photo for the big almost-hit-the-marker view)

Water Phantom OCR 2008 | September 12, 2019

Water Phantom in the 2008 Oriental Cup Regatta. The 2019 Oriental Cup Regatta is this weekend. Participate by registering to sail – at this link, or show your support by signing up for Saturday night’s Low Country Boil dinner. More about the event at orientalcup.org.

Nevermoore at OCR 2017 | September 11, 2019

Nevermoore and crew in the 2017 Oriental Cup Regatta. The 2019 is regatta this weekend. You can participate by registering to sail – at this link, or show your support by signing up for Saturday night’s Low Country Boil dinner. More about the event at orientalcup.org.

Foggy PecanCam | September 11, 2019
September Sunset from the Oriental Bridge | September 10, 2019

Sunset from the Oriental Bridge Monday night. Photo Jim Lastowka.

Deaton Raffle | September 9, 2019

Deaton Yacht Services’ 40th Anniversary party included a raffle for the Whittaker Creek Dredging Fund. Tickets were $5, and a bucket was available for general donations. John Deaton pulled the name of Lenard Lexier of Norfolk, VA as the raffle winner. $3,406 was raised and donated to the dredging fund. Lexier got $1,000 worth of services donated by Deaton Yacht Services. Lenard Lexier brings his Pearson 422 to Deaton’s – from Virginia – to be serviced.

Menhaden Before Hurricane Dorian | September 8, 2019

Hurricane Dorian pushed up the east cost Thursday evening, large schools of Menhaden – Fat Back – clustered in Oriental’s harbor. Click on the video for your post-storm chill pill.

PecanCam Saturday Morning | September 7, 2019
Pallet Car Lift | September 6, 2019

It worked. And there really was a reason.

A Garland Fulcher worker agreed to move a car before the storm. They could not find the keys. What to do? They got the company forklift, lifted the car and put pallets underneath. Necessity, mother of invention.

Click the pallets for the big pic and more.
Hurricane Dorian - Friday morning | September 6, 2019

Free ice at the town dock. Someones ice machine floated away. This was the Hodges Street scene at 7a.
Click for the bigger picture and more from Hodges St.

The Dragon Still Stands | September 6, 2019

The Duck Pond Dragon has had a tough night… but is floating & standing tall.

Hurricane Dorian at Night | September 5, 2019

The Carolina close-up of the NOAA GOES East satellite imagery. Click the hurricane for the big picture and the East Coast view.

Dorian Gray Film Festival | September 5, 2019

The diversion you didn’t know you needed: TownDock.net presents the curated Hurricane Dorian/Dorian Gray Film Festival.

Hurricane Dorian Hurricane Lilies | September 5, 2019

Lycoris radiata. Spider lilies. Or more simply: Hurricane lilies. They arrive in September, when hurricanes are common. These are blooming on Midyette St. Photo by Dale Montgomery. Send your photos of Hurricane Dorian to info@towndock.net. View this picture and more in The Hurricane Dorian Gallery.

Silos Hurricane Sign | September 4, 2019

Some businesses in Oriental are dedicated to being open during Hurricane Dorian. The Silos is one of them. They have a generator, carbs and alcohol.

Brise De Mer in the Deaton's Travel Lift | September 4, 2019

This was the scene all day Tuesday at both Sailcraft and Deaton’s boat yards… boats getting hauled out for Hurricane Dorian’s visit. Above Brise De Mer in the Travelift at Deaton’s Yacht Service.

Hurricane Dorian / NOAA GOES Satellite Tuesday Sept 3 | September 3, 2019

We may fear Dorian, but there is beauty in all its power. The view Tuesday morning from NOAA’s GOES satellite.

Line, Water, & Worry Dolls | September 2, 2019

On Hodges street, the Provision Company sign. Worry dolls? What is a worry doll? Click the image for the bigger picture, scroll for the answer.

Hurricane Dorian Off Miami | September 2, 2019

Hurricane Dorian off Florida (over Grand Bahama Island) this morning. Image from NOAA’s GOES East satellite.

Sunrise On The Neuse | September 1, 2019

Late summer sunrise… the view from South Avenue. (photo submitted by reader Homer Walden)

Hurricane Dorian Track, Sat Aug 31 5p | August 31, 2019

The Sat Aug 31 5p update. There’s good, and there’s bad. The bad is it’s pointed our way. But the good is it appears Dorian is staying offshore on her coastal tour. It’s tempting to draw a straight line from the track above on Thursday… but it is likely to turn again more easterly… continuing that offshore track. We’ll know more Sunday morning. More about Hurricane Dorian at this link.
(click track image for larger view and more tracks)

Hurricane Dorian Track, Sat Aug 31 11a | August 31, 2019

The Sat Aug 31 11a update. Gulp. This is becoming a very different situation for Hurricane Dorian.
click for larger image and more track views