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It's Saturday November 17, 2018

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Smith Creek Sunset | November 15, 2018

Sunset on Smith Creek

HarborCam High Water | November 15, 2018

High water HarborCam. While its raining (a half inch overnight) that isn’t the high water culprit. High northeast winds have pushed water levels up.

Parade Master Coronation | November 14, 2018

A new Parade Master has been crowned. Parade Master Paul Fairbank (right) is re-retiring. Donning his new headgear is Oriental’s new Parade Master – Captain Lance Burgo. His first responsibility is the Spirit Of Christmas Parade coming Dec 8. That parade needs a theme.

NC State Bailing | November 13, 2018

NC State sailors multitask and bail out their boat while racing in the Stormpack Regatta on Saturday.

Rainy November Radar | November 13, 2018
NC State at Stormpack Regatta | November 12, 2018

NC State University had two teams in this weekend’s Stormpack Regatta for Hurricane Relief. The teams took 3rd and 4th out of 9. Click for the bigger picture.

William & Mary | November 11, 2018

Of the Stormpack Regatta sailors, 28 participated in clean-up on Sunday. The sailing team from Willam & Mary placed second of nine on Saturday. They placed first in clean-up on Sunday in the area of S. Water St and Hodges. Click for the bigger picture

Sailpack Sailors High Winds | November 10, 2018

Today the NC State Sailpack host the first regatta designed to help a sailing town after a hurricane. It’s the Stormpack Regatta on the waters off Oriental. Racing today, storm cleanup Sunday. Today’s sailing will be brisk – 15 to 20 knots forecast on the Neuse, with gusts even higher this morning. (file photo from the Mar 2018 Sailpack Regatta)

Stormpack Coming | November 9, 2018

Last April, college sailors came to Oriental for the Sailpack Regatta. This weekend, they return for Stormpack – a hurricane relief regatta. Saturday, they race. Sunday, they’ll help clean-up.

Sean for the Shipping News | November 8, 2018

Sean D’Epagnier has been sailing his Bristol 27 Alexandra since 2009. He visited Oriental twice this year, the second time testing his home-made autopilot on the Neuse. Read the story.

1931 William Atkin Design | November 7, 2018

A Yanmar diesel was spotted on the dock by this sloop rigged William Atkin designed sailboat. The sailor is traveling to Florida with his wife’s Rottweiler, Sunny. Sunny, being the protective sort, didn’t let us too close to her crew mate. They’re waiting for an engine repair and then they’ll be off again.
Click for the bigger picture, scroll for the details.

1964 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk Ornament | November 6, 2018

A 1964 Studebaker Gran Turismo Hawk won Best Classic ’45 – ’75. See the Studebaker and more classics from the show here.

Rain On The Roof | November 5, 2018

Rain finds its way into the gutter. If you needed a rinse it happened overnight. Since midnight over 2 3/4 inches of rain.

OYC Bike in November | November 4, 2018

Boats, bikes – they all get tied off in Oriental. This one is lashed to a tree outside the Oriental Yacht Club. Though equipped with a kickstand (not in use), someone chose a rope to keep it off the ground. Click for the big pic, scroll for the full view.

Clocks Fall Back to EST 2018 | November 4, 2018
No more “savings time”. You’ve saved enough, Bunky.
It happens every year. An extra hour. It could be an extra hour of sleep. Or an extra hour of election coverage. It’s a tough planet.
We fall back an hour for 2018.
LocomOcean Gulfstar 41 | November 3, 2018

LocomOcean, a Gulfstar 41, hails from Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada. She’s visiting the town dock. Click for the bigger picture and more

Labyrinth in progress | November 1, 2018

Across from Lou Mac Park, the Oriental United Methodist Church Labyrinth is taking shape. Volunteers were out yesterday, planting shrubs and staining the path outlines. It’s not yet finished. But volunteers will be back this week, finishing the path and adding in more landscaping. Read how the labyrinth came to be.

Halloween Sunsrise | October 31, 2018

Sunrise from the county side of the bridge, looking at the channel into Pecan Grove Marina.

Hood Ornaments | October 30, 2018

They don’t make hood ornaments like they used to. They don’t name them like they used to, either. Seen at the Oriental Class Car Show, this is the Goddess of Speed, atop a 1939 Packard (car show story & pics coming.) Click for the bigger picture, scroll for The Spirit of Ecstasy and more.

A Rotarian and his Schwinn | October 29, 2018

Saturday’s Car Show had a lot of antiques. This antique was on two wheels. Bought at a PAWS auction for $20, the owner of this Schwinn decided to leave it as it was. Click for the bigger picture, scroll for the details.