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It's Thursday July 19, 2018

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Brantley Norman, 1937-2018 | July 18, 2018

Brantley Norman passed away Tuesday night, after an extended illness. Brantley turned 80 last August 2nd. Here he is in a familiar place… behind the cash register at Brantley’s Village Restaurant. His ready smile will be much missed.

Aerial View - Whittaker Creek Channel | July 17, 2018

Frank Roe was out flying Saturday – and sent in this aerial view of the Whittaker Creek channel and the entrance to the creek. The channel is about center, Whittaker Pointe Marina at left, Whittaker Creek Yacht Harbor at right. Also at left, you can see the deeply eroded state of Whittaker Point. (click image for larger view)

Blue Horizon | July 16, 2018

Blue Horizon. We all need one every now and then. Blue Horizon is a Mainship 40 visiting Oriental Monday morning. Click for more views…

Seagull Maneuvers | July 15, 2018

Seagulls on maneuver at the town dock. There are a lot more gulls than usual in the harbor – drawn in by all the trawlers and the culinary action they might provide. Seventeen (17) trawlers counted in the harbor Sunday morning.
(click for the big gull view & more birds n boats)

Coast Guard Visits Busy Harbor | July 14, 2018

The Coast Guard made an early morning visit to Oriental’s harbor Saturday. The harbor was full of shrimp trawlers. The 5 man Coast Guard crew stopped in to grab coffee at The Bean.
(click the image for the big view and more harbor scenes)

The gulls of summer | July 13, 2018

One to a piling. With no boats at the town dock this morning, seagulls took up positions. The gulls don’t have the 48 hour limit.

Trawler Lillie Jane | July 12, 2018

Trawler Lillie Jane at rest on a Sunday morning in the harbor.

Pamlico Softball All-Stars | July 11, 2018

You are looking at at team bound for the World Series. The 14 year old Pamlico All-Stars.
(click image to see the team even better)

Skiff Needs A New Home | July 10, 2018

This skiff needs a new home. Read on…

Heron Takes Off | July 9, 2018

Heron… a moment after takeoff. (Ben Casey photo)

Nick Santoro at Ensign Harbor | July 8, 2018

Remembering Nick Santoro – there is a celebration of Nick’s life today at Ensign Harbor in Whortonsville from 3 to 5p. This is Nick in July 2016 – the TownDock crew was visiting to talk about his book “Whortonsville Yacht & Tractor Club.”

Bow To Stern Summer Camp at the Docks | July 7, 2018

On Friday afternoons in the summer, FJs line up along Hodges St. Young sailors from Bow to Stern Summer Sailing camp sail in from the creek to Oriental harbor. The goal? Ice cream at The Bean. Click for the bigger picture.

July 6 Duck Pond Morning | July 6, 2018

Thursday morning Duck Pond view from Hodges St.

De Vrouwe Christina | July 5, 2018

De Vrouwe Christina, a 75 ft Pavlijoen Tjalk , is a traditionally designed Dutch river boat with lee boards. She made a brief visit to Oriental to refuel. Click to see the bigger picture and more of De Vrouwe Christina.

Croaker Cooligan 2018 | July 4, 2018

One more from the Croakerfest parade: the Cooligans, a contingent of the Sudan Shriners, rode through in their bright Hawaiian shirts, flags flying. Click for the bigger pic.

Kevin McNutt and the Penny-farthing | July 3, 2018

Kevin McNutt took a break from his travels south to ride in the Croaker Fest parade. Most people get to Oriental by boat or car. Kevin got here by pennny-farthing. In May, he left the Canadian-Maine border by the Bay of Fundy and is on his way to Key West.

Croakerfest 2018: Parade | July 2, 2018

Seen in the Croaker Festival parade Saturday: some get to the camp by boat. Others, by horse and carrot. Click for the bigger pic and more.

Kayak in the Harbor | July 1, 2018

Trawlers and cruisers aren’t the only boats in the harbor. Kayakers paddle in from the Wildlife Ramp in the early morning. Click for the bigger picture and more.

Croakerfest 2018: Winners | June 30, 2018

This patriotic pie by Nelda and Chaz Coats took first place in the Baking competition (in the pie category). There were other winners last night: Miss Minnow and the Croaker Queen. Click to see the bigger picture and other winners from Friday evening. Photo by Amron Wagoner.

Croakerfest Baking Contest 2013 | June 29, 2018

Croaker Festival begins today. The big events are the baking contest and the Miss Minnow and Croaker Queen pageants. Click this link to find out when and where to drop off your baked goods. In 2013, this Triple Berry Zinger Cake took the top prize. Click to see the big picture and prize winner, Amron Wagoner.