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Miss July 2011 - Goldie
Living for Goldie
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The Bonds are active people. Both in their eighties, they grew up during the Great Depression, when most farm labor was manual. John recalls plowing with mules. Fay speaks of endless washing by hand.

When rural electrification came to eastern North Carolina, they traded in their mules and washboards for tractors and washing machines. But they kept moving. Many decades later, they’re still active. Fay teaches seniors stretching and strength building while John prefers to take his exercise by golf cart.

So does Goldie.

If there’s one thing that excites Goldie more than listening to John bless her food, it’s John uttering the magic question, “Goldie, wanna go for a ride?” At which point, if they’re inside, Goldie makes a mad for the back door.

While most dogs are happy with golf cart passenger status, content to let their humans decide the route, Goldie takes a more active role. “Goldie,” John says, “tells me where she wants us to go.”

Just down the street from the Bond’s driveway is a stop sign. This calls for a decision – turn right or left. So John asks her which way she wants to go. “If she wants me to turn right” he says, “she bites the right front tire.” If she fancies going the other way, the port side tire gets a chewing-on.

“Hmmm. Let’s see. tonight I want to go over to Vandemere street ….so I’ll bite this right front tire.”

By this means of this canine-to-human signaling, man and dog set forth. Some evenings, especially after a rain, Goldie enjoys taking a dip in a puddle of muddy water. To get the mud off her normally golden coat, a detour is made to the Town Beach and a rinse in the Neuse River. Other times, she’s been known to take a dip at the end of South Avenue.

John says the biggest thing Goldie has taught him is that, “if you have a dog, you’ll have to learn patience – both of you.”

Take for instance, the game of catching Goldie. While Goldie loves human attention, there are days when she can be elusive. (“It’s usually when she’s all muddy,” Fay notes.) That’s when the golf cart is used as bait.

Fay says it works like this. “We’ll get in the golf cart and say, ‘Come on Goldie, let’s go for a ride,’ and she’ll hop in. And then I’ll put my arm around her and catch her with the leash.” From there it’s a short ride to the back yard where a quick turn under the garden hose puts matters right.

A no-hose day: Goldie enjoying a dip off South Avenue, just within sight of Whitaker Creek.

Which brings us back to those signs, “LOOK OUT FOR DOG IN ROAD.” For John and Fay, it means, take good care — really good care — of this dog.

And yes, John is serious when he says that the golf cart from which the signs hang could be Goldie’s some day. John says he has written in his will that Goldie gets the golf cart. “I’m her best dog,” he says. This is just another way of showing it.

And so, that’s how it came to pass that a once-unwanted dog came into line for a golf
cart. Not that John or Fay have lost perspective on the issue of estate planning or
priorities. As important as Goldie is to John, Fay says she’s still first in his
heart. “He tells me a dozen times a day he loves me,” Fay says. “He’s so
afraid he’s going to die without saying he loves me, so he tells me all the time.”

For showing us humans how to care for the things we love, during and after the
mortal plane, TownDock.net celebrates Goldie – Miss July.

Goldie’s Bio

Celebrity Pet Most Resembles: Daryl Hannah
Likes: biting golf cart tires, chasing rabbits, getting muddy

Dislikes: being photographed, hosed or fenced in. Squirrels on the AC unit.
Hates hearing: “Goldie, the golf cart battery’s dead.”
Favorite song: “Ride of the Valkyries” – it fuels her with Elmer Fudd-like vigor when chasing rabbits down Vandemere Street
Favorite food: dish of dog food topped with a slice of processed cheese and bologna
Favorite haunts: Village Hardware, wading in the Neuse

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