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Miss September 2014 - Mooky
Silent Studio Hound
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Mooky came in to Chris’s life unexpectedly. While having a drink at the Tiki Bar in Oriental, a dog came up to him. Chris petted the animal. It seemed friendly. Chris enjoyed the dog’s company and when he found the owner, another patron, he complimented the man on owning such a beautiful animal.

The man asked Chris if he wanted the dog. Chris said yes. That was eight years ago.

mooky chris daniels dock pier
Mooky at one of her favorite hangouts, the end of Chris’s dock.

Chris says Mooky, “goes everywhere I go. Outside, when I’m just hanging out, she likes to stay close to me.” Before he bought the Silos Restaurant, Chris owned a sailing school in Oriental. Mooky, though she loves to swim, only tolerated the sailing life. “She’d come out on the boats,” Chris says. But it was more out of a sense of obligation. “She’d only come out on a boat because I was on it.” She’d rather ride in Chris’s red Jeep.

When Chris purchased the Silos Restaurant, he integrated his love of music in to the business plan. Wednesday nights is open mic night when local musicians take to the stage. There are outdoor concerts, too. Silospalooza – featuring half a dozen local bands playing on an outdoor stage – takes place in May. Mooky enjoys the open air events best. While she’s not allowed to go in to the restaurant, she – and many other Oriental canines – loves patrolling the crowd for fallen morsels and Milk Bones.

When not attending concerts or hanging out in the recording studio, Mooky enjoys eating popcorn and fishing, especially for bass.

mooky chris daniels fishing on dock
Mooky and Chris preparing to wet a line

There’s a pond behind Chris’s home. Sometimes to unwind, he’ll fish off the pier. Not content with spectator status, Mooky enjoys swimming behind Chris’s lures, especially the surface baits like the gurgling Hula Poppers. Chris says her involvement “ruins the fishing.” Not that Chris cares. He fishes catch and release, not for the meat. For a special Mooky treat, he’ll tie a tennis ball to his line and cast that in to the lake.

mooky chris daniels bass fish
Mooky inspects a large mouth bass that….
mooky chris daniels bass fish
….is quickly returned to the pond. After that….
mooky chris daniels bass fish
…if Mooky’s gotten muddy playing in the pond, it’s time for a shower. Then, after she’s been dried with a towel, she can go back in the house.

Mooky also enjoys chasing squirrels, visiting the Tiki Bar and eating popcorn. She does not like foul weather. “When we get thunder and lightning,” Chris confesses, “is one of the few times she’s allowed to get on our bed.”

And so Mooky passes her days fishing and napping and listening to music. Lots and lots of music. “So far,” Chris says, “she hasn’t written any dog songs. But she has inspired me. That’s part of my soul. Part of my music.” Maybe one day she’ll have a puppy. If that happens, Chris plans to call it “Mooky Gibson Daniels”. Gibson. After the guitar. In the meantime, Mooky rolls, squirms and naps her way through jam and recording sessions. Quietly, quietly, of course.

Mooky’s Bio

Celebrity Pet Resembles Most: Bruce Springsteen
Nickname: Moo
Turn ons: buttered popcorn, cucumbers
Turn offs: carrots, the UPS truck, having her nails clipped.
Favorite TV show to eat crabs by: Deadliest Catch
Hopes to find under the Christmas tree: Original issue Gibson Super Jumbo 200 acoustic guitar
How she plans for Chris to pay for the $80,000 Gibson guitar: sell 10,000 twelve-inch Silos cheese pizzas

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