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Mister June 2016 - Jack
Oriental Dog Citizen
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Jack’s case of SSAS also helped him develop talents as a distance swimmer. If his humans took a short kayak or boat trip in area creeks, he usually goes along. Once when a longer trip was planned and the humans tried to leave him on shore, he howled along the waterfront – part yodel, part wail – then jumped in and swam after the boat. For almost a mile. It took three times to lead him back to land and not to follow.

On another occasion when the TownDock crew dinghied out to a boat to interview the crew, Jack picked up their voices from shore and barked in their direction. They ignored him, so he jumped in the harbor and swam to the vessel.

Jack is determined.

Jack swimming during the long eye of Hurricane Irene.
Jack won’t be left behind if he can help it. It’s Jack (along with the late Ceilidh) in the Pamlico Paddle.
High water, from a Nor’easter or hurricane, gives Jack a chance to show off his free-style stoke.

While his humans have not entered Jack in any swim competitions, they’ve had no qualms about shamelessly using Jack in other ways.

What led to Jack’s starring role in so many TownDock stories? Well for one he is always close by, but it’s the close-up that makes him a great subject. He can keep a staredown going for minutes at a time – or until he gets that Liv-a-Snap, whichever comes first. That imploring head tilt adds to the appeal.

Some of those photos, however, were hard won.

In everyday life, Jack accessorizes with one wardrobe item: the classic bandanna. He owns several, in a range of colors. So, bandanas, he’s gotten used to, but other props used during his “photo shoots” for TownDock – not so much. Jack knows how to turn the human-canine tables, making the photo shoots more like field trials for photographers.

Fedoras, gimme caps, sou’westers, shades? They want him to wear that on his head? He’ll give them 1 second, maybe 2 – tops – to snap the photo.

Outside of a photo shoot, no sunglasses, no weird hat, dangling jewelry, tattoos, or anything like that. Jack’s day look is a bandana.

How to beg a dog treat in seconds. The Jack Staredown.

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