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Mister June 2016 - Jack
Oriental Dog Citizen
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Predicting a Super Bowl winner.
Jack always gets his Super Bowl prediction right.
Even a dog can figure this issue out.
Modeling the latest in tea cosy wear, Jack awaited the announcement of the new Pope.
As a celebrity, Jack often suffers the indignities of paparazzi.”

Jack wears his fame well. He’s always been a humble lad. (That standoffish-ness of his earjy days in Oriental wasn’t him being snobbish, just wary.) These days, Jack disarms humans with a soulful-eyed stare. Especially if they have biscuits.

Not wanting to spoil the canine, Jack’s humans decided he should not rely only on his charm or that searing staredown. Jack has been trained to do one trick for his treats. It’s a “give a paw” trick appropriate for a nautical town.

Which is to say, Jack knows port and starboard. Ask “Port?” and he’ll offer his left paw. Say “Starboard” and he lifts his right. (Chances are enhanced if one pronounces it “Stabbod” with a hint of New England accent.)

That said, and this is a big ‘however’, Jack is not above holding grudges. No amount of biscuits or coaxing will bring him back to a person who’s done him wrong in the past. With the old wounds and anxiety, he doesn’t take kindly to being kicked. Jack’s even been known to pee on the tires of cars owned by people he dislikes, and in the process he’s made his mark on the cars of a few totally innocent humans who happen to drive the same model.

Jack inspires us to give pause. It’s true that dog is man’s best friend. Jack reminds us, man should be dog’s best friend too.

Jack’s Bio

Celebrity Pet Most Resembles: Nipper, The RCA Dog

Best known for: Traffic enforcement on Hodges St, character actor on TownDock.net
Human Celebrity Pet most resembles: Tom Selleck
Favorite color: The color of his bandana that day.
Favorite snack: Alpo Variety Snaps (Liv-A-Snaps).
Personal Ambition: To maintain eye contact at all times with his humans.

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