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Mister June 2018 - Petey
Four-footed hospice helper

ownDock.net found this month’s Pet of the Month sitting in our lap. Literally. Petey, a Dalmation-Shepherd-Lab mix was there to help us set up local veterinarian Dr. Sherri Hicks’ business email and planted himself squarely in the middle of everything.

Petey, June Pet of the Month
Petey: Mr. June.

When not providing technical assistance to TownDock senior staff, Petey embraces his self-appointed role as a hospice dog, offering comfort to anxious or grieving caretakers who find themselves in Dr. Hicks’ waiting room.

For his friendly and playful demeanor, and more importantly his ability to soothe a weary soul, TownDock names Petey Mr. June Pet of the Month.

Petey, June Pet of the Month
The playful side of Petey.

Petey is five years old, but he almost didn’t make it past being a pup. “I almost ran over him in the middle of North St.,” says Dr. Hicks. She convinced the owners to let her take him and put some weight on him with the intention of finding him a home. Eventually, she did the same for a few of his litter-mates, but Petey stuck around. “Of course, he ended up staying with me. He’s been a great dog.”

Petey, June Pet of the Month
Petey gets Dr. Hicks’ attention.

He was already named Petey when she took him in; Petey for the American Pit Bull Terrier of Our Gang/Little Rascals fame. Dr. Hicks kept the name (and the dog) and he became the eldest of her current pack. Hattie, a small mixed breed, and Buddy, a large chocolate colored mix with yellow eyes, followed. Petey and Buddy often run around together, leaving Hattie to sit contentedly nearby while they play.

Petey, June Pet of the Month
Petey with friends Buddy and Hattie.
Petey, June Pet of the Month
Petey and Buddy play together outside the Dr. Hicks’ office.

They can look intimidating together, but Petey, true to his friendly and caring disposition, keeps everyone in line, behaving well, and playing nicely together. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Hicks or one of the staff at Oriental Village Veterinary Hospital, Petey and Buddy run in the lot between Broad St. and Midyette St., sometimes jumping into Smith Creek or whatever puddles the rains may have left behind.

Petey, June Pet of the Month
Petey in action.
Petey, June Pet of the Month

Petey and the rest of his pack spend their weekdays at the clinic. Her office has a half-door so they can rest inside without being locked away. But when Brian, the UPS driver, arrives with deliveries, Petey and the others rush to greet him. It may be because of the treats Brian brings; it may be because that’s just how Petey is.

Petey, June Pet of the Month
Buddy demonstrates how Dr. Hicks’ office half-door works.

And Petey loves to hug.

Petey, June Pet of the Month
Petey and Dr. Hicks.

Brian and Dr. Hicks are not the only objects of Petey’s affection. His best friend is Turtle Midyette. Every afternoon, when they return home, Petey heads to Turtle’s house for a visit. He’ll also visit with Grace Evans and go for a swim at the Wildlife Ramp.

Petey, June Pet of the Month
Frisbee retrieval level: expert.

Everyone at the clinic has a story about Petey: how he likes to ‘drive’ Dr. Hicks’ truck and lets her know when it’s time to go home, the way he comforts the patients, and how he loves to dress up for the parades in Oriental.

Petey, June Pet of the Month
Petey likes to drive, but on our visit, preferred the passenger seat; he was ready to go home.

This past Pet Parade, Petey dressed as a bumblebee and led his pack down Neuse St. He’s also been a pirate and Santa. When the parade route takes them down Broad St., Petey gets some special attention. “He was born across the street from the mini-mart. And the dog that used to go across the street for years – his name was Clown. That was Petey’s dad. So whenever we’re in the parade and we go through that section, he has his own little fan club.”

Petey, June Pet of the Month
Petey (and Buddy) in the 2018 Pet Parade as a bumblebee.

Dr. Hicks and the dogs will soon move into the Village. Life won’t change much, though Petey’s afternoon commute to visit to Turtle may take a little longer. If you see Petey and Buddy playing near Lou Mac Park, don’t be intimidated; Petey just wants to say, “Hi”, and maybe give you a hug. That’s what makes him the June Pet of the Month.

Petey, June Pet of the Month
After playing in the water, Petey takes a moment to rest in the grass.

Celebrity most resembles: Petey from Our Gang

Likes: Hugging, swimming, playing with Buddy
Wants to Help with: Sad caregivers
Secret Talent: Keeping the peace and making friends
Petey’s Gang: Buddy, Hattie, Dr. Hicks

The reference to the 1930s “Our Gang” deserves a video of the last century Petey (along with 2018 Petey):

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