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Mister March 2018 - Zeus
Breed Ambassador

et of the Month dogs come in all shapes, sizes, and breeds. Zeus is a Rottweiler, a large breed of dog sometimes associated with aggressive behavior. Zeus, however, gives his breed a good name. Rescued from the pound by Suzi Daily, he likes to keep the peace between other dogs and is a literal model of good behavior.

For bringing peace and serenity to dogs and humans alike, TownDock.net names Zeus Mr. March.

Zeus, Mr. March Pet of the Month
Zeus plays in the grass at his home in Whortonsville.
Zeus, Mr. March Pet of the Month
Zeus and Suzi.

Zeus, Suzi Daly, and her husband Bly Daniell recently moved from Ohio, looking for a home near the water. Originally intending to look in Beaufort, South Carolina, their online searches took them to Beaufort, North Carolina. Deciding to try their luck at the more northerly of the two Beauforts, Suzi and Bly passed a road sign proclaiming Oriental as the Sailing Capital of North Carolina.

Suzi said that decided it. “We’re here!” They found a home on a few acres in Whortonsville where Zeus has room to roam.

Suzi estimates Zeus was about 2 years old when he was found wandering a rough section of Akron, Ohio. Notices went up to alert the neighborhood that he’d been found. No one came looking for him.

Zeus, Mr. March Pet of the Month
Zeus is focused and ready, waiting for Suzi to throw his toy.

Suzi enlisted the help of a rescue organization, Rose’s Rescue, to help get Zeus out of the pound and into her care. Zeus was not her first Rottweiler or her first rescue.

Suzi says she was at the Twinsburg Fair about 30 years ago and saw a Mastiff (another large dog breed) at a booth. She determined she wanted one. Her boyfriend at the time, not knowing the difference between the two breeds, surprised her with a Rottweiler puppy by accident.

She kept the dog and fell in love with the breed. As she got older, Suzi says she began rescuing Rottweilers and learning behavior modification techniques to help them. “If you have a calm one, you can bring another one that has bad traits and they mirror the calmer one.”

She brought 2 year old Zeus home to another rescued Rottweiler: Guido. Guido’s back had been broken in an accident and he’d needed medicine and constant care. Zeus and Guido spent 2 years together until Guido had to be put down due to complications from the accident.

Zeus, Mr. March Pet of the Month
Zeus closes his eyes, resting for a moment.

Zeus is now Suzi and Bly’s only dog. Upon arriving in Oriental, she took him with her to the New Year’s Running of the Dragon. They visited The Bean, too. She says everyone loved him.

While waiting to adopt Zeus, she feared he might be picked up and used in dog fights, and not as the aggressor. “With his disposition, he’d probably be used more for bait because he’s very submissive.”

Zeus is very vocal and makes a low rumbling sound when Suzi pets him. “A lot of people don’t understand. I call it purring, because that’s what it is. It’s a little intimidating when you don’t realize [what it is].”

Zeus, Mr. March Pet of the Month
Zeus, mid toy return.
Zeus, Mr. March Pet of the Month
Suzi scratches Zeus on the head, telling him he’s done well.

In Ohio, Suzi would take Zeus with her to visit her mother in an assisted living facility. “All the patients fell in love with him.”

“Well, I started taking him to different places and he would calm people,” she said. “He’s almost a therapy dog.”

His calming influence went beyond medical facilities. “In Ohio, they called him the referee.” Zeus established his reputation as a peacemaker at the Wingfoot Lake Dog Park. “If two dogs get into it, whatever he’s doing, he would run in between the two dogs and separate them. It was the weirdest thing.”

Zeus, Mr. March Pet of the Month
Zeus and Suzi in the yard.

His popularity and calming presence were also welcome at the Sandusky Marina where Suzi and Bly berthed their 1971 Pearson P30 they purchased for $1. Zeus will “lay on the side of the boat, or the middle of the dock and just wait for us to come back. Everybody knows him and gives him treats.”

When Bly moved the Pearson from Washington, D.C., Zeus, made the 22 day trip with him. The nearly 100 pound dog did not have any trouble on the 30ft craft as they sailed from Hudson Bay, through the locks, into the Erie Canal.

Now that Zeus, Suzi, and Bly are settling in, Suzi wants to get Zeus back to visiting living facilities and being a therapy dog. Neighbor dog and pound rescue, Bubba, has already benefitted from Zeus’ model behavior. “That dog’s never really played with another dog. And now these two, now they’re like best friends.”

Zeus, Mr. March Pet of the Month
Zeus is Mr. March.

Zeus is calm, loving, and friendly and that makes him the March Pet of the Month.

Celebrity most resembles: Telly Savalas

Likes: Helping others, dog parks, sailing
Dislikes: Bears in the yard
Secret Talent: Can turn a growl into a purr
Claim to Fame: Disarmingly charming
Personal Ambition: Official Breed Ambassador

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