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Mister June 2017 - Radar
Lights, Camera, Treats

ets come and go here in Oriental; some by water, some by road. While some stop in for a visit or to help restock their vessel of choice others, like Radar and his family, come to stay. A Pembroke Welsh Corgi from Rhode Island, Radar and his family are adjusting to life on the Neuse. And if he looks a bit familiar, your eyes are not deceiving you. Radar has appeared in calendars, on book covers, and most recently as a participant in the PAWS 2017 Pet Parade.

For bringing a hint of the celebrity pet lifestyle to the banks of the Neuse, TownDock.net names Radar, Mister June 2017.

Mister June 2017
Radar stops to admire the greens and pose for the camera. (Photo by Dexter Liu)
Mister June 2017
Radar is adjusting to his new life away from the snow. He enjoys boats, sunsets, and long walks on the beach. (Photo by Dexter Liu)

Born to a family of show dogs in South Dakota, Radar’s large ears and larger body did not fit the requirements of the breed and so a better situation was found for him. Radar made the trip, via minivan, to Chicago and then on to New England. Changing custody from one helpful person to another, the over-sized corgi eventually landed in New England. He was the new family dog for Nancy and Dexter Liu and their son, Robbie.

Given the size of his ears, it’s easy to assume Radar was so named for his resemblance to parabolic antennae or to the M*A*S*H* character of the same name. It’s an easy association and there is a bit of correlation: he was named to honor Nancy’s father, a radarman serving on the USS Kearsarge in WWII.

Destined for a life away from the show circuit, Radar spent his first ten years in Rhode Island. Soccer became a favorite past-time, and Radar would lunge and play all day with the kids. When not practicing his skills on the pitch, he would attempt to corral the neighborhood toddlers into a more manageable herd. When winter arrived, Radar was just as content to lounge in the snow as he was in the grass. It was the perfect life.

In 2010, he would make a return to his show dog roots. His sister may have won a championship or two on the show circuit, but Radar was destined for a different spotlight. On a whim, Nancy entered him into an international calendar contest for Corgis. It should come as no surprise that he won and was featured for the month of February. Radar won the next three years as well, and was featured on the calendar’s cover for 2012.

Mister June 2017
Mister February 2010. A star in the making.

In 2014, Radar would again grace the cover of an arguably more important work, Traveling With Your Pet, The AAA PetBook. He won second place in that contest and was featured on the spine of that publication. Thanks to AAA’s marketing savvy, word got around. The corgi, once deemed unfit for show, was soon featured in his local paper and on the local ABC affiliate. Calls came in to the Liu household congratulating them on Radar’s accomplishments.

In a surprising coincidence, Radar was recognized at the St. Louis airport. Nancy’s sister reported that another passenger, while stealing glances at her laptop, recognized the corgi. The AAA Travel Book had a broader audience than the Liu’s had guessed.

Mister June 2017
Radar and AAA want you to travel with your pets, and keep your identity safe.

In 2016, Radar and his family made the transition from Portsmouth, Rhode Island to Oriental, North Carolina. Living in a house filled with boxes made Radar more than a little nervous. He calmed down only after he was placed into the truck with his family, certain he would be going along for the journey. But it wasn’t going to be an easy one. A road trip in summer with faulty air conditioning is a challenge for anyone. However, Radar pushed through and the family made it to their new home on the river.

The adjustment hasn’t always been easy; the heat can be daunting for a dog with a thick coat. Nancy must brush him daily to contend with the shedding, but Radar is adjusting nicely. He enjoys going on rides to the beach and playing in the water behind his house. For now, Radar has set aside his celebrity life in favor of a laid-back one along the river. He takes it all in stride and as long as he gets his treats, has no problem smiling for the camera.

Mister June 2017
The sign says it all. (Photo by Dexter Liu)
Mister June 2017
At home by the water. (Photo by Dexter Liu)

Radar’s Bio
Celebrity Pet Most Resembles: The Joker

Best known for: Strong toddler-herding skills.
Favorite snack: Anything that falls on the floor.
Favorite Quote: “Alright Mr. DeMille, I’m ready for my close-up.”

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