Sail Cleaning - your sails will look better and last longer

Sail maintenance will increase the life of your sails. For both racing and cruising sails, proper storage and cleaning will reduce costly repairs and replacements - providing better speed under sail and improved longevity.

All sailcloth should be frequently washed with fresh water and stored as salt free as possible. Sails stored on board should be properly folded or, if rigged, covered with a material that provides UV protection.

Ultra-violet destroys both nylon and dacron. It is important to use and maintain cover materials on mainsails and roller-furling sails.

Always store the sails dry to prevent mildew.

Dry your sails by laying them out on a deck or lawn free of debris that could tear or injure them.

Or hang your sails up to dry in an area that wind will not be a problem. Do not hang your sails in a windy area!

It is also important to have spreader patches maintained to protect the sail from chafe.

Get your sails professionally cleaned - contact Hodges Street Sails. Phone 252-249-0739 or email Your sails will look better and last longer...

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