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Lots of boats come to Oriental, some tie up at the Town Dock for a night or two, others drop anchor in the harbor for a while. If you've spent any time on the water you know that every boat has a story. The Shipping News on TownDock.net brings you the stories of the boats that have visited recently.

Sail Magazine ICW Rally In Oriental
1st time visit to Oriental for many new cruisers
November 6, 2015
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ail Magazine’s 2nd Annual ICW Rally docked at Oriental for the Halloween weekend. The Rally is geared to new cruisers, giving them a guided cruising experience on the ICW.

ofpmf 2015
The dog posed, but did not agree to an interview.

TownDock.net walked the docks and met many of the sailors – and their dogs – who spent a few days – October 30-November 1 – in Oriental with SAIL’s ICW Rally.

ofpmf 2015
Calm waters greeted boaters the morning after Halloween.

Ecola 2, a 34-foot catamaran from Littleton, New Hampshire, was actually a moving van for Jayne and Richard Johns. They were using this cruise to move to the west coast of Florida and set up a new homestead away from Northeast snows. Their house on land had sold; they were riding their floating home to find a new land-based home on Florida soil.

ofpmf 2015
Does this poodle want to move to Florida?
ofpmf 2015
As her Standard Poodle pondered the move to Florida, Jayne Johns relaxed with her needlepoint.

For Tom Jeffery and his wife Mary this was not their first time sailing south. They’ve done it for two other autumns, on a deeper draft boat than the 41-foot SP Cruiser they are taking on this rally. The Flossie B was designed for shallow waters such as those of the ICW. With “only a 3 ft. 9 inch draft with this boat,” says Tom, “it is really comfortable.”

ofpmf 2015
Tom, Sadie & Mary Jeffery on the deck of Flossie B. Mary was an elementary school teacher while Tom owned an IT company that provided services to major retailers. “Target was one of my clients,” he said, “but their trouble didn’t happen on my watch.”

They did encounter some discomfort on the trip from New England to Hampton, VA which was the starting point of the Sail magazine ICW Cruise. Weather associated with Hurricane Joaquin held them up for 8 days, and they had to hurry to get to southern Virginia for the rally’s start.

From the sound of things, as they spoke in Oriental of thee trip so far, it was worth it. This was the Jefferys’ first time through the Dismal Swamp Canal because on previous trips south with a deep-draft boat, they had taken another route. “We really were glad to be able to see the canal and meet Robert Peak, the lock master at the Little Creek lock..”

‘We met the Rose Buddies in Elizabeth City. After Elizabeth City, Melvin Bullock from the original Platters did a concert for us at Dowery Creek Marina. That was a lot of fun. They put on a southern style barbecue for us.”

After reaching St. Augustine, the end point of this rally, Mary and Tom will point the Flossie B farther south, to Key Largo, where their 3 children plan to join them for Christmas. After that, they aim to sail either the west coast of Florida or the Bahamas.

“When winter is over, we may leave our boat in Georgia or the Carolinas, go back north for the summer and sail our other boat, then just come back to this boat next fall.”

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Posted Friday November 6, 2015 by Ben Casey

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