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It's Tuesday July 7, 2015

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Croakerfest 2015 Parade: Broad Street | July 7, 2015
croakerfest parade 2015 broad st
Broad Street Saturday with Oriental’s Croakerfest Parade. Candy tossers had a most receptive — and larger than usual — audience.

Croakerfest 2015: Face Painting Tiger | July 6, 2015
croakerfest 2015 face painting tiger
Luke Medlin, who was visiting Oriental and Croakerfest this weekend, took on a tiger look at the Heartworks face painting booth. (That’s the hand of Heartworks’ director, Karen Prince, who was, with others, painting all day Saturday.) The booth and other activities raised funds for the Bayboro youth center.

Croakerfest 2015 Parade: Dragon | July 5, 2015
croakerfest 2015 parade dragon
Oriental’s dragon — and crew — in yesterday’s Croaker parade.

Croakerfest 2015 Parade: Kazooligans | July 4, 2015
croakerfest 2015 parade kazooligans
The Kazooligans at the corner of Broad and Hodges in Saturday morning’s Croakerfest parade. The judges bestowed on them, the “Too Sexy For My Shirt” award.

Croakerfest 2015: Drenching Rain | July 4, 2015
croakerfest rain
Rain poured, drenching part of the rhythm section, but the Pamlico Community Band played on at Friday’sopening for the 2015 Croakerfest. The evening street dance with the Bryan Mayer Band was later postponed til 11a Saturday when the chance of rain is much lower. For another view of Friday’s rain, click here.

Croakerfest 2015: Umbrellas | July 4, 2015
croakerfest rain umbrella
A heavy rain fell on the opening of Oriental’s Croakerfest Friday. Tents kept the audience and most of the Pamlico Community Band dry, but the percussion section, in back, was more exposed. Volunteers deployed multiple umbrellas to fend off the rivulets pouring down the tent.

2015 Croakerfest T Shirt Logo | July 2, 2015
croakerfest coral
Something you’ll be seeing a lot more of in coming days. The logo for this year’s Croakerfest t-shirt was designed by Cameon Funk.

Studebakarrrrgh | July 1, 2015
describe here
Cindy and Truitt Ray rode a subtle entry in last July’s Croakerfest Parade, when pirates was the parade theme. This year, Croakers in Coral is the theme – coral being the 35th anniversary gift for the fest that got its start in 1980. Whether your float is subtle or not so… there’s still time to register and be part of the parade.

PecanCam Tuesday | June 30, 2015
pecancamPecanCam… it’s the view from Pecan Grove Marina looking across the harbor to Oriental.

Cardboard Regatta 2015 - Titanic Tipping Point | June 29, 2015
cardboard regatta titanic2 tips
Tipping Point. For the Florence-Whortonsville crew of the Titanic 2, the tipping point came well before the finish line in Saturday’s Cardboard Boat Regatta at Paradise Cove Marina. In going over, the crew did give spectators a chance to see the true-to-form compartmentalized naval architecture of their vessel. Click here for that better look. (Photo: Gary Hughes)

Cardboard Boat Regatta 2015 - Titanic 2 Over | June 29, 2015
cardboard regatta titanic2 over
The boat’s name (not clearly visible here) was Titanic 2. It’s design of heavy cardboard boxes and duct tape couldn’t quite get the crew of 5 to the finish line in Saturday’s race at Paradise Cove Marina. (Photo: Gary Hughes)

2015 Cardboard Boat Race Winners | June 28, 2015
cardboard boat 2015 norse winners
A Nordic-themed entry took first place in yesterday’s Cardboard Boat Race at Paradise Cove Marina. The event also saw a fair share of cardboard boats that capsized and sent their crews in to the water before the finish line. Top finishers appeared to employ a liberal amount of duct tape in their naval designs. (Photo: Jennifer Del Rio)

Cardboard Regatta Today | June 27, 2015
cardboard boat titanic
The crew of the Titanic crosses the finish line in the 2014 Cardboard Boat Regatta at Paradise Cove Marina. Today is the 2nd annual Cardboard Regatta @ Paradise Cove – it all starts at 2p. For a look at last year’s event click here.

Mink | June 25, 2015
Spend some time by Oriental’s waterfront and you may see one of the minks who nest among the rip-rap. This one was spotted on a recent Sunday morning. (Photo: Christine Root)

Squash Gondola | June 24, 2015
describe here
It may not be the biggest squash picked at the Operation Veggie Box garden, but it may be the most nautical, its stem and flower bringing up the impression of a goldolier and his boat. The garden is in the parking lot of Oriental United Methodist Church. (Photo: Susan Banks)

Clio Rudder | June 23, 2015
rudder clio
The sailboat, Clio, and its distinctive stern at Sea Harbour.

Bear Sighting: Dolphin Point | June 22, 2015
describe here
“Looks like I neglected to take in the bird feeders.” says Sue Magnuson, who found a bear feasting in her Dolphin Point yard around 6:20 this morning. She puts out safflower seeds “because squirrels do not like it. I guess bears do!” For 7 and a half weeks, a bear – Just One Bear? – has been foraging in more and more developed areas of Oriental. Taking in feeders at night has become a strategy (that usually works — but not always.) (Photo: Sue Magnuson)

Greens Creek Eagle | June 21, 2015
describe here
An eagle keeps an eye out near her nest on Greens Creek. (Photo: Kim Barefoot)

Rira and a Summer Solstice | June 20, 2015
describe shot
A summer solstice and a sailboat race. Gerry Crowley’s Rira in the 2009 Whortonsville Yacht and Tractor Club Regatta. The tradition of racing in the Pamlico Sound and Neuse River at the solstice is now a quarter century old. The 2015 Summer Sailstice Regatta run by SCOO and ODC is set for today. (Photo: Brian Palmer)

Pecan Grove Forestays | June 19, 2015
pecan grove oriental forestays
A line of forestays at Pecan Grove Marina. Boat owners here and elsewhere in NC could soon have to pay a second boat tax — and have to slap a second line of numbers on their hulls. State senators are calling it a Coastal Waterways User ID Number and it’s to finance dredging of NC’s ocean inlets. Likely none of this tax’s revenue would make marine improvements in Pamlico County.