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It's Friday October 9, 2015

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Wednesday Night Sailing Tonight - Perfect Sky Ahead | October 7, 2015

It seems like we needed a sailboat photo for a moment instead of all that apocalyptic high water. Here IL Gatto skipper Joe Valinoti & crew bravely pursue brightly colored pants in the 2015 Oriental Cup Regatta. IL Gatto’s skipper Joe Valinoti is the organizer of Wednesday Night Sailing. After a lot of recent lousy weather, it looks perfect tonight. 5p start. If your dry eyes are missing the flood pics there are plenty here.

Lower Levels - Still High Water | October 7, 2015

Lower levels this morning, but still high water on Hodges Street. The town got to move the High Water signs about a block closer to the harbor. Meanwhile, the Provision Company sign (inset image) hinted at the wet reality of driving on Hodges. Photo at 9:30a Wed morning.

HarborCam & Some Lower Water | October 7, 2015
The railing is now visible, as is the Town Dock. The lowering waters view on HarborCam.

High Water Sign Of The Times | October 6, 2015
describe here
It’s pretty bad when the high water sign is under water. Water levels may be lower than yesterday, but roads are still flooded & impassable near the harbor & the Duck Pond. This was the scene at 11a Tuesday.

High Water Netflix | October 5, 2015
high water netflix
When the going gets tough, the tough get… Netflixing? Dan Albert kayaked to his mail box on China Grove Road Monday. (Photo: Betsy Bailey)

Lou Mac Pier Waves | October 4, 2015
Waves crash in Sunday at the Lou Mac Park Pier.

Sunken Boat | October 4, 2015
sunken boat
A sobering sight this morning on Smith Creek. How this boat sank is not clear. One reader however reminds us that while high water alone won’t sink a boat, it could affect your power source – the yellow cord — to the vessel and its all-important bilge pump (high water levels have cut off power to many docks). The advice: check that bilge pump battery. And allow your dock lines some give.

High Water - Even Higher | October 4, 2015
high water
This is the scene Sunday morning on Hodges Street. We can expect levels to go even higher…

Boat asks: What's Next? | October 3, 2015
what's next?
That is a damn good question (asked by a boat in the yard at Sailcraft Service). Here is some excitement: it won’t rain for a while today. OK, it still might rain (30%), but we are seeing some sunshine.

Crab Fishermen Pull Their Traps | October 2, 2015
crab fishermen pull traps
Crab fishermen on the Neuse pulling their traps Wednesday, preparing for a visit from Hurricane Joaquin. Joaquin’s forecast track is now offshore and away from the NC coast.

Joaquin - A Very Different Track | October 2, 2015
storm joaquin track
8a Update – JOAQUIN FORECAST TRACK WAY OFFSHORE. A very different view this morning, with Hurricane Joaquin projected to stay offshore – closer to Bermuda than our shores.

Joaquin - more offshore | October 1, 2015
storm joaquin track
5p Update – JOAQUIN FORECAST TRACK MOVES FARTHER OFFSHORE. This is hugely good news – if the track holds. More and more computer models suggest Joaquin will stay offshore – and that it is reflected in the 5p update.

Joaquin Track - A Bit Offshore | October 1, 2015
storm joaquin track
8a Update: Staying a bit east of the Outer Banks & offshore. Joaquin is now a Category 3 storm with 120 mph winds. The Hurricane Joaquin forecast track held steady overnight – still targeting a direct hit of the Outer Banks. But the 5a update moved it east, 8a update stays the same. Hurricane Joaquin is now projected to strengthen even more – to become a major Category 4 storm – but still forecast to weaken to a Category 1 hurricane by the time it reaches our latitude.

Joaquin Trends West | September 30, 2015
storm joaquin track
5p Update: Sorry team. This isn’t good. The Hurricane Joaquin forecast track has moved west, showing a landfall Sunday on the Outer Banks near Ocracoke. Hurricane Joaquin is projected to become a Category 3 storm on its path north, but should weaken to a Category 1 hurricane by landfall. A Category 1 hurricane has major flooding potential. Isobel & Irene were Category 1 landfalls. This forecast remains complicated and uncertain, but if it holds true, we would get significant surge from Joaquin.

Joaquin @ The Forecast Track | September 29, 2015
storm joaquin track
5p update > Good News – the Tropical Storm Joaquin track moves even more east. A front moving offshore this week is making it look more like Joaquin will stay offshore. Still, this storm is particularly hard to forecast…. and you can see why above. Joaquin is heading west right now. Sometime Thursday Joaquin has to take the equivalent of a hard-to-make billiards shot. When you make a billiards shot, its hard to predict where it will actually go. Mom Nature is just the same. NOAA NHC is clearly stating they are not sure about this forecast. If Joaquin stays mostly offshore (as above) life is good. If it trends further west, we could have a high water weekend ahead.

High Boot Fashion @ The Provision Company | September 28, 2015
pamlico nike high boots
It’s the selection of rubber boots (aka Pamlico Nikes or Pamlico Reeboks) at The Provision Company on Hodges St.
Insert 1952 radio announcer voice here: “The Provision Company, for all your apocalyptic weather fashion needs.”

Blood Moon Eclipse | September 28, 2015
blood moon lunar eclipse
The start of Sunday night’s lunar eclipse. At this stage, it had a pinkish tint, a sign of things to come. It was called a blood moon for the red color that astronomers said we would be able to see. To do so, one needed a telescope or long lens.

Blood Moon | September 28, 2015
describe here
The blood moon Sunday night. To the naked eye, it appeared as more of a blond moon, but showed up red thru telephoto lens.

Singing In The Sunday Rain | September 27, 2015
Anybody know a good “un-rain” dance? It’s a rainy Sunday… may as well sing in it.

Hodges Street Sunday Sept 27 2015 | September 27, 2015
high water on hodges street
This is the scene at 7:30a Sunday morning on Hodges Street. The Town Dock is underwater. Even a little wave action on Hodges…