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It's Wednesday July 30, 2014

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Small Boat Shrimping | July 30, 2014
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On summer evenings, small boats circle the waters near the Oriental Bridge, hoping to snare shrimp in the nets they drag behind.

Golf ball Sized Hail (almost) | July 29, 2014
minnesott hail
You’ve heard the saying “hail the size of golf balls”. It was hail almost the size of golf balls last night at Minnesott Golf & CC. Ladie’s Night got seriously rained out. The putting green became the boating green. (Pat Kenyon photo)

Flooded Putting Green | July 29, 2014
minnesott rain
The lyric goes like this: Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there… It rained buckets, and then it even hailed at Minnesott Beach last night. Above is the underwater putting green. (Pat Kenyon photo)

Dock Ducks | July 28, 2014
ducks new town dock
Two ducks survey the early morning scene at the end of the new Town Dock. The birds are regularly seen paddling around the harbor and they’ve quickly incorporated the new structure in to their cruising routine. In the background, the fishing vessel “Mary Margaret”, one of many shrimping trawlers that had brought their hauls to Garland Fulcher Seafood this weekend.

Dock Ducks and Trawlers | July 28, 2014
new town dock ducks trawlers
On this quiet morning, the ducks shared the harbor with quite a few fishing boats – some from Oriental, others from farther away. A few of the vessels included “Moon Shadow” and “Everett Gene” (Sneads Ferry, NC), “Wahine” (McClellanville, SC), and “Miss Kayden” (Oriental, NC).

Scales of Dragon Boat | July 27, 2014
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Reflections of the scales of the Oriental Dragon Boat Club’s dragon boat as the group sets out on one of its twice-weekly practices from the Wildlife Resources ramp in Oriental. (Their Sunday practice is at 8:30a) The Oriental Dragon Boat Festival, coming to River Dunes on August 9, will bring more than a dozen teams to compete.

Nautical Flea Market Morning | July 26, 2014
earl evans sells fish lures nautical flea market
Earl Evens accepts payment for a piece of fishing gear at Saturday morning’s Nautical Fleamarket. Items to be found included an inflatable dinghy, an emergency boating ladder and a brass whistle. Earl was selling fishing lures for a dollar apiece.

Earl's Lures | July 26, 2014
earl evans fishing lures flea market
Rapalas, Jitterbugs and a Devil Horse, too. Earl was doing a brisk trade selling these colorful lures for a one dollar apiece. He says they would interest a non-fisherman as well. The tips of the hooks could be nipped off making for some snag proof decorations.

Nautical Fleamarket Stuff | July 25, 2014
jaz at town dock
If you had a compass, a flare gun and a flush toilet – your life might be complete. It’s the kind of variety that nautical fleamarkets bring out. A Nautical Fleamarket is set for this Saturday 8a til noon at The Provision Company.

Jaz @ Town Dock | July 24, 2014
jaz at town dock
Yup, she is a beamy girl. Jaz is 28 feet wide… and 40 feet long. Read about the Condor Jaz in The Shipping News…

Boom at Sea Harbour | July 23, 2014
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A boom – and boat – berthed at Sea Harbour Yacht Club.

Lipstick on a Shrimp | July 22, 2014
sabrina Jane trawler
Working boat bows are known to hold anchors, chains and cleats. But a lipstick wearing shrimp? The creature’s name isn’t known. The vessel’s is. She’s the trawler Sabrina Jane.

Sabrina Jane at the Docks | July 22, 2014
sabrina jane at the dock
The trawler Sabrina Jane. With shrimp season underway, she is one of many fishing vessels to be seen moored along the village docks.

Sailing Class To Town Dock | July 21, 2014
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Boats — and PFD’s — that students from Bow To Stern youth summer sailing camp had taken to Oriental’s Town Dock one Friday afternoon. At the end of those week-long sessions, the sailors — as young as 7 — put what they learned to work for those Friday afternoon sails from Smith Creek to Oriental’s harbor (and The Bean for ice cream.)

Wire Angel | July 20, 2014
wire angel lukens cemetery
A wire-winged angel stands vigil at Lukens Cemetery. The descendents of the now abandoned community still visit the the burying ground by barge.

Transom: Southerly | July 19, 2014
transom southerly
Transom on Southerly, docked on Smith Creek.

Carolyn Rush Painting: The Village Harbor | July 18, 2014
painting rush harbor Trawlers grace the docks in Oriental in this Carolyn Rush painting, “The Village Harbor”. The oil painting can be seen right across from Oriental’s harbor, inside the Village Gallery, where Carolyn is the featured guest artist this month and next.

Veracity | July 17, 2014
transom veracity aftt
The aft end of the sailing vessel Veracity, in Deaton’s yard.

Sailing Lesson: Rudder | July 16, 2014
bow to stern rudder
A young sailor at this summer’s Bow to Stern sailing school camp works to put the rudder on his boat while at Oriental’s Town Dock. After a week of lessons, he was one of the students who took a Friday afternoon sail down Smith Creek and in to Oriental’s harbor for an ice cream stop at The Bean. This year is the Oriental-based sailing camp’s 7th season. (For a look back at the inaugural season, click here.)

Dragon Boat, Aft | July 15, 2014
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Aft end of a Dragon Boat… waiting for its crew. The 2014 Dragon Boat Festival is coming… Aug 8 & 9 at River Dunes. There’s also an Oriental Dragon Boat Club.