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It's Thursday July 24, 2014

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Boom at Sea Harbour | July 23, 2014
describe shot
A boom – and boat – berthed at Sea Harbour Yacht Club.

Lipstick on a Shrimp | July 22, 2014
sabrina Jane trawler
Working boat bows are known to hold anchors, chains and cleats. But a lipstick wearing shrimp? The creature’s name isn’t known. The vessel’s is. She’s the trawler Sabrina Jane.

Sabrina Jane at the Docks | July 22, 2014
sabrina jane at the dock
The trawler Sabrina Jane. With shrimp season underway, she is one of many fishing vessels to be seen moored along the village docks.

Sailing Class To Town Dock | July 21, 2014
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Boats — and PFD’s — that students from Bow To Stern youth summer sailing camp had taken to Oriental’s Town Dock one Friday afternoon. At the end of those week-long sessions, the sailors — as young as 7 — put what they learned to work for those Friday afternoon sails from Smith Creek to Oriental’s harbor (and The Bean for ice cream.)

Wire Angel | July 20, 2014
wire angel lukens cemetery
A wire-winged angel stands vigil at Lukens Cemetery. The descendents of the now abandoned community still visit the the burying ground by barge.

Transom: Southerly | July 19, 2014
transom southerly
Transom on Southerly, docked on Smith Creek.

Carolyn Rush Painting: The Village Harbor | July 18, 2014
painting rush harbor Trawlers grace the docks in Oriental in this Carolyn Rush painting, “The Village Harbor”. The oil painting can be seen right across from Oriental’s harbor, inside the Village Gallery, where Carolyn is the featured guest artist this month and next.

Veracity | July 17, 2014
transom veracity aftt
The aft end of the sailing vessel Veracity, in Deaton’s yard.

Sailing Lesson: Rudder | July 16, 2014
bow to stern rudder
A young sailor at this summer’s Bow to Stern sailing school camp works to put the rudder on his boat while at Oriental’s Town Dock. After a week of lessons, he was one of the students who took a Friday afternoon sail down Smith Creek and in to Oriental’s harbor for an ice cream stop at The Bean. This year is the Oriental-based sailing camp’s 7th season. (For a look back at the inaugural season, click here.)

Dragon Boat, Aft | July 15, 2014
describe shot
Aft end of a Dragon Boat… waiting for its crew. The 2014 Dragon Boat Festival is coming… Aug 8 & 9 at River Dunes. There’s also an Oriental Dragon Boat Club.

Lady Susie On The Neuse | July 14, 2014
trawler lady suisie
The Lady Susie, just off of the Oriental shore on the Neuse River this weekend. Her nets were out of the water Saturday night. Sunday at sunset, after a two day break, the trawlers can, by regulation, get back to the business of fishing for shrimp.

Launch Video | July 13, 2014

Video from the successful NASA rocket launch @ 12:52p today at Wallops Island, VA. Clouds on the horizon prevented local attempts at seeing the launch.

NASA TV LIVE - Rocket Launch | July 13, 2014

This is NASA TV, streaming live from Wallops Island, Virginia starting at 11:30a. The launch is at 12:52p today… you may be able to see it from eastern NC (see below).

Moon Over Minnesott | July 13, 2014
moon over minnesott
The moon over Minnesott – Ben Casey shot the “supermoon” Saturday night. Ben adds he was disappointed with the results. Perhaps it was a Valencia Orange dangled over Minnesott Beach.

Moon Over The Oriental Pier | July 13, 2014
moon over the neuse
Saturday night’s “super moon” shot from Lou Mac park (with some Carolina clouds in the mix).

Gull Catches A Ride | July 12, 2014
gull ferry
Why fly when you can hop a ride? A Laughing Gull – and Neuse River ferry — approach the Minnesott Beach side on Thursday.

Summer Life In Contrast | July 11, 2014
summer life
Summer life… different ways to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Croaker Regatta Sunfish | July 10, 2014
croaker regatta 2014
Kara Wheeler sails to windward in last Saturday’s Croakerfest Regatta. (Photo: Jiah Song)

Low Water After Arthur | July 9, 2014
low water after arthur
We talk about storm surge from a visiting hurricane, but after a tropical storm passes the reverse happens – it often leaves low water for a short while. Ben Casey took this photo the day after Arthur (Friday July 4). He writes in: Carolyn was born just a few hundred yards from the Dawson’s Creek bridge – she says that she can’t recall the storm drain being any more dramatic than this. This was from the walkway that goes down to the water from the east end of the bridge. Look carefully at the horizon and you can see that Columbus was right, the earth is round. (TownDock.net Senior Management goes for flat earth theory. We think Ben might have a curvy wide angle lens.)

Airborne Watermelon Seed | July 8, 2014
seed spit haluska
Watermelon seed spitting contestant Emery Haluska in the competition at Saturday’s Croakerfest. Emery, visiting her grandparents in Oriental, spat the seed a respectable 14-1/2 feet. Winning spit was 22 feet.