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It's Sunday February 14, 2016

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Clear Dry Saturday | February 13, 2016

Clear. Dry. Colddddd. Happy Saturday…

Rain. Sleet. Weather Radar. | February 12, 2016

Newport NC Weather Radar shows the cold & wet upon us. Today rain… a chance of freezing rain and sleet. Highs won’t get beyond the mid 30s. The real cold comes Saturday night with a low down to 16.

Lou Mac Oak: Pieces | February 11, 2016
lou mac oak
The new view of South Avenue and Lou Mac Park after Wednesday’s cutting down of the 86+-year old willow oak. Oddly, the tree still managed to throw shadows Thursday morning – or, at least the chunks of the tree did, at curbside across from the park. Town Hall says they’re there for the taking. Shadow not always included. (Streetscape from the west. Click here.)

Lou Mac w/o Oak, Next Morning | February 11, 2016
lou  mac oak
Changed landscape at Lou Mac Park. Thursday’s sunrise was the first in 86 years without the willow oak that towered over the park and South Avenue. It was cut down yesterday due to a decay that the Town saw as a liability.

The Tree Falls | February 10, 2016
The end of an old friend… the trunk of the willow oak at Lou Mac Park came down today. The 90 year old tree was suffering from rot. (photos by Johnny Reiswig / turned into a movie by TownDock.net) For a look at the view earlier this morning click here.

Lou Mac Oak Coming Down | February 10, 2016
lou mac oak
A tree cutting crew is making fast work of cutting down the willow oak in Lou Mac Park this morning. This was the scene just before 10a. The tree, estimated to be 90 years old, suffered from decay – visible from a 10 foot long opening in its trunk. The Town was concerned rot-weakened limbs could fall on parkgoers. (Click on photo to enlarge image)

Amanda Ashley & Oriental's Town Dock | February 10, 2016
town dock trawlers amanda ashley
The trawler, Amanda Ashley docked in Oriental’s harbor earlier this week. On the Town Dock, some of the leftovers from Sunday’‘s’ storm and high waters.

Hull Reflection and Blue Lines | February 9, 2016
abstract hull reflection blue line
A hull reflected in the waters of Sailcraft Marina Monday afternoon

4 Trawlers, 3 Pilings | February 8, 2016
describe here
Trawlers rafted four abreast in Oriental’s Harbor during Sunday’s torrential rain, winds and resulting flooding. Hodges Street at the harbor was shin-deep, for its first major flood of the year.

Sign High Water | February 8, 2016
high water
Sign of the tide. Heavy rain and wind combined Sunday to make a severe case of that Oriental phenomenon, the wind tide. It flooded Hodges Street near the harbor.

High Waters Sunday Feb 7 2016 | February 7, 2016
onc water levels
Rain and mostly high north winds have high water levels in Oriental Sunday. Hodges Street is flooded with water near the deck level of the town dock.

Lines at Ferry | February 7, 2016
lines ferry boat
Lines to an dinghy stored on a ferry across the Neuse. The ferry was passing navigation marker “2” on its run from Minnesott to Cherry Branch.

Norm Robins Painting | February 6, 2016
norm robins
Part of a painting by area artist Norm Robins who is February’s guest artist at the Village Gallery. Opening reception this afternoon.

Orental Harbor & Lady Deborah | February 5, 2016
lady deborah oriental harbor roofless
Oriental’s harbor on a drier afternoon this week.The setting sun made the second town dock glow. Close by is the fishing ship, Lady Deborah.

Red Sunset near Whittaker Pointe | February 4, 2016
sunset whittaker pointe
Sunset’s bold colors on Whittaker Creek and the channel stretching out to the Neuse. To left is Whittaker Pointe Marina. (Photo: Eileen White)

Slainthe at Sailcraft Marina | February 3, 2016
sailboat slainthe
The sailboat, Slainthe at her slip at Sailcraft Marina.

Pamlico Jack 2016 | February 2, 2016
Pamlico Jack on Groundhog Day
Happy Pamlico Grounddog Day, a county tradition since 1840.
At precisely 6:07am this morning, Pamlico Jack emerged from his burrow and sat in the middle of the road on Hodges Street. Pamlico Jack did not see his shadow (it was dark), signifying that winter will soon end.
Above, Jack takes questions during an 8am press conference. Jack confirmed he is calling for an early spring.

Lou Mac Park | February 1, 2016
Lou Mac Park
If the weekend felt like a bright burst of sunshine and warmth, here’s some visual proof. Lou Mac Park as seen from the pier. (Photo: Chuck Forrest)

Pre-GPS | January 31, 2016
navigation exhiibit
You could get there from here, without GPS. Oriental’s History Museum has a new exhibit of navigational equipment that sailors used in the days before GPS, such as the sextant and chronometer/clock. The exhibit opens today with a talk about celestial navigation at 2p.

Village Gallery: Mimi Dixon's Raging Seas | January 29, 2016
Mimi Dixon
Storm-tossed boats in artist Mimi Dixon’s “Raging Seas” at the Village Gallery in Oriental.