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It's Thursday September 18, 2014

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Shrimp Mural | September 17, 2014
describe shot
Shrimp season may have waned, but one shrimp stays as a year round reminder, on the side of the Garland Fulcher Seafood Market. Artist Sheri McKeon recently touched up the paintings of the sea life on the building. In primping the shrimp, she made it pinker — in its cooked, rather than swimming-in-the-wild state — so that it would stand out more.

Garland Fulcher Seafood Paintings | September 17, 2014
garland fulcher seafood mural
Artist Sheri McKeon has been touching up the paintings of sealife – that become seafood – at the Garland Fulcher Seafood Market.

Porch Fest: Mayloo | September 16, 2014
porch fest
Mayloo takes in the passing Broad Street scene from behind the bunting on the Price’s railing during Saturday’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival. Her owner, Russ Stevenson and the rest of Oriental’s ukulele band, the UHOO’s were the first act on that porch Saturday. .

Porch Fest: New Sensational Messengers | September 15, 2014
porch fest
The New Sensational Messengers of New Bern brought gospel to Saturday’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival, and specifically, to Ken Pitts’ porch on Hodges Street. Spectators stood in a drizzle of rain while the band gave one of the final performances of the day. Pictured here, half of the band, Charles McDaniels, Donald Brimmage and Gene Waters. More photos of the day coming…..

Porch Fest: Green Creek Bluegrass Band | September 13, 2014
front porch
The Green Creek Bluegrass Band, Ernest Dunn, Ken Belangia, Jim Baluss and Becky Ackiss lean in towards the one mic on the porch of the Old Central Hotel during the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival Saturday. The festival had musicians playing on a dozen porches and was inspired by the jam sessions on the porch of the Ol’ Store owned by the late Billy and Lucille Truitt. The Green Creek Bluegrass band had a closer connection – both Ken and Ernest are sons-in-law of the Truitts.

Rockin' Oriental | September 13, 2014
front porch musicOriental Rockers. It’s the porch of the Village Gallery on Hodges St, among the dozen porches where music will be playin’ this afternoon.

Porch of Old Central Hotel | September 12, 2014
porch fest central hotel
The Old Central Hotel at Hodges and Broad. It’s one of a dozen porches where musicians will be playing in tomorrow’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest. (Lineup can be downloaded here.) Also at the hotel porch, Oriental’s History Museum will show a model of Billy and Lucille Truitt’s Ol’ Store where musicians used to gather on the porch, the inspiration for the music fest this weekend.

Ben Bruno and the Greens' Creek Heel | September 11, 2014
2014 Greens Creek
Ben Bruno shows how the “Greens Creek Heel” is done. Photos and results from Saturday’s Greens Creek Challenge are now online…

Mooky Ponders Life | September 10, 2014
mooky chris daniels dog nap guitarMooky ponders fame and the economic potential of future endorsement contracts. Meet Mooky, Miss September, TownDock’s Pet Of The Month…

Cemetery Goose in Slicker | September 9, 2014
cemetery goose slicker
Fine weather for ducks, and the Silverbrook Road cemetery goose. She’s currently tricked out in a rain slicker though her matching yellow hat appears to have blown off. For another perspective, click here.

Cemetery Goose in Slicker with Umbrella | September 9, 2014
cemetery goose
Ready for more rain, from head to toe. Almost. The Oriental Cemetery goose wears a slicker bit its hat was on the ground a few feet away. Meanwhile, The Oriental Woman’s Club, which maintains the cemetery on Silverbrook Road, holds a BBQ lunch in a few weeks to raise funds for that ongoing work

Old Theater, New Marquee | September 8, 2014
Old Theater New Marquee
The Old Theater is getting a new marquee. A work crew was busy last week, rebuilding the sign structure over the theater’s porch. The aim is to have the marquee up in time for Friday and Saturday’s Malpass Brothers shows — and Saturday’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival.

Finish Line of 2014 Greens Creek Challenge | September 7, 2014
greens creek 2014
One racing crew at the finish line of yesterday’s Greens Creek Challenge Regatta. 29 sailors competed, including 8 from NCSU’s Sailing Team. For another view of the race, click here.

Greens Creek Challenge 2014: Sunfish at Bridge | September 7, 2014
greens creek challenget
One of the challenges of the Greens Creek Challenge is sailing under and through the Oriental Bridge – twice. Here, a Sunfish sailor, having already sailed up and down Greens and Smith Creeks, emerges from under the bridge and towards the finish line.

Ed Macomber Painting | September 6, 2014
ed macombere
A scene familiar to many boaters in Oriental – the boatyard as depicted by artist Ed Macomber. He’s the current guest artist at the Village Gallery. There’s an opening reception today.

New Side Porch Takes Shape At The Bean | September 5, 2014
deck Bean
The new side porch at The Bean takes shape. Kent Holde, with hammer in hand, was laying the new deck boards yesterday. It’s still not a full deck, which is what gives rise to tonight’s Almost Deck Party – with music from Eric-Scott Guthrie. More, here.

Greens Creek Challenge | September 4, 2014
greens creek challenge
The 2014 Greens Creek Challenge is set for this Saturday Sept 6. It’s a competition for sailing boats under 20 ft on a racecourse involves two passages under the Oriental bridge. This was one scene from the 2010 race. There’s still time to register for this year’s.

"Laundry Day" Painting | September 3, 2014
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Watercolorist Lynn Hines captures a scene just off Oriental’s Duck Pond on Main Street. “Laundry Day” and other works by the Oriental artist will be on display at the Pamlico Library thru the month of September. There’s a meet-the-artist Opening Reception tomorrow evening.

HarborCam Is Back | September 2, 2014
harborcamHarborCam is back – the repaired & renewed view of Oriental’s harbor returned Labor Day. The TownDock Technology Dept is still learning some new tricks with the cam – clearer images and even a possible alternative view may be in the near future.

Oar Trophy | September 1, 2014
oar trophy
A Labor Day weekend tradition is the Oar Race from New Bern to Oriental (the race back is the Michelob Regatta). The Oar Trophy is awarded to the winner of the first race. It’s a different trophy than any other local race award – the oar above was from the MV “Clara”, which participated in the WWII evacuation of Dunkirk in 1940. Each year a new name of the race winner is added. More about the tradition in this 2010 file story. Photo from Saturday night’s race party in Oriental. (Charley Bratton photo)