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It's Thursday May 26, 2016

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Invest 91L - Storm Models Of The Potential Storm Bonnie | May 26, 2016

Will she or won’t she? Early computer models of the potential Tropical Storm Bonnie (now just humble Invest 91L). The National Hurricane Center currently pegs a 50% chance of a storm developing over the next 2 days. If it does, nothing indicates hurricane strength developing. It would be a tropical depression (or tropical storm), with rain likely heading in our general direction.

A Transom: Indigo | May 25, 2016
The mood? Indigo, at a Deatons slip.

Frank's Truck Faces South Avenue | May 24, 2016
frank's ford
Frank’s 1956 Ford Pickup shows off its V8 grill on South Avenue.

Duck Pond Dragon - Future In Doubt? | May 23, 2016
duck pond dragon
The scenes of “Oriental”. Is the Duck Pond Dragon in peril? A new federal law makes a town wonder…

Steamer Oriental In The News (sort of) | May 22, 2016
steamer oriental shipwreck
Oriental was named after a vessel that wrecked off the Outer Banks. Above is an artist’s drawing from an 1862 newspaper report of the wreck. The steamer Oriental was wrecked at midnight Friday, May 16, 1862, off Bodie Island, Dare County, NC, six miles south of Oregon Inlet. The “Oriental” is back in the news – sort of. Details coming…

Docks to Nowhere | May 21, 2016
old docks
Docks to no-where, left from an earlier day. Readily visible from the bridge, they are in the waters of Smith Creek in front of the Oriental Harbor condos.

In The Heart Of The Sea - Trailer | May 20, 2016

In To The Heart Of The Sea… a 2015 film that goes whaling in 1820 off New England. Directed by Ron Howard (Opie has done well). It’s the Friday Flick, 7:30p tonight @ The Old Theater. 5 bucks and 50 cents, includes popcorn.

Holt's Chapel Community Center | May 19, 2016
Holts chapel
The Holt’s Chapel Community Center on Janeiro Road was for 40 years a school for black students. Built in the 1920’s it was one of 5,000 Rosenwald schools in the South, financed in part by Sears executive, Julius Rosenwald. He is the subject of a documentary showing tonight at the Old Theater. Admission is free. Donations go toward renovations for the HCCC. Some former students of Holt’s Chapel School, here.

Holt's Chapel School Alumni | May 19, 2016
holts chapel leatrice davis vernon cooper
Vernon Cooper and Leatrice Davis inside their old schoolhouse, now the Holt’s Chapel Community Center. Built 95 years ago, it is one of 5,000 Rosenwald schools built for black students in the segregated South. A sliding wall created 2 classrooms with grades 1-4 on one side; 5-8th on the other. Mr. Cooper recalls his 5th grade class sat in a corner on the right. The two former students are part of a group working to renovate and restore the building.

ODC Committee Boat Rocks | May 17, 2016
odc boat
The ODC Committee Boat, doin’ some rockin’ & rollin’ during Saturday’s PHRF sailboat race. Here’s a side view. The vessel is a Grover 26.

Hugh "Pastry" Midyette - Story Telling Action | May 16, 2016
hugh midyette story telling
Story telling was part of the 70th Anniversary Celebration at The Old Theater Friday and Saturday nights. Hugh “Pastry” Midyette showed that visual theater is part of good story telling technique…

Moore's Creek Bluegrass | May 15, 2016
mooores creek bluegrass
Moore’s Creek Bluegrass was one of 6 local bands playing at the “Music & Memories” 70th anniversary celebration for the Old Theater Friday and Saturday nights.

Old Theater In 1979 | May 13, 2016
old theater
The Old Theater, in 1979, looking older than it does now, in 2016. as it celebrates its 70th year. The theater went up in 1946 and was a movie house in its first decades; then it went dormant until The Old Theater Corp formed in 1992, and restored the building inside and out to become a jewel of a theater. (Visiting performers rave about the feel.) Tonight (as last night) the theater celebrates those 70 years. Six musical acts perform. There will be storytelling on stage with some memories of performances decades ago. And it all will raise funds for the Old Theater, ready for the next 70 years. Tickets $20. Get ‘em at Nautical Wheelers.
A 2009 Laura Turgeon drawing captures the Old Theater’s contemporary look & spirit.

The crew of Firefly | May 12, 2016
Chris Smith and his wife Ryan Babarsky, down below on their 26’ Pearson Firefly. The cruising couple made life work on the small vessel…

Trail in the Water | May 11, 2016
wake wildlife ramp bridge
A boat leaves a trail in Smith Creek after taking off from the Midyette Street NC Wildlife Ramp. Boat and captain were heading towards the Oriental bridge and Neuse River on a foggy morning.

Curlicue, Oriental's Old Theater | May 10, 2016

Art On The Neuse 2016: Hanging Frog | May 9, 2016
aotn 2016 diddly bo cigar box
Hanging Frog at Art On The Neuse…

Art on the Neuse 2016: Diddly Bo | May 8, 2016
aotn 2016 diddly bo cigar box
Jon Durham of Williamston pulls music from a diddly bo made from a cigar box. He was among the artists at yesterday’s 13th annual Arts on the Neuse festival.

Art on the Neuse: Wind Chimes | May 7, 2016
Wind chimes from tables past, as seen at a recent Art on the Neuse. The 13th Annual runs from 9a-4p today.

Annie Of St Augustine / Richmond | May 6, 2016

Annie is a 21 ft Drascombe Coaster. It’s crew of one, Curt Bowman, has visited Oriental & the Town Dock before…