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It's Tuesday October 25, 2016

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Busy Morning At The Town Dock | October 24, 2016

Busy Monday morning at the original Town Dock - 5 boats wedged in, plus 3 more at Town Dock two. Downtown... it's where the action is.
Chili Cookoff 2016 - Judges Winner OFI | October 22, 2016

Judges' First Place Award in Saturday's 9th Annual Chili Cookoff went to The Oriental Food Initiative. The organic chili also took 3rd place in the People's Choice Award. Oriental Deli and Subs won the People's Choice.
Chili Aficionados Ready For CookOff | October 22, 2016

Chili aficionados display chili consumption technique. The 2016 Chili Cookoff is today... starting up at 11a.
CNC Coastal Ride Is Coming | October 21, 2016

CNC Coastal Ride 2017 is coming to Oriental April 28-30. Above, bicyclists heading into town in the 2014 ride. Over 1,000 bicyclists are expected. They fill up the hotels & inns, and most take to camping in colorful tent cities at Lou Mac Park and all about town.
Bike Gears Coming | October 21, 2016

Town just had a classic car show. There were lots of tires & gears. Coming this spring -may be another show- is CNC Coastal Ride. With _a lot of tires and gears._ Now confirmed for April 28-30 2017 in Oriental.
Clown At OFPMF | October 20, 2016

Charlie Hall with the New Bern Sun Journal interviews a clown. Remember, early voting starts today.
Volunteer Tent Home Near Tarboro | October 19, 2016

A group of Pamlico Fire Dept volunteers is deployed in Princeville, near Tarboro. Eric Kindle reports the town is still underwater, including their fire dept. "The story at this link.":news/pamlico-firefighters-on-the-scene-in-a-flooded-town (Eric Kindle photo)
Aerial View Of Hodges & Harbor During Ol Front Porch Music | October 18, 2016

It's an aerial view of Hodges & the harbor. Thanks to drone pilot Chris Mojica who shot this during Saturday's Front Porch Music & Classic Car Show (the truck missed the no wake sign).
Harvest Moon over Oriental | October 17, 2016

Sunday night was a harvest moon over Oriental. Dori Arrington went out and got this shot.
Dogs Take In Front Porch Music | October 17, 2016

Dogs take in Front Porch Music (Dori Arrington photo)
The Gospel Ensemble at OFPMF | October 16, 2016

The Gospel Ensemble served it up Saturday afternoon - one of over 30 performers at the Ol' Front Porch Music Festival. Listen:

Salty Paws At OFPMF | October 15, 2016

Salty Paws shows dignified neck wear at The Ol' Front Porch Music Festival. TownDock has hundreds of photos... they'll get sorted through Sunday.
Carmonas and OFPMF | October 14, 2016

Aaron Carmona with canine after his family's band, The Carmonas, closed last year's Ol' Front Porch Music Fest. He and his brother Chad return to do the same tomorrow. Their sister joins them this year.
Paddle Dogs | October 14, 2016

Visiting sailor taking two dogs ashore via paddle board this morning. Apologies - it's a lousy phone picture... but too good a scene not to share.
Shiloh Hill | October 13, 2016

Shiloh Hill plays Saturday afternoon as part of the 3rd Annual Ol' Front Porch Music Festival (one of over 30 performers & groups). Shiloh Hill is visiting from Greensboro.
No Parking Car Show | October 12, 2016

Some people just can't follow directions (look close for the No Parking sign). This from the subtle boys with The 2016 Classic Car Show. A busy / sunny Saturday is ahead. On the left Jack Bond's 'Vette, at right Johnny Reiswig's Model A pickup.
Cleat Above Water | October 12, 2016

At 7a, water levels were down to 1.91ft (lowest this week). The cleats are just above water on the seawall next to the Town Dock.
Ducks After Matthew | October 11, 2016

The harbor ducks made it through Matthew. The rest of the crew could be seen touring farther out on the harbor.
High Water View From The Bean | October 11, 2016

High water view from The Bean this morning
Columbus Day 2016 | October 10, 2016

With all the post Matthew distractions, we forgot to say Happy Columbus Day. He was, we hear, a reasonably competent sailor (although marginal to windward). This painting of Columbus Landing is in the US Capitol Rotunda. Flowery verbiage from the Capital web site:
Columbus, newly landed from his flagship Santa Maria, looks upward as if in reverent gratitude for the safe conclusion of his long voyage. He stands bareheaded, with his feathered hat at his feet, in an expression of humility.
Post Matthew, we also have that reverent gratitude, plus the humility thing.