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It's Wednesday April 16, 2014


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Dragon Dock Box | April 15, 2014
dragon dock box A dragon guards a dock box at St. Barts Yachts in Oriental. The dragon is a creation of Bob Werner, who put dragons and other creatures on top of Adirondack chairs that he built in his shop he had years ago on Hodges Street.

Victoria Hyatt Picks The Winner | April 14, 2014

Victoria Hyatt prepares to pick the winning ticket in the raffle for a skiff made at the Oriental Boat Show over the weekend. Henry Campen won the boat that was made Saturday and Sunday by Heber Guthrie. The Rotary’s Boat Show held in Oriental proper for the first time in many year, drew a least 1500 people.

Boat Show - Walking The Docks | April 13, 2014

Boats and people looking at them, at the Oriental Boat Show on Saturday. The show continues today from 11-3. (In the foreground is Miss Maude, which is among the vessels for sale. )

Hope Floats to Floating Dinghy Dock | April 13, 2014

Laura Mata, one of the dozen paddlers with Hope Floats NC, pulls up on to the floating dock at Oreintal’s Dinghy Dock Saturday afternoon. The cancer-awareness group spent 8 days coming down the Neuse River and their arrival was part of the Oriental Boat Show (where the floating dock was part of a display.) For a view of the Hope Floats NC group approaching the harbor, click here.

Hope Floats In | April 13, 2014
hope floats approach
With 8 days and 200 miles of the Neuse River behind them, 12 kayakers with Hope Floats NC make the last paddle strokes of their trip Saturday afternoon. Their arrival in Oriental’s harbor was a feature of the Boat Show that’s been underway this weekend. It was the third trek down the Neuse for the group, though the first to land in Oriental.

Boat Show 2014 - Kayaks At Dinghy Dock | April 12, 2014
boat show 2014 kayaks
The Oriental Boat Show extends to the Dinghy Dock this year. There a fleet of kayaks from Bow To Stern were tied up to a floating dock brought in for the weekend-long show which began yesterday and runs through tomorrow. 90 vendors are taking part. There’s also a Nautical Flea Market.

Boat Show 2014 Flea Market Wooden Boat | April 12, 2014

A wooden boat for sale at the Nautical Flea Market that is part of the 2014 Oriental Boat Show. It’s among many treasures awaiting the discerning buyer. The market reopens today at 10a.

Heber Guthrie, Boatbuilder | April 10, 2014
heber guthrieHeber Guthrie and his Down East NC boat-building team will be building a boat at this weekend’s boat show. It’s a 14’ sailing/rowing skiff built of 1-inch juniper boards using traditional methods. The skiff is being raffled off by the Oriental Rotary Club.

New Marine Weather Zones | April 9, 2014
marine weather zones
Effective this week there are now new marine weather zones in our area. Local boaters have always used the Pamlico Sound forecast, but the Pamlico Sound is big – making it difficult to forecast for such a large area. NOAA has a solution, adding new zones. These new forecast zones are now all on TownDock.net. We now have a more specific forecast for the waters off Oriental – the Neuse River & Bay River Marine Forecast.

Pollen Art | April 8, 2014
pollen art Brown Creek
Tis the season. Pollen is collecting on the water surface all over Pamlico County – here, at Brown’s Creek – and creating Mother Nature’s own art work. Some might see a bit of Van Gogh, others Munch or Dali. Last night’s rains could wash still more of the monochrome of pale chartreuse in to the waters. That will be a relief; the pollen’s been thick enough to write in. (Photo: Judi Heit)

Pollen Spelled Out | April 8, 2014
The season we’re in – spelled out.

Cycle NC 2014: At The Top Of The Bridge | April 7, 2014

It’s Oriental’s only hill, but it takes some work to pedal up the Oriental bridge. That’s what the cyclists did Sunday, as they set out towards Arapahoe for the final day of pedaling in Pamlico County. Oriental saw its population more than double with the influx of 1,100 cyclists. Local organizers have sent out a thank you to the people in Oriental and the county and are looking for feedback.

CNC Weekend Dragon Run | April 6, 2014
cnc2014 dragon girl
Oriental’s dragon came out of its lair Saturday night to make a run along the waterfront for the visiting cyclists in town for the Cycle NC Coastal Ride. It was a rare appearance – he usually only emerges at New Years. This morning the cyclists set out on one last day of pedaling the roads of Pamlico County.

Cycle NC 2014 - Hwy 55 Barn | April 6, 2014
cnc2014 old barn
A cyclist returns to Oriental late Saturday afternoon, passing the old barn on Hwy 55 near Merritt. Some cyclists with the Cycle NC Coastal Ride weekend made the long route to Aurora and back while others had done a loop to Whortonsville. Another ride is planned for this last day, over the bridge to Minnesott and Arapahoe.

Cycle NC 2014 - Tarheel Fans on Straight Road | April 5, 2014

Tarheel fans along Straight Road at midday today. 1100 cyclists are taking to Pamlico County roads this weekend as part of the Cycle NC Coastal weekend.

Cycle NC Coastal Ride 2014 - Friday Start | April 5, 2014

Some of the hundreds of cyclists who set out on Mildred Street in Oriental on Friday for the first day of pedaling in the Cycle NC Coastal Ride. In all, about 1100 cyclists are in town for two more days of riding.

Dragon Cyclist Drawing | April 4, 2014

A dragon pedals along Oriental’s waterfront in a drawing by Laura Turgeon. Each of the 1,100+ cyclists in town for CycleNC’s Coastal Ride this weekend is receiving a copy of it, compliments of the Oriental Tourism Board. (The Tourism Board also plans to sell additional copies.) To see more of Laura Turgeon’s work, at TownDock.net’s ‘Drawing The Town’, click here. The cyclists started arriving yesterday.

Cycle NC 2014 - Lou Mac Tire | April 4, 2014

Lou Mac Park, Thursday afternoon, as it was being transformed in to a cyclists’ tent city. It may be the sweetest place to sleep in town for this Cycle NC weekend which is bringing more than 1,000 cyclists to Oriental.

Oriental History Museum Wurlitzer Alight | April 3, 2014

The Wurlitzer jukebox from Red Lees Grill, now at the Oriental History Museum. Progress was made over the winter on its electronics. Now the focus turns to the mechanics of getting the 60 year-old jukebox to play 45’s after money goes in the coin slot. The museum hopes to have it running in time for the Museum’s Street Dance on October 11. More on the story is coming… check back.

Sailboat Shadow | April 2, 2014

In early spring, if a boat’s sail casts a shadow, do groundhog rules apply? Or is spring here to stay? The boat, Three Sheets To The Wind was not living up to its name Tuesday afternoon as the crew brought her down Greens Creek toward the Oriental bridge. Another view of the boat’s passage, here.