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Snowman Melteth | February 26, 2015
snowman melt town dock
The snowman melteth. On the Town Dock in Oriental the snowman built at the far end of the dock on Tuesday was in pieces Thursday morning. Rain mainly took its toll. To see a closer image of the snowman’s demise, click here. Not for the queasy.

Melted Town Dock Snowman In Pieces | February 26, 2015
melt snowman
The snowman at the end of the Town Dock, in pieces. Preliminary forensic analysis: the three-tiered body fell aft and to the right, sometime on Wednesday, and that rain was a factor The orange-tinged eyes, looking a lot like driveway gravel, can be seen to the left. Though suggestive of crime scene tape, the yellow line is the painted alert that one is about to walk too far on the Oriental Town Dock. Foul play is not suspected. (To see details more clearly, click on photo.)

Harbormaster Snowman | February 24, 2015
snowman town dock snow
Oriental gets a harbormaster, for a limited time. The few inches of snow that fell Tuesday led to a snowman at the end of the Town Dock. In foreground a massing that was either an arsenal of snowballs or the start of a more diminutive snowman.

Gas Pumps Go At Town-n-Country | February 24, 2015
town country walmart gas
A crew on Monday took down and away the gas pumps at the Town-n-Country grocery store in Oriental. The store stopped selling gasoline last summer within months of Walmart opening its store and gas pumps a few hundred feet away, just outside the Oriental town limits. Walmart sold gas at lower prices. Town-n-Country owners say they asked a company to take away at the pumps back in mid-summer. Click here for another photo. (Photo: Marshall Tyler)

Town-n-Country Gas Pumps Gone | February 24, 2015
town country gas walmart
The landscape on upper Broad Street changed Monday as the gas pumps at Town-n-Country grocery were removed. The store stopped selling gas last summer after a Walmart store and gas station opened a few hundred feet away. It sold gas at a lower price, (though not as low as at the Walmart store in Grantsboro.) In Oriental, one independently owned gas station remains open at the Mini Mart at Ragan and Broad. (Photo: Marshall Tyler)

Indoor Dragon Boat Racing Without A Paddle | February 23, 2015
indoor dragon boat
In the pool without a paddle. Late in Saturday’s indoor dragon boat racing, to make things interesting, some teams were told to give up a paddle. Marine corporal Clarence Moore still contributed to his team’s effort. A few teams of Cherry Point Marines took part in the event at Village Health and Fitness Club.

Indoor Dragon Boat Race | February 22, 2015
indoor dragon boat
Indoor dragon boat racing at the Village Club pool yesterday. 6 teams competed in what organizers say was the first such race in the US. (For another view, click here.) The event also featured an Asian Lunar New Year dragon run.

Indoor Dragon Boat and Whitewater | February 22, 2015
indoor dragon
Paddlers pulling hard in yesterday’s indoor dragon boat race at the Village Club. Creating some of that white water was Oriental police chief, Dwaine Moore of the yellow-shirted, Gnarly Dragons.

Indoor Dragon Boat Video | February 21, 2015

Today at high noon Indoor Dragon Boat racing comes to Oriental. What will that look like? Well, kinda like the above (it’s a video of an indoor Dragon boat race in Winnipeg, Canada – the inspiration for today’s event in Oriental).

Ice Rabbit | February 20, 2015
ice rabbit
An ice rabbit spotted in the marsh grass at Sea Harbour marina. (Susan Banks photo – who adds “Maybe I am just needing a chocolate fix”)

Happy Chinese New Year 2015 / 4713 | February 19, 2015
dragon & goat
Happy Chinese New Year. It is the year 4713, or the year of the goat… depending how you count it. Today was going to have a dragon run/dance on Hodges, but freezing temperatures have moved the event to Saturday noon at Village Health – the start of Saturday’s Indoor Dragon Boat Festival. Above is an artist’s rendition of what was to have happened… from the drawing board of Laura Turgeon.

Duck Pond and Icy Morning | February 18, 2015
ice duck pond dragon
Oriental’s Duck Pond Tuesday, with the dragon’s nose tellingly pointed in to the northeast wind. The pond-side reeds and shrubs were – like many trees and plants – encased in ice.

Iced Myrtle And Dragon | February 17, 2015
ice myrtle dragon
An icy morning in Oriental. The freezing rain accumulated on a crape myrtle tree near the Wit’s End where the dragon’s breath brought little warmth.

NOAA Weather radar & winter storm | February 17, 2015

Newport NC Weather Radar shows the winter storm.

Malarme - Recital on the River at River Dunes | February 16, 2015
malarme river dunes pamlico musical
A scene from the Malarme Chamber Players performance as seen in the reflection of a window at River Dunes last night (with the waters to Grace Harbor in background.) The Malarme concert with harpsichord and baroque viola and oboe was the first in the new “Recitals on the River” series which aims to bring more classical music to the Pamlico Musical Society’s schedule. Two more recitals at River Dunes are planned in the upcoming season.

Carol Erwin, 1948 - 2015 | February 15, 2015
describe here
Carol Erwin, June 26 1948 – February 15 2015.

From Across The Neuse | February 15, 2015
describe here
Pamlico County as seen across the Neuse from the Neusiok Trail in the Croatan National Forest.

Happy Valentine's 2015 | February 14, 2015
valentine jack
Happy Valentine’s Day from Jack & the TownDock crew. Be a liberated Valentine… go ahead and wear a tea cosy on your head. Carry On.

Cormorant on Navigation Marker | February 13, 2015
cormorant nav marker
An adult Double-crested Cormorant takes a pause on a navigation marker near the Minnesott Beach side of the Neuse River ferry route. The cormorants can be seen in large numbers flying across the Neuse River.

Hull of Stones | February 12, 2015
reflection deatons hull
Stones often served as ballast in Colonial times. Recently in Oriental a boat appeared with what looked to be a hull made of stones. The rainy winter has left many reflecting pools in Oriental, such as this one near the Deaton’s boat yard. (Click on photo for larger view.)