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It's Tuesday June 28, 2016

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Jack, Morale Officer | June 26, 2016

Jack, the TownDock.net morale officer.
Transom: Carolina | June 25, 2016

SV Carolina at Sailcraft Marina. It's a Carolina weekend...
Off Whittaker Creek | June 24, 2016

Boats line the canal between two Oriental boatyards, Deatons and Sailcraft.
Turtle at Village Gallery | June 23, 2016

Turtle in front of the Village Gallery on Hodges Street, though close to the roadway, doesn't venture on to the asphalt. Other, less sculpted turtles are crossing roads in the county these days.
Sabrina Jane & Clouds | June 22, 2016

Oriental's harbor early on a recent day - a massive cloud roils in the distance while a reflection on the water shows others lit by the morning sun.
Strawberry Blond Moon | June 21, 2016

Seen off of Lou Mac Pier Monday night, the rare full moon to arrive on the first day of summer. That last happened in 1967. Kayakers watched the moonrise from the Oriental harbor breakwater while others stayed on land and took it in from sites such as Lou Mac Park.
Bow to Stern Trip To The Bean | June 20, 2016

The young students from the Bow to Stern sailing camp capped off their week with a Friday afternoon sail to Oriental’s harbor and ice cream at The Bean. Their PFD’s were left to dry on the railing at the Town Dock – a common sight on Fridays thru August.

Blindfold Dinghy Race | June 19, 2016

Kristin Collins and Todd Silberman of Raleigh close in on the finish line in Saturday's Blindfolded Dinghy Race at Sea Harbour marina. Strong rowing and naval architecture - it was the only hardsided lightweight dink competing - made for the couple's 2nd win in 2 years.
High Water on H2odges | June 18, 2016

North winds again flood Hodges Street near the Oriental harbor. That meant a balancing act for a Bean customer who wanted a Saturday morning coffee -- and dry feet.
Bristol Channel Cutter Pilothouse | June 17, 2016

There are Bristol Channel Cutters, and there are pilot house boats. Usually there aren’t the same boat. This one is (and looks OK too). Rogue, hailing port Stuart, FL, staying for the night at the Oriental Marina Inn docks.

Novella - Solar Boat | June 16, 2016

Visiting Town Dock is Novella, a solar power boat. Novella started life as a J-29 sailboat. With 2,800 watts of solar on the "bimini", it is pushed by an electric outboard. Gary Minnick is the solo crew. The boat is bound north for home... Long Island.
Cleats at Dinghy Dock | June 15, 2016

Cleats await small boat tie ups at Oriental's Dinghy Dock.
Pat Stith Completes Neuse | June 14, 2016

Pat Stith relaxes at Oriental’s Town Dock after kayaking from Raleigh.

"The Edge" Sailing In The 2016 Hope Regatta | June 13, 2016

The Edge, a C&C 35 captained by Mark Baldridge came in 1st in Jib & Main A in this weekend’s Hope Regatta. (Doug King photo)

Fire Training: Ned Delamar House | June 12, 2016

Firefighters from Oriental’s Station 19 get in some training Saturday at the longtime home of the late Ned and Libby Delamar. The Delamar family made the house available for training several fire departments in the county, ending with Saturday’s intentionally set fire.

A Town Misses Its Ducks | June 11, 2016

Just a couple years ago there were three ducks that lived in & toured Oriental's harbor. They weren't shy. Kinda miss those ducks.
Beautiful Swimmer | June 10, 2016

Most of the turtles we've seen lately do a stiff-hinged stride on their four plodding legs. Then there's the "beautiful swimmer" as Elaine D'Arienzo calls the turtle that showed up in Whittaker Creek's east fork yesterday. It also answers to Chelonia mydas or green sea turtle, which suggests it is a fair ways from home. (Photo: E. D'Arienzo)
Docked Dinghy | June 10, 2016
dinghy town dock
A dinghy from Florida at Oriental’s Town Docks last week.
Delamar House & Fire Training | June 9, 2016
delamar fire training
A big rag doll and fire training. Firefighters with the SE Pamlico Volunteer Fire Dept carry out a “rescue” during training exercises this spring in downtown Oriental. What had been the longtime home of Ned and Libby Delamar has been used for Station 19 training for months. That ends Saturday when the building will be set ablaze and the volunteer firefighters will get a chance to put it out.
Inflatable Deflates | June 8, 2016
DeflateGate hits Oriental. Some boat trips bring, “Mama said there’d be days like this” to mind. This was the scene Wednesday afternoon at the Midyette Street Wildlife Ramp. According to those on the scene, a man had taken his boat out for the first time today when it took on water. The Coast Guard assisted in getting boat and crew back to the ramp. (Photos: Dino Harrell)