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It's Sunday February 1, 2015

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FJ's Waiting | January 31, 2015
FJ sailing dinghies
FJ’s after unloading, waiting for a tow up Smith’s Creek to their new home at Bow To Stern Boating.

Cleat and Line | January 30, 2015
describe here
A cleat at Sea Harbour on Pierce Creek.

Bika's Gaff Rig | January 29, 2015
bika gaff rig
It’s the gaff rig hardware of the stout vessel Bika. Bika and her Norwegian crew are visiting Oriental for the winter…

FJ's Under Sail - More Are Coming | January 28, 2015
FJ sailboats
The temperatures today may not make you think of sailing. So think of July… the Croakerfest Regatta… and FJ’s under sail. There are a bunch more FJ’s coming to town – see below.

Satisfaction | January 27, 2015
describe here
The sailboat, Satisfaction, at Sea Harbour Yacht Club.

Cat on Ferry | January 26, 2015
cat ferry
The Neuse River ferry may not have a catamaran, or even a cat boat, but it does have a cat who hangs out on the Minnesott Beach side. One morning last week it cooly sauntered to the loading ramp to scope out the scene before vehicles rolled on. A ferry worker says there’s a cat who hangs out at the Cherry Branch terminal on the other side of the Neuse as well.

Whittaker Pointe Docks | January 25, 2015
docks  Whittaker Pointe
The docks at Whittaker Pointe Marina.

House Moving | January 24, 2015
house moving
A house on the move Friday on Neuse Drive. Penny and Richard Flaherty are having it moved so they can build another in its place. On Tuesday it’ll be rolled around the corner to its new home on Ragan Road. For the weekend, the house sits at the end of the driveway. Click here to see that view.

House Moving On Neuse Drive | January 24, 2015
house move
When the morning began, the house on Neuse Drive had stood at the lower left of this photo; its attached garage, on the concrete slab. The moving team swivelled the structure 90 degrees so that in 90 minutes it was sitting at the street end of the driveway. On Tuesday the house will take a right and slowly be moved around the corner to a waiting site on Ragan Road.

Lou Mac Pier and Waterfront At Sunset | January 23, 2015
describe here
The Lou Mac pier on Oriental’s waterfront at sunset.

Heron Near Dawson's Creek | January 22, 2015
Heron Dawsons Creek
A heron pauses on the Neuse River near Dawson’s Creek just before sunset Wednesday.

Private Idaho | January 21, 2015
private idaho
Living in your own private Idaho? Private Idaho is living in the Deaton’s boat yard these days.

Pierce Creek | January 20, 2015
sea harbour pierce creek
Pierce Creek as seen from the dock – and a piling – at Sea Harbour Yacht Club.

Yellow Boat | January 19, 2015
yellow hull
A trailered boat awaits a splash.

Fire Dog IV Dalmatian | January 18, 2015
fire dog dalmatian
A pack of dalmatians inside the boat, Fire Dog IV, visiting at Oriental’s Town Dock.

Fire Dog IV at Town Dock | January 18, 2015
fire dog town dock
Visiting vessel, Fire Dog IV, at Oriental’s Town Dock.

Dock Line on Town Dock | January 17, 2015
dockline town dock
Oriental’s harbor. In foreground, dock line from a visiting boat at Oriental’s Town Dock.

Dock Lines in Smith Creek | January 16, 2015
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Dock lines reflected, despite the mist and fog, at a slip on Smith Creek earlier this week. (Photo: Bob Parker) For a view of what was being reflected, click here.

Low Rider on Smith Creek | January 16, 2015
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The boat “Low Rider” at its slip on Smith Creek. (Photo: Bob Parker)

Village Gallery Artists' Show - Caltic Drum | January 15, 2015
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A Celtic drumhead by Tom McElroy is just one of the works by Village Gallery artists that make up a special exhibit from now thru the end of February. An opening reception is happening at the gallery from 2-5p today. (Click here for another view.)