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It's Saturday August 30, 2014

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Riley Jack Sailing Into The Canvas | August 28, 2014
riley marlene miller sailboat
Riley Jack is the name of the sailboat seemingly sailing on to the canvas in a painting by Marlene Miller. Her works can be seen at the Village Gallery on Oriental’s harbor.

Piling At Sunset | August 27, 2014
piling Oriental Harbor Marina
The late sun’s glow ties up to a piling at Oriental Harbor Marina. That sunset is coming earlier and earlier since we’re now closer to the autumn equinox than the summer solstice.

Clouds at Deatons | August 26, 2014
clouds reflection deatons
A large cloud formation reflects in the waters by Deatons.

Cristobal Moves North | August 25, 2014
This is Tropical Storm Cristobal, moving towards the Bahamas today, and then north Tuesday towards Bermuda. It is expected to miss Bermuda, staying west of the island. Cristobal is forecast be closer to Bermuda than our shores. (video provided by NOAA)

Impulse in Channel | August 25, 2014
The sailboat, Impulse, which dragged anchor from Oriental’s anchorage to the channel leading to Pecan Grove Marina on Sunday.

Bogart and The Projector | August 24, 2014
projector history museum
An old movie projector, at Oriental’s History Museum. It’s one of two that were used at Oriental’s Old Theater in the days when films were shown from reels. The museum is looking to sell the 2nd projector, with proceeds going toward ongoing museum operations. For more info, email museum@dockline.net. Another view of the projector and the eyes behind it, here.

Projector at History Museum | August 24, 2014
movie projector History Museum
Another side of the movie projector at Oriental’s History Museum. There are two of the projectors from the movie house that is now the Old Theater. The museum is taking offers on one of them, in order to free up some room for other exhibits.

Three Dollar Melons | August 23, 2014
water melon highway 55 road side stand
A trailer load of watermelons and a money box along Highway 55. Payment was on the honor system.

Audacity - Motor Vessel Dream | August 22, 2014
audacity xenocraft
Audacity. Webster’s dictionary defines it as “a confident and daring quality that is often seen as shocking or rude : an audacious quality”. Audacity is also the name of a local man’s dream for a fuel efficient power cruiser.

Eagle Spotted In Harbor | August 21, 2014
miss kayden
Tranquility harbor, the eagle has docked. This eagle is part of the pilot house design on the shrimp trawler Miss Kayden, visiting Oriental’s harbor this past weekend. (BenCasey photo)

Work Begins On New Deck At The Bean | August 20, 2014
new bean deck
Kent Holde and Bob Wright started work on revamping the side deck at the Bean Monday by taking apart the existing handicap ramp. It’ll be replaced with an elevator, allowing for an 8 foot wide side (flat) deck on the side of the building facing the Duck Pond

Big Cloud | August 19, 2014
big cloud south avenue
A large summer cloud settles over Whittaker Creek channel, as seen from South Avenue.

Bow at Deatons | August 18, 2014
bow reflection Deatons
The bow of a boat is reflected in a slip at Deaton’s.

First Old Front Porch Music Festival | August 17, 2014
First Old Porch Music Festival
At the porch of Oriental’s Town Hall Saturday, organizers of the First Front Porch Music Festival – Leslie Kellenberger and Dottie Osmun – gathered with some of the musicians who’ll be playing on ten Broad and Hodges Street porches on Saturday, September 13. More than a dozen bands are taking part, among them, Harborsounds and the UHOOs, Ed Terry, Bob Jones and the Del Rios.

Sea Harbour Reflections | August 16, 2014
sea harbour mast reflection
Mass reflection of masts at Sea Harbour Yacht Club.

New Oceanis38 Arrives | August 15, 2014
describe shot
Dave Wright of St. Barts Yachts in Oriental helps coax a brand new Beneteau in to its space in the yard Thursday afternoon. The Oceanis 38 had been at the Marion, SC factory just 4 hours earlier.

Trioomph at Town Dock | August 14, 2014
describe shot
The trimaran, Trioomph, which was tied up to Oriental’s Town Dock earlier this week. Trioomph is a 23’ Farrier Trailer Tri 720, plywood and fiberglass construction. And proudly green.

The Thrill Of Victory | August 13, 2014
dragon boat festival 2014
It’s the thrill of victory… Marines celebrate a win in the 2014 Dragon Boat Festival.

Hoop Pole Regatta - Karma Heels | August 12, 2014
sunfish heels
Saturday’s winds had the little sailboats of the Hoop Pole Regatta heeling, including this Sunfish sailed by Karma Williams.

Hoop Pole Regatta - Opti Action | August 11, 2014
opti sails
The Hoop Pole Regatta had 31 young racing sailors competing Saturday. It was an odd day for August – sailors (and spectators) were actually cold. It might have been too windy… more than a few boats capsized… but at the end of the day there were lots of smiles. Above Josh LeRay sails an Optimist Pram right to its limits. Results and lots of photos coming later today Tuesday…