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Blue Line Cleated | March 29, 2015
blue line cleat sea harbour
Blue line cleated at Sea Harbour Yacht Club. (To see the braiding up close, click on image.)

Glint of Sun at Garland Fulcher Seafood | March 28, 2015
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The setting sun’s light zaps off some reflection on a window at Garland Fulcher Seafood. In foreground are nets and gear from the trawlers docked nearby.

Masts and Pink Clouds | March 27, 2015
Masts at Oriental Harbor Marina as sunset backlit some clouds.

SailCraft Reflection | March 26, 2015
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Reflection in a hull at Sailcraft Services yard yesterday as John Hobgood powerwashed a sailboat while it was in the TravLift slings.

Breakwater at Sunset | March 25, 2015
breakwater pilings
Sunset at the Oriental breakwater.

Anne at Oriental Town Dock | March 23, 2015
anne town dock starboard
Anne (pronounced Annie) started life in 1884 as a working sloop in Long Island Sound, and in time was powered by steam, gas and now diesel. After a winter trip down the ICW to Key West, Geoffrey Jones welcomed dozens of passersby to tour Anne at the Oriental Town Dock this weekend. Jones and Anne stopped here on their return trip home to Mystic, CT. Tending to moorings in Mystic is her first job on her return. (For an inside looking out view, click here.) (For larger view of either photo, click on image.)

Anne View of Oriental Harbor | March 23, 2015
anne wheelhouse oriental harbor view
A view of Oriental’s harbor from the wheelhouse of the 131 year old Anne usually docked a few hundred feet from Mystic Seaport. Geoffrey Jones took her down the ICW to Key West this winter — her first time south of NJ, he says — and are working their way north now. Anne and crew, including the Golden Retriever, Reef, were at the Town Dock this weekend and, abiding by the 48 hour rule, have since moved to the Oriental Marina.

Planting The 1000th Tree | March 22, 2015
tree board thosandth tree
On Saturday, the Oriental Tree Board planted its thousandth tree. Ken King, Lynn Kaplan and Bob Miller were part of the the Oriental Tree Board team doing the honors of planting a lace bark elm near the Duck Pond. At the pond-side event, Madeline Sutter was honored for sparking the tree planting and Tree Board in the 1990’s. The Town also received its 20th Tree City USA designation. (For another view, click here.)

Oriental Tree Board and Its 1000th Tree | March 22, 2015
tree board planting
How do you plant 1000 trees? One tree at a time. On Saturday it was a lace bark elm that Oriental Tree Board put in by Oriental’s upper Duck Pond. In 2 decades, the all volunteer Board has put – and maintained – 1,000 trees in public spaces in Oriental. (You’ll see them and their trailer in town often.) From left, Lynn Kaplan, Dick Creighton, Bob Andrews, Ken King (obscured by tree) and Bob Miller.

Piling Reflected | March 21, 2015

abstract piling reflection
A piling, deconstructed by the water’s reflection on Pierce Creek. If you stare long enough, spring may come in to view….

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel Trailer | March 20, 2015
Tonight Friday Flicks at The Old Theater presents “Best Exotic Marigold Hotel “. 7:30p. Your big spending ways won’t get crimped – tickets just $5.50, includes popcorn.

Helping Hands & Free Bird | March 18, 2015
freed bird
A loon was found struggling in a fishing net in the Neuse River near China Grove Monday morning. Some people came to the rescue, cut the net trapping its wings and helped it escape. Reader Betsy Bailey, who sent the photo says, “People need to realize that it is not just fish being caught in nets.” Click here for another image.

Freed Bird | March 18, 2015
freed bird
A loon found struggling in a fishing net on the Neuse near China Grove was set free Monday morning. (Photo: Betsy Bailey) (For larger version, click on screen.)

Invitational Regatta - NCSU Crew | March 17, 2015
sailpack regatta
A crew from NCSU – James Stonecypher and Oriental’s Kara Wheeler – bury the rail in Saturday’s intercollegiate regatta. More photos and the story here on how the NCSU freshman’s query last fall helped spark the 9 school regatta, a first for Oriental.

Oriental Sailpack Regatta | March 16, 2015
sailpack regatta
On Saturday, college sailors competed in the first Oriental Sailpack Invitational Regatta. 64 students from at 9 schools took part. More photos coming. (Click on image for enlarged version)

Love Letters | March 15, 2015
love letters old theater
A scene from Love Letters at Oriental’s Old Theater this weekend. At the heart of the play is 50 years of correspondence between 2 childhood friends. All the action – and there is a lot – comes from the reading of those letters Here, Per Erichsen and Gail Vergato bring to life the letters later in the characters’ lives.

Sailors Training | March 13, 2015
training collegiate regatta
Nine college sailing teams are in Oriental Saturday for an intercollegiate sailing regatta. It may be a rainy experience. Three of the teams got in a few days of clear weather sailing this week; they used their spring break to train out on the Neuse. Their boats: the Flying Junior fleet out of the Bow to Stern Boating Center.

College Sailing Teams Train | March 12, 2015
intercollegiate training sailing
Lots of FJ’s out on the Neuse this week as sailing teams from three schools train for this Saturday’s Intercollegiate Regatta. The teams from NC State, Syracuse and New York’s Merchant Marine Academy were sailing out of the Bow To Stern Boating Center. (Tap on photo to enlarge.) For another photo from Wednesday’s training, click here.

Collegiate Sailing Training | March 12, 2015
collegiate training sailing
Two members of the NC State Sailpack take their FJ sailboat under the Oriental bridge and out to the Neuse for Wednesday’s training. Sailing teams from three schools are in town this week training for Saturday’s Intercollegiate Regatta.

Collegiate Sail Training | March 11, 2015
stairs styronton
Collegiate Sail Training on the waters off Oriental today. Three schools are on spring break sail training this week, NC State, Syracuse and the Merchant Marine Academy (from New York). More college teams will show up Saturday for a regatta.