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It's Tuesday September 1, 2015

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Eroica Through Town Dock Railings | August 31, 2015
eroica boat town dock
Boats at Oriental’s Town Dock aren’t always entirely visible, from say, your car seat as you drive down Hodges Street. Sometimes, you just have to get out of the car to see. For which you’‘ll be rewarded with a view such as this one, Friday night.

Eroica at Town Dock | August 31, 2015
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Vantage point: looking overe the railing at the end of Oriental harbor, along the Hodges Street bulkhead. On Friday night, ‘Eroica’ graced the Town Dock.

First Light South Avenue | August 30, 2015
south ave sunrise light dog walk
Saturday’s dawn sheds first light on the South Avenue waterfront.

Town Beach, Don't Go In The Water | August 29, 2015
town beach
Oriental’s Town Beach just after sunrise today. State officials yesterday advised against swimming in the water. That’s because 15,000 gallons of untreated sewage flowed into Whittaker Creek in Thursday’s monsoon rains. One of 2 signs put up by the Town may be more easily read by clicking on photo for larger version.

Erika Wind Predictions | August 28, 2015
erika wind predictions
Your blood pressure can go down a notch. We can’t say Erika won’t visit, but it looks less likely this morning. The forecast track is trending west & inland.

Keep Calm And Boat On | August 27, 2015
keep calm and boat on
It’s the message from the Provision Company on Hodges Street.

Dog Day - Jack | August 26, 2015
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Every Canis lupus familiaris has its day, but today being National Dog Day, all of them get some recognition. On behalf of dogs everywhere, Jack suggests giving a good long pat on the head, and a Milkbone or three. His private wish, maybe not keeping the dog waiting so long during a photo shoot. (Click here for Jack’s tips on how to snag treats from bi-peds.)

Dog Day - Jack Tilting Tips | August 26, 2015
How To Win Milkbones and Influence People? On National Dog Day, Jack shares some tips. Though he has been known to ‘snout’ the knees of bipeds, it’s mostly the steady stare and tilt of the head – at least 20 degrees – that win the day and the treat. Leaning more often to port, he says a starboard heel will do too. Jack also notes that humans may find the head tilt useful in their daily lives. The knee snouting, less so.

Oriental Harbor Last Light | August 25, 2015
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Oriental’s harbor Monday night, with the last light of the day.

Drone View Of Oriental harbor Marina & Greens Creek | August 24, 2015
drone view oriental harbor marina
A “drone’s eye view” view of Oriental Harbor Marina and Greens Creek. (photo by Chris Mojica piloted drone)

Karen Van Gamper: Oriental Harbor Town Dock | August 23, 2015
karen van gamper harbor
Boats docked at Oriental’s Town Dock, with the Garland Fulcher Seafood building in the background. The scene is captured by Karen Van Gamper, one of the artists whose work is on display at the Village Gallery.

NOAA GOES Satellite View | August 22, 2015
Goes 13 Satellite view
This is the view early this morning from NOAA’s GOES 13 satellite. It doesn’t show Hurricane Danny (the storm is still east of this photo’s coverage). See… Danny is really far away. You’ll be fine. Nice view of a good lookin’ planet. Click the image for big picture goodness.

Looking Forward To The Front Porch Music Festival | August 21, 2015
front porch music
We take a break from high strength hurricane watching… and look forward to the 2015 Front Porch Music Festival Saturday Oct 17. Above from the 2014 festival – a jam session on Marsha’s Cottage porch.

GEFS Model Storm Danny Forecast | August 20, 2015
storm danny GEFS
What is Danny gonna do? The official NOAA forecast shows Danny heading west into the Caribbean. Looking farther ahead requires some more daring forecast models (the educated guess mode). Above is the GEFS “Probabilisitic” forecast – The Global Ensemble Forecast System (GEFS) is a weather forecast model made up of 21 separate forecasts. For the official National Hurricane Center track click here.

Far Away Danny From Space | August 19, 2015
storm danny
Hey. That’s our planet. The man on the moon view (ok, satellite) shows how far away Tropical Storm Danny is. Danny is heading west though…

No More Hurricane Parking At Station 19 | August 18, 2015
parking fire station
Cars, campers and trailered boats have ridden out hurricanes on the higher ground around the Station 19 fire house on Straight Road. No more. The fire department says it needs the area clear for staging, such as for helicopters which need the grassy lot behind the station for emergency medical transport. Under this new policy, unnauthorized vehicles parked during states of emergency such as hurricanes will be towed from both Station 19 and the substation near River Dunes.

Dragon Boat Race 2015 - Knights & Masters | August 17, 2015
dragon boat 2015
Winners of the 2015 Oriental Dragon Boat Race on Saturday, the Knights from Williamston’s Riverside High. They’re shown here just after the race in which the Knights came in first, with Oriental’s Dragon Masters finishing second, less than 2 seconds behind the teenagers.

Knights Win Dragon Boat Race 2015 | August 16, 2015
dragon boat
At the finish line in yesterday’s Oriental Dragon Boat Race at River Dunes as the Knights baseball team from Williamston’s Riverside High crosses just ahead of Oriental’s Dragon Masters (in red.). Deaton’s Draggin’ Tails took third. Fourth was the River Dunes home team competing this year. 15 teams competed with military teams in a separate division. (Click here for photo.)

Marine Winners 2015 Dragon Boat Race | August 16, 2015
dragon boat race marine
The winners in the military division of yesterday’s Oriental Dragon Boat Race at River Dunes. The team Salty Serpents posed for a photo and then bestowed an honor on one of their own, courtesy of a styrofoam chest, being deployed, here.(And here.)

Marine Winner 2015 Dragon Boat Race - Part II | August 16, 2015
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A watery salute delivered, if not precisely.