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It's Friday July 31, 2015

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Yellow Chair, Lou Mac Park | July 29, 2015
lou mac chair
One of the Adirondack chairs at Oriental’s Lou Mac Park. A riverside seat gives a place from which to watch the Neuse, or to daydream of heading out to the Sound and beyond (and properly keeping that green marker to your starboard arm rest…..)

Sue Henry Boat & Reflection | July 28, 2015
sue henry painting boat reflection
A boat and its dockside reflection, in a painting by Oriental artist Sue Henry. It’s one of her many works on display at the Village Gallery. This one is in the Miniature Fine Art room.

Dragon Boat Practice in Harbor | July 26, 2015
dragon boat harbor trawlers
The crew on Oriental’s Dragon Boat began this Sunday morning’s practice with a quick spin in Oriental’s harbor which was lined with shrimp trawlers in for the weekend. The dragon boat team practices every Sunday morning and Thursday evening on nearby creeks – that’s where the dragon boat was headed after its turn in the harbor. The annual Dragon Boat Race is coming up in mid-August at River Dunes.

Dragon Boat Practice - Leaving Harbor | July 26, 2015
dragon boat gods grace
The dragon boat and crew pass the bow of the wooden trawler, ‘God’s Grace’, on leaving Oriental’s harbor and on the way to more practice on Smith Creek.

Heron in Dink | July 25, 2015

An early arrival for today’s NSA Dinghy Poker Run keeps an eye out for card sharks. Or more likely, mullet. The Neuse Sailing Association’a 9th annual poker game involves 7 dinghy stops to build a hand and starts at 2p. Proceeds go to the fire department.

Trawler Moon Shadow | July 24, 2015
trawler moon shadow
The wooden trawler, Moon Shadow at the docks of Garland Fulcher Seafood.

Whittaker Point Morning Light | July 23, 2015
whittaker point oriental
Some sun did break through the clouds near Whittaker Point this Thursday morning.

Karen Van Gamper: Oriental Harbor Birds | July 22, 2015
painting roofless harbor
Oriental harbor scene of birds perched near the roofless building at the Point Pride seafood plant. The painting is by Karen Van Gamper, whose works are on display at the Village Gallery, also on Oriental’s harbor.

Transom: Indigo | July 21, 2015
transom indigo
The sail boat, Indigo, on the hard at Deatons.

Red Line | July 20, 2015
describe here
Red dock line at a slip near Oriental’s School of Sailing.

Trawlers At Garland Fulcher | July 19, 2015
wooden trawlers oriental
Wooden trawlers at the Garland Fulcher Seafood docks on Oriental’s harbor on Sunday morning. They’d been dockside over the weekend after unloading their hauls from last week.. Across the harbor, larger trawlers, made of metal, were at the Point Pride docks for the weekend as well.

Trawlers At Point Pride | July 19, 2015
trawlers chris fulcher
Trawlers lined up at Chris Fulcher’s Point Pride for the weekend. By law, shrimping trawlers have to have their nets out of the water between roughly sunset on Friday and sunset on Sunday.

History Museum Fishing Display | July 18, 2015
describe here
A display at Oriental’s History Museum. Today the Museum celebrates 10 years of presenting the town’s history. There’s a party from 2-4p and ice cream. You’re invited to stop by and see how the museum has grown.

Bear Talk: Officer Kennedy Contact Info | July 17, 2015
wildlife officer kennedy
Daniel Kennedy, NC Wildlife Resources officer for Pamlico County gives his contact info after a talk about bears with more than 40 residents Thursday night. He says he often has to tell people, “It’s okay, it’s a bear, just leave him alone.” Bears, he says, will generally run away from humans.. so long as they haven’t learned that humans’ homes and yards can be a food source. That’s why it’s important to remove smells and foods that would attract a bear.

Talking Bear | July 17, 2015
describe here
Talking bear last night at the Florence-Whortonsville fire station. NC Wildlife officer Daniel Kennedy told the audience that bears go where they smell a potential meal, and that cleaning grills after every use, a weekly bleach spray in trash cans, not putting out bird feeders were big steps to take to make a bear stop coming to your yard.

Transom: Dancin' Bear | July 16, 2015
transom bear
A boat in the yard at Sailcraft, the first local sighting of a dancin’ bear. Oriental, Merritt and Pamlico County have seen foragin’ bear, bird feeder bendin’ bear, propane grill sniffin’ bear and porch visitin’ bear. With all that activity in the past 2 months, a state wildlife officer gives a talk about the black bear tonight in Florence.

Steamer Oriental | July 15, 2015
describe here
The Oriental, the steam-powered ship that sank off of the Outer Banks in 1862 – and decades later gave our town its name. Another date in history comes up this weekend. Oriental’s History Museum marks its 10th year with a celebration that is open to the public.

Cemetery Goose: Hula | July 14, 2015
cemetery goose
Aloha. The Oriental Cemetery Goose dresses for our heat wave. (Another view, here.)

Cemetery Goose: Hula & Cornfields | July 14, 2015
cemetery goose
The Oriental Cemetery Goose surveys the corn fields across Silverbrook Road.

HarborCam Monday | July 13, 2015
Confirmation – town is still there.