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OYC dinghy dock
A boat at Oriental’s dinghy dock, with OYC and the masts of its sailboats in the background.

Thursday July 30, 2015

4:49p Oriental has an interim mayor. Warren Johnson was elected in a 3-1 vote of the Town Board earlier this hour at the Board’s agenda meeting. Johnson, a former Town Board Commissioner will serve until December. He will complete the term of Bill Sage who resigned earlier this month.

Commissioner Barbara Venturi who was mayor pro tem had been carrying out the mayor’s duties before today.

Commissioner David White made the motion to make Johnson the interim mayor. Commissioners Venturi and Sandy Winfrey also voted for Johnson. Larry Summers did not.

10:03a Wow, but July’s slipping past quickly.

This afternoon, Oriental’s’ Town Board meets for an agenda meeting, the prequel to next Tuesday’s regular monthly meeting. Some interesting bits on the advance agenda. One: a discussion on appointing, officially, an interim mayor now that Bill Sage has resigned.

Another item: unsealing of minutes from closed door meetings where the Town Board discussed the land swap on the harbor with Chris Fulcher. These meetings date to January 2012 and have been sealed since then. Unsealing the minutes may shed light on what was said and how things were negotiated.

More on today’s meeting, here.

Today’s meeting is open to the public, as all meetings technically are…

Tuesday July 28, 2015

Wee bit of a chance of showers this afternoon. Otherwise an upper-80’s kind of summer day. The Oriental Weather Forecast has highs of 89 straight thru next Monday. 50-50 chance of rain Friday and Saturday.

The song, “Summertime,” has the fish a-jumpin’ this time of year. Fish, we’ve got – check – but this summer they are not the only wildlife out there. Some days, it seems we’re living in an episode of Wild Kingdom.

There are, of course, as reported here, the bears a-foragin’. Rabbits seem to be popping up in town in greater numbers than other summers. And squirrels (aka: rats with fuzzy tails) are in abundance. Too much abundance for some likings. Brunswick stew, anyone?

If you’re noticing wildlife out of the ordinary, do drop a line here.

The Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest is looking for some more roots-style musicians to play at this October’s fest. Got a front porch you’d like to be a stage? They need them too… Details, such as how to get in touch with the fest, are here…..

Looking for a deal? Maybe you need a diver? A rowing shell? A job as an accountant? TownDock Classifieds have been busy…

Sunday July 26, 2015

Somehow, we’ve gotten ourselves a beautiful summer weekend in Oriental. Clear skies, temps in the relatively moderate 80’s.

If you’re the sensitive sort, finely attuned to just a couple of degrees difference in temp — or if you psychologically just feel cooler if the high for the day starts with an “8” and not a “9,” then you’ll appreciate the coming week’s Oriental Weather Forecast. 89 degree highs right across the board.

Saturday July 25, 2015

We get a great summer Saturday weatherwise… Highs only in the mid-80’s and no rain are in the Oriental Weather Forecast

In What’s Happening. there’s the NSA Poker Run this afternoon. Tonight, Dale’s walkin’ and talkin’ ghosts on his ghost walk,. you can bless your bike later today. And visit the open house at Pamlico Community College this morning thru mid-afternoon.

Friday July 24, 2015

As if we didn’t get enough rain yesterday, more could fall today. But no rain’s in the Oriental Weather Forecast for the weekend. Tomorrow, actually, looks like a perfect summer day.

Just when you thought the bears might have retreated to the woods.. there was an apparent visit in town on Ragan Road a few nights ago.

Walter Lane says that on Tuesday morning, he found his compost container upended and the chain link gate to the back yard twisted. Walter lives on Ragan right near Link and a mere block from the Neuse.

This bear visit to Walter Lane’s yard underlines what NC Wildlife Officer Daniel Kennedy said last week in his talk in Florence – that bears will seek out yards where they smell a meal. And once they suss that yard can be a food source, they will return. The point, says the Wildlife officer, is to remove the potential lures, whether you live in a subdivision in rural Merritt or right in relatively more urban Oriental.

Here in town, we may be advised to lock down those composters — and definitely don’t put any melon bits or rinds in there cos it’s like crack to a bear. Don’t hang a bird feeder this time of year – it’ll become a bear feeder. Be a bit more mindful about the food waste you put in the outside trash bin in this hot weather..

As the wildlife officer stressed, the bear’s just looking for a meal and doesn’t generally pose a threat to humans or pets. That happens only when the bear feels cornered or threatened itself. The chances of that, though, increase the more the bears feel they can forage in our midst.

Thursday July 23, 2015

Rain a good possibility today, and high of only the mid-eighties. Woo-hoo… about the seemingly moderate temps, we mean. It’s here in theOriental Weather Forecast.

The 2015 season of the Children’s Theater Workshop is wrapping up this week. Tonight at the Old Theater, students are “sharing” what they’ve learned. Their performance is open to the public. Showtime, 7p. Free, but donations welcomed (to keep the student fees low..)

If you’re wanting something participatory – and if it i’n‘t raining tonight – the Drummin’ Dragons drumming circle will be at Lou Mac Park…. They have some extra drums if you want to sit in. Dancin’ happenin’ too…

Speaking of participatory… Oriental’s Tree Board has some openings and is looking for volunteers. This is the group that you see trimming trees in Oriental’s parks and along the sides of the streets.

If you like being outside, like seeing the results of your efforts and if you don’t join committees cos long meetings drain your soul, the Tree Board may be your ticket.

Tree Board chair Bob Miller says:

We have a short meeting​ once a month, and spend our time planting and caring for trees. A member does not need to have a background in horticulture, but having an interest in trees is essential..

If you’re interested in serving on the Tree Board – or any of the other volunteer boards with current openings (click here for the list) – contact Town Hall at 249-0555.

Wednesday July 22, 2015

An impressive thunderstorm late last night. It cooled the night air and lo-and-behold, this morning we have a string of days ahead with temps in the 80’s – not a 90 among them – says the Oriental Weather Forecast.

Today’s Dock Quote touches on one aspect of the weather these past few weeks.

More evidence that it is summer…the fish are really jumpin’, which you can see down along the South Avenue waterfront some mornings. (Summer aside, bigger fish are likely a contributing factor…)

In What’s Happening, we have, weather permitting, the Wednesday night sail boat race, and at the Silos, it’s open mic night.

Tomorrow night, students in the Children’s Summer Theater workshop show off what they learned. That’s at the Old Theater.

Also, Thursday night means the drummers’ circle’s in action at Lou Mac Park. You may hear a drum before then. Thursday evenings at 5:30p Oriental’s dragon boat team practices its paddling style. You are welcome at both.

On tap this weekend, on Saturday, there’s NSA’s Dinghy Poker Run in the afternoon while Saturday night, Dale’s leading a ghostwalk.”:happening/oriental-ghost-walk

Tuesday July 21, 2015

10:57p We are getting a serious thunderstorm this hour. There was reverberatingly strong crack a little while ago, seemingly a block or three from the Duck Pond. And a second not so far from the harbor a while after that.

The sky’s still roiling and rain’s falling — and all of this has sent the temperature down at 8-10 degrees in the past hour.

Radar suggests the thunder part of this may be over soon…

6a Got a kayak you’re not using anymore? Sure, you might make an out-of-the-ordinary garden planter from it, but you’d have to ballast it when hurricane waters come to your yard.

Another solution would be to donate your kayak to Sound Rivers. Rather like the give-a-car-to-public-radio campaign, on an Oriental level.

Creek Keeper Bill Hines with Sound Rivers has been evangelistic about getting people to try paddling on local waters. He has a small fleet of kayaks but could use more in order to loan them out for the trips he leads up area creeks.

“If you have a kayak that you are not using and that is taking up space,” Bill says, “consider donating it to Sound Rivers.” (Sound Rivers is the new merger of the Neuse and Tar/Pamlico Riverkeepers.)

“You can take a tax deduction and also when you would like to go kayaking you can borrow a boat. It’s a win-win,” says Bill. Just call him at 571-0264. He can pick up the kayak you no longer want.

Another day of stay-inside-if-you-can. The
Oriental Weather Forecast has highs in the 90s and a Heat Advisory after 1p today. The heat index – 108. That’s some heavy duty humidity kicking in. Hydrate. Think cool…. Come out when it’s time for your pizza dinner tonite….

Monday July 20, 2015

11:20a Three months from now — hopefully a cooler time — the Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest returns to Oriental after its magical first run last fall. For 5 hours, on October 17, some porches in Oriental will become in to stages for musicians.

Organizers are busy planning it now and are calling out for porches, musicians and (for the marketplace to be set up) artisans. Got a porch in Oriental that they can use?

The story and how to offer your porch or your musical chops, right here.

In other participatory news, a fund has been set up on behalf of Eric Kindle.

The Oriental resident and paramedic was off-duty when a 911 call of a potential drowning came in near his business after midnight on July 5. He went to the scene. Asked to move the ambulance from one side of a building to another, he clipped a parked pickup truck’s fender. Lawmen on the scene had him take a Breathalyzer test and charged him with DUI which has had the effect of sidelining him from responding to calls.

His case – and track record as a paramedic – has sparked many Letters to the Editor. A fund has also been set to help defray his legal fees. (It is said that any money left over would go emergency services in the county.)

There are two ways to give. On-line, one may contribute via the Gofundme site. Or, contributions may be made to the “Eric Kindle & Pamlico County EMS Drive” and presented at or mailed to: First Citizens Bank, 409 Broad Street, Oriental, NC 28571

6a Take care about your outside activity today. The
Oriental Weather Forecast has our high near the mid-90’s on the thermometer and, combined with the humidity, a heat index of 106. Hydrate and stay cool…

Coming up in a bit – more details on the 2nd Annual Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest and how you can take part, whether you want to offer your porch, your performance or sell your art work.

And another story: a legal defense fund’s been set up for Eric Kindle. We’ll have those details too… stay tuned.

Sunday July 19, 2015

High in the low 90’s today. The Oriental Weather Forecast puts it even higher tomorrow.

Back in the winter — remember that season and its gelid cold? — there was a beans-and-rice dinner at Oriental’s Methodist church to raise funds for a clean water project in Nicaragua. Laurie Sampson’s son, Rob was a volunteer with that project and the money helped buy a dirt bike so he could reach more villages. Rob is in Oriental this weekend and speaking at the 8:30 and 11a services about his experiences in Camoapa, Nicaragua. (And he’ll be at the fellowship hall between services.) All are welcome to attend.

Saturday July 18, 2015

A beautiful Saturday, smidgen of a chance of rain. This afternoon, Oriental’s History Museum serves up ice cream and cake as it celebrates 10 years. That’s from 2-4p. From 3-5p, Nautical Wheelers hosts a wine tasting. Look for everyone out front at 411 Broad.

On our ballots in November, Oriental will have 7 candidates for Town Commissioner and one for mayor. That was the tally when the two week official filing period ended yesterday at noon.

There are 5 commissioner seats. All of the current town board members — Charlie Overcash, David White, Barbara Venture, Larry Summers and Sandy Winfrey — are seeking re-election. Two candidates new to town politics, Gwendolyn Gibbs and Allen Price are seeking seats as well.

The sole candidate for mayor – on the ballot – is bank manager Sally Belangia. Barring a successful write-in campaign, the mayor’s position would appear to be her’s come December.

In Arapahoe it’s a different story. No one has stepped forward to run for Arapahoe mayor, so the Elections Board voted yesterday to extend the filing period one week – til next Friday – in hopes someone will step forward to run. They’re also short one candidate for the Town Board.