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south ave sunrise light dog walk
Saturday’s dawn sheds first light on the South Avenue waterfront.

Saturday August 29, 2015

1:04p Full moon tonight, which you may have had some advance word about. The new info is that there’ll be a group of kayakers going to see it from the waters off of Oriental. (Though not near the Town Beach….)

Sound Rivers Creekkeeper Bill Hines is among the folks leading the way and sends this general invite.

We are going out for a full moon paddle tonight. We’ll be meeting at the Wildlife Ramp at 7:pm getting on the water to watch the sun go down and then the full moon rise. I’ll have extra boats/paddles/vests available if folks would like to join us. We’ll be out a couple of hours but won’t go very far past the breakwater and probably a tour of the harbor. I’ll have extra flashing lights for people to wear for safety.

So there you go. A sunset and a moon rise. How cool is that? If you need more info, call Bill at 571-0264.

8:51a Gorgeous weather for the weekend. Highs in mid-80’s today and tomorrow and nary a mention of rain in the Oriental Weather Forecast.

You may, however, see some Lightning. Lightnings, plural, actually. Sailors from the Southeast Lightning District are in town for their regional regatta. They raced here in Oriental last year and returned to the Neuse River waters for this year’s. (You’ll know the sailors by their green bracelets.)

Still more sailing coming up in next few weekends. Greens Creek Challenge is next Saturday, September 5. The Oriental Cup Regatta comes the following weekend, Sept 11-13 (Click on the links for registration forms and more info.)

Golf clubs swinging and brooms a-sweeping this morning.. OWC is holding its charity tournament at Minnesott Golf and Country Club. Over at the Old Theater, it’s cleanup day. Still time to pitch in at the theater. More details, here.

Friday August 28, 2015

5:40p Tropical Storm Erika’s track has pushed further west. The other good news is the storm is about to weaken as it passes over the Dominican Republic and then Cuba. Erika is now NOT expected to reach hurricane strength. It now appears very unlikely that we will be effected by Erika. The Piedmont of North Carolina may see some Erika remnants next week, late Wednesday or Thursday. Erika won’t be a tropical storm by then… but could be plenty wet.

Tropical Storm Erika Tracking Chart
Tropical Storm Erika Forecaster’s Discussion & Computer Models
Tropical Storm Public Advisory

1:00p You don’t want to be swimming at the Oriental town beach.

Yesterday’s monsoon overwhelmed the Bay River Metro Sewer District System pumping system and 15,000 gallons of untreated sewage went into Whittaker Creek – instead of down the pipeline toward treatment. (The pump on Neuse Drive near the town beach reportedly was also releasing waste into the nearby creek.)

It’s been noted that there was so much freshwater, freshly fallen from the sky, that that nasty stuff was diluted. OK, somewhat. But not to the point of being beyond concern.

Against that backdrop and eeeeewww factor, comes this advisory from Town Hall:

The Recreational Water Quality Section of the Division of Marine Fisheries will be publishing a Press Release at some point of today, but called Town Hall to relay to us that swimming at the Town Beach is unadvisable in the wake of the BRMSD spill yesterday. They will NOT be coming out and putting up signs saying so. WE will post a sign at the beach.
12:09p Town Hall says it has enough to pick from and is no longer taking applications for that office job mentioned here yesterday. “A number of the applicants stopped by because of seeing it,” says Heidi Artley.

They “hope to hire someone in the very near future.”

If you’re looking for a job, there are some other opportunities. Check out the employment section at TownDock Classifieds.

6:01a Straight Road commuters will want to take another route today. State DOT crews plan to replace an under-the-road drainage pipe near the Bent Tree Landing entrance.

Alvie Lee, NC DOT’s Road Maintenance Supervisor for Pamlico County says the pipework will start circa 8a and should be complete by the time school buses return students home around 3p.

But look for some more delays on Straight Rd next week. Lee says DOT is resurfacing Straight from Moores Corner at Hwy 55, all the way – several curves later — to Browns Creek Rd.

Good news re Tropical Storm Erika – the forecast track is trending west and inland into Florida. That’s good news for us… not so good for Florida.

After yesterday’s heavy rain (6 to 8 inches at area locations) the ground would be unable to absorb new moisture. A storm now would be dangerous timing. Here’s hoping Erika’s more western track continues and we get a pass.

Thursday August 27, 2015

5:14p The latest update on Tropical Storm Erika @ 5p has the storm landing in southern Florida, and then heading up almost directly parallel with the Florida coast. The storm is expected to reach hurricane strength Sunday… just as it hits Florida. If the track takes Erika our way (very possible) right now it would seem a Wednesday arrival.

Tropical Storm Erika Tracking Chart
Tropical Storm Erika Forecaster’s Discussion & Computer Models
Tropical Storm Public Advisory

4:22p Tonight’s Dragon Boat practice (scheduled for 6p at the Wildlife Ramp) has been cancelled – too many paddlers couldn’t make it.

12:31p There have to be better ways of watering the garden… Get this, almost 8 inches of rain since midnight.

When we say ‘almost’ we mean it was 4/100ths of an inch shy of 8 inches. 7.96. 8. Bottom line: it’s all very wet in town today..

It’s also rather busy in Oriental and the county this afternoon and evening. Your Oriental Town Board meets this afternoon for its agenda meeting. At these monthly workshops, they go over the agenda for their upcoming meeting on Tuesday, though sometimes they vote and take action, as last month when the Board chose an interim mayor at the agenda meeting.

On the agenda this month, lots of minutes of meetings to go over, and the offer to the town of 5 acres of land – some of it rather low – at the headwaters of Camp Creek. Mtg is open to the public. Starts at 4p. Link to background documents is here.

This evening at the Pamlico library, the newly formed Sound Rivers gives a presentation about the Neuse River and presents the library an archive of more than 3 decades of stories about the Neuse River Foundation’s work trying to protect it. (NRF merged in the past year with the folks keeping watch over the Tar and Pamlico Rivers and together they are now, Sound Rivers.)

Dragon boaters practice their stuff around 6ish, and welcome newcomers to the sport. And if the rains hold off tonight, the drummers’ circle does their thing at LouMac Park. (They’ll decamp inside if it’s rainy…) All the details are in What’s’ Happening

9:31a It’s been over an hour with no rain, but radar’s indicating that we could see another bout coming soon. Our first chance to dry out may come this afternoon, but looking at all the lakes and ponds that have formed in the low lying parts of Oriental, that drying out’s gonna take a while.

7:55a Oriental is monsoon central this morning. Over 6 inches have come down since midnight, a level this writer cannot recall outside of hurricane conditions. Check out HarborCam and see the result. Winds from the northeast (not high winds – just 10-15) are making the levels even higher.

7:10a No chance of sleeping in this morning with all that action on the roof. Rain’s been pounding for the past hour. Buckets of rain, you say? It’s been more like shipping containers. Over 4 inches of rain overnight.

6:39a Looking for a part time job? Oriental Town Hall is looking for an office assistant. It’s about 24 hours a week.More details here.

The turn north on Erika’s projected track is beginning to cause concern. Erika remains at tropical storm strength (50 mph currently), but is expected to become a hurricane in about 4 days – just as the storm would be reaching Florida. When and how much Erika turns north will determine whether the track comes our way.

Tropical Storm Erika Tracking Chart
Tropical Storm Erika Forecaster’s Discussion & Computer Models
Tropical Storm Public Advisory

Wednesday August 26, 2015

6:50p Phew, late this afternoon a few dark clouds opened and inside of an hour, 3/4 of an inch or rain fell. The deluge is past us now, and frogs are bleating. This rain and the half inch that fell before midnight last night make for some really moist ground…. and – SLAP – the mosquitoes that breed there….

12:10p A time to appreciate our quadruped friends. National Dog Day is upon us. It’s not quite, Take A Dog To Work Day – though come to think of it, that already happens in a few workplaces in Oriental.

Dog day of August weatherwise. Last night’s rain and the spritz this morning make it steamy. There’s the promise of relatively cooler, mid-low eighties temps in coming days, but also, that skosh of a chance of rain.

If you go to the Old Theater for performances, you have a chance this Saturday to give back and help primp the theater. Saturday’s the annual cleanup day. Like costumes? Sorting thru them is one of the jobs to be done. More here.

Tuesday August 25, 2015

7:06a Upcoming for your calendar: Heartworks Harborfest @ River Dunes, Sept 18-20.

Tropical Storm Erika has formed. Erika is in the central Atlantic about 800 miles east of the Leeward Islands. The forecast track will take Erika just north of Puerto Rico and west towards the Bahamas.

A plurality of the computer models suggest Erika would then head north, staying offshore. While positive (from our perspective) that far out is uncertain… we’ll have a clearer forecast track view in a few days. Erika is expected to reach hurricane strength by late this week.

A 40% chance of rain today and for the next few days. Some welcome cooling, mid 80s highs starting Wednesday.

The next few names (after Erika) for the 2015 season have some Otown familiarity… Fred, Grace & Henri.

Monday August 24, 2015

1:52p The new issue of Cruising World (September) has an article called “Sailing South: Inside Route Past Hatteras.” Glad to see Oriental included in the story:

The writer is Tom Zydler. The article states “Tom & Nancy Zydler cruise the East Coast of the Unites States and Canada aboard their Mason 44, Frances B.”

FYI, a Mason 44 draws 7 feet.

11:15a Sayonara Danny. The system is now classified as “remnants”. Humiliating for a storm with aspirations.

8:46a Happy Monday. Yeah, really. Come on.

Danny downgraded to a tropical depression this morning … the system will fade away in the next few days. Meanwhile, a new storm will likely develop later today in the far east Atlantic. The next name on tap: Erika. It is way early to be certain, but initial indications are that Erika would get to the Caribbean and head north – staying out to sea. The future storm is more likely a threat to Bermuda to our shores. But… it is early.

Thanks to Oriental visitor Chris Mojica (Chris comes down from the Triangle) who provided today’s cover photo. Chris and his video / photo drone take some great shots of the area.

The cover photo shows where tonight’s Open Sailing will pass by on their way to the waters of the Neuse. Open Sailing is getting sailors (and would be sailors) out – and actually sailing.

About 90 today, 20% chance of rain.

Sunday August 23, 2015

7:09a Perfect summer day ahead… sunshine upper 80s.

Danny lost more steam overnight, now a tropical storm with about 40 mph winds. The storm is expected become post tropical and dissipate by mid week.

Saturday August 22, 2015

8:32p Danny weakening quickly… now downgraded from a hurricane back to a tropical storm.

7:10a The Danny News: Hurricane Danny lost a little steam overnight – now a Category 2 hurricane with 100 mph winds. Danny will continue to weaken over the next several days. By Sunday morning Danny should be a Category 1 75 mph system. By the time the storm reaches Puerto Rico (Tuesday) and the Dominican Republic (Wednesday) Danny will no longer be a hurricane – degraded to a tropical storm. It should turn into a post-tropical cyclone just after that. Danny doesn’t appear headed our way.

The storm season is young. There are a couple potential systems out in the Atlantic. One is just south of Bermuda – it could bring us rain but nothing severe. The other is just off the coast of Africa… lots of time for agonizing anticipation.

Hurricane Danny Tracking Chart
Hurricane Danny Forecaster’s Discussion & Computer Models
Hurricane Danny Public Advisory

Meanwhile, clear skies & highs near 90 today & Sunday. Enjoy.

Friday August 21, 2015

2:23p Hurricane Danny is now a Category 3 storm. But there is good news mixed in with the bad news – from the National Hurricane Center a few minutes ago:


Reports from a NOAA Hurricane Hunter aircraft indicate that Danny is now a Category 3 Hurricane on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale. The maximum winds are estimated to be 115 mph with higher gusts.

No additional intensification is expected, as Danny is moving into an area of unfavorable upper-level winds, and a weakening trend is expected to begin later today. Consequently, no adjustment to the forecast intensities from the previous advisory is required.

It is frightening for the eastern Caribbean, but Danny is still forecast to weaken to Tropical Storm strength in 3 days, and weaken further after that.

8:06a The 2nd Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest is coming together for Saturday, October 17. You can help make it happen in a lot of ways.

The organizers are right now looking for sponsors — you can sponsor a stage – you can sponsor the concerts at the end of the day. Bunky, you can even sponsor a port-a-john (perhaps a truly unique gift for a loved one). Sponsor form is here.

Also for sale right now are buttons for $5. Wear one to show you pitched in — and advertise the festival. They’re for sale at Nautical Wheelers.

And yes, if you’re a musician who wants to play on a porch … or if you want to offer your porch as a stage, drop the festival a line. All the details are here.

OK. About Hurricane Danny. Danny continues west towards the Caribbean – expected to land at Puerto Rico Late Monday / Tuesday morning. The good news is the storm is forecast to weaken back to a tropical storm before hitting Puerto Rico. It is then expected to further weaken and ultimately dissipate.

Hurricane Danny Tracking Chart
Hurricane Danny Forecaster’s Discussion & Computer Models
Hurricane Danny Public Advisory

Thursday August 20, 2015

1:45p Seemed hot lately? The numbers confirm it. NOAA announced today that July 2015 was the hottest month they have ever recorded:

The combined globally averaged temperature over land and ocean surfaces for July 2015 was the highest for any month since record keeping began in 1880. The first seven months of the year (January–July) were also record warm for the globe.

Here is a link to the complete story from NOAA.

11:36a Updated info @ 11a has Danny stronger than earlier forecast. The storm has been upgraded to Hurricane Danny. The forecast still is for Danny to weaken back to a tropical storm in a few days.

Hurricane Danny Tracking Chart
Hurricane Danny Forecaster’s Discussion & Computer Models
Hurricane Danny Public Advisory

11:03a The Heartworks Harborfest is coming up in just a few weeks, on September 18 & 19, with art and music and whole-family activities at River Dunes. Proceeds go to the Heartworks youth center in Bayboro.

Harborfest is a new entry in the Oriental calendar of fundraising events, and as a newbie, Harborfest could use some more volunteers to help pull it all together. There’s a meeting for would-be volunteers, this afternoon at 2:30 at Heartworks.

8:06a Carbon copy of yesterday’s forecast is ahead – 50% chance of rain and high near 90.

Danny is still forecast to become a hurricane over the weekend, but perhaps not until Sunday. Then the storm is expected to promptly weaken back to tropical storm levels as it passes near Puerto Rico.

Wednesday August 19, 2015

7:35p No significant change in Tropical Storm Danny’s forecast track today. It is still too early to get a grasp on the ultimate track as it gets closer to the US. A couple of the computer models (there are many) suggest a track that would get sent north and stay away from our shores. Here’s hoping that may develop.

Danny is still expected to reach hurricane strength by Saturday.

6:26a Danny boy. Damn Danny. Danny phraseology will get tested as he moves west. It will be a few days before a clearer track (clearer from a US east coast perspective) is forecast. Meanwhile, Danny is strengthening, and likely to be at hurricane strength late Friday or Saturday.

Tropical Storm Danny Tracking Chart
Tropical Storm Danny Forecaster’s Discussion & Computer Models
Tropical Storm Danny Public Advisory

A classic summer 50% chance of rain today, highs near 90. The weekend looks dry – highs again ‘bout 90.

As you wait and see what ol’ Danny Boy is gonna do… you might give some thought to where you’ll park your car to avoid rising flood waters. In the past, you could drive over to the Fire Station 19 on Straight Road and if you got there in time, put your car on the high ground there.

But as we learned this week, that’s no longer an option. The story is here.