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Cindy and Truitt Ray rode a subtle entry in last July’s Croakerfest Parade, when pirates was the parade theme. This year, Croakers in Coral is the theme – coral being the 35th anniversary gift for the fest that got its start in 1980. Whether your float is subtle or not so… there’s still time to register and be part of the parade.

Wednesday July 1, 2015

Happy July to you — and Happy Canada Day, too.

Focussing less globally and more locally… the countdown’s on to Oriental’s Croakerfestival this weekend.

You too can be part of Saturday’s parade. Coral — the stuff that grows underwater — is this year’s theme.

No, Bunky, it’s not because Oriental is occasionally underwater. Croakers in Coral’s the theme cos this is the 35th anniversary of Croakerfest and coral’s what you give on such an occasion. You are of course, allowed poetic license with the theme, so have at it.

There is a semblance of order to our parades, and Paul Fairbanks is the guy who runs the show. He’s the one you register with. Wanna be in the parade? Better Call Paul. 249-1211..

The Oriental Weather Forecast has that hot-with-chance-of-thunderstorms forecast stretching out for days on end. Give it points for consistency — rain in the afternoons. That’s good news for the Saturday morn parade, not so good for the Friday afternoon baking contest-pagaeant-community band-chorale Croakefest kickoff.

But hey, you have some foul weather gear, doncha, sailor??

One update on yesterday’s update of the Merritt bear story. Jim Root reports that his neighbor – whose propane grill cover was shredded by a bear — discovered something else: smudges that appear to bear nose marks on the glass doors leading in to the neighbor’s house. As if the aromas or drippings of grilled-meals-past were no longer enough……..

Coming up… more photos from Saturday’s Cardboard Boat Race.

Tuesday June 30, 2015

From the wilds of Merritt, an update on the bear-on-deck.

Jim Root reported two weeks ago about the bear coming on to his porch to track down a bird feeder that’d been brought in from the yard for safekeeping. The other night in Merritt, the bear was back.

You can read that update, here.

One takeaway from the Merritt bear encounters is that no scrap or scent of food can be left on decks and screened porches.

Another upshot: Propane grills may require more attention. (So much for ‘seasoning” the actual grill.) You might also want to check those propane tanks and turn the knobs to Off.

Reader Vicki Carlisle meanwhile reported seeing what looked like a youngish bear crossing Hwy 55 near Dollar General last week and oroceeding into the thicket between two nearby homes.

What’s not clear is whether this is one bear getting in a lot of Pamlico County travel, or multiple bears with predilections to seek out food left by humans.

Given all the bear activity both in Oriental and in neighborhoods in the county in the past two months, you have to wonder: will bears become an unofficial theme in Saturday’s Croakerfest parade? A burger-flipping-bear? Parade-meister Paul Fairbank is looking for entrants in the parade. Give him a call at 249-1211 to register.

We are a bit belated in this but we can’t let June slip in to July without noting that Oriental has lost two more dogs.

Earlier this month, Ellie Mae, Karen Prince’s dog, passed away. You may recall being greeted by her from her cool garden on First Street.

And Ginger, the dog with perhaps the smoothest, softest, most-groomed coat in town, died this spring. More than a decade ago, Ginger was very much a stray, cowering under the porch of the Old Hotel when Ken King found her and took her home. Since then, they’d take long walks through town, with stops at the hardware store where she’d catch treats – in mid-air – that were tossed from behind the counter.

Condolences to both Ken and Karen. Losing a pet hits you harder than you expect, as if a family member had passed on. Or as Karen Prince put it, “sometimes, even more so. They’re the ones you tell your deep secrets to.”

Monday June 29, 2015

How about this cooling trend? Cooling being a relative term. (C’mon, at least it’s not 95….) High in mid-80’s in today’s Oriental Weather Forecast

Croakerfest is coming up this weekend, kicking off Friday with the baking contests, pageants, Pamlico Community Band and the Chorale. Saturday’s the parade — which you can still enter, Bucky — and the food and amusements and festival at Lou Mac Park.

There’s action out on the water on Saturday, too with the 2015 Croakerfest Regatta, an ever-bigger small boat race. It’s become yet another attraction to watch from the Lou-Mac waterfront. Here’s how to be part of it…

Sunday June 28, 2015

Hot again today. Upper 80’s the high in the Oriental Weather Forecast Back in to the 90’s in a couple of days.

One way to cool down of course is to take a dip in the water. A bunch of folks did that — unintentionally — at yesterday’s Paradise Cove’s Cardboard Boat Regatta, when their homemade vessels failed to maintain positive floatation.

On one level it was a race against the clock; on another, a race against total saturation of the cardboard. Duct tape proved to be a wise component and did show up in great use on the top-placing boats. More photos coming….

Radio, radio…. The amateur radio operators are encamped on Neuse Drive sending out signals for the annual wide-ranging field tests. You can stop be and see what it’s about…

Saturday June 27, 2015

There will likely be a thunderstorm coming through the area today – 70% chance. But we do get to enjoy some less hot temps… highs in the upper 80s/near 90 today through Monday.

Hopefully the weather cooperates with the Cardboard Regatta today @ Paradise Cove. If it is stormy for a while it should blow through, and the deck of Paradise Cove (with a beer) is a fine place to wait out the weather.

On the water light winds this morning, but look out for up to 20 mph winds (and a Small Craft Advisory) starting later this afternoon.

Thursday June 25, 2015

1:34p That bill to create a new boatowner fee is attracting some attention. The Coastal Waterways User ID Number would be mandated for many boats in eastern NC, and yearly fees would go to pay for ocean inlet dredging. It’s unlikely Pamlico County would see any of that money for dredging projects here. This has sparked a Letter To The Editor.

6a Pssssttttt. How about springing for a firework at Croakerfest? All you have to do is pay for it — you don’t even have to schlepp to a roadside stand to buy it – and the fine folks with Croakerfest will be happy to set it off for you on July 4th here in Oriental

Here’s the deal, Oriental’s annual summer fest is just over a week away. Now in its 35th year, it needs some help in paying for the big fireworks display. All that flash in the sky and bombs bursting in air cost a lot of money — thousands and thousands of bucks.

Happily the Croakerfest organizers have come up with a way of letting everyone have a chance to pay. You can sponsor an individual firework for as little as $15. That’s buy you one “Crackling Gold Dragon Eggs With Crackling Tails” or a big blast with a 5” caliber shell For $45 there’s even more bang for your buck, with “150 Shot Blue Tail Comet to Golden Glitter Crown.”

There’s a bunch more to pick from at the Croakerfest website which makes it easy to choose and pay. They also welcome contributions to pay for other aspects of the festival…

Wednesday June 24, 2015

Hang in there. A few more days of the heat wave and then, late this weekend the Oriental Weather Forecast says the wave will ebb. In the 80’s in a few days…. That’ll be some relief.

Tuesday June 23, 2015

Another boat tax is working its way thru the NC Legislature. Many owners of boats in Pamlico County would pay yet likely see no benefit locally as all the money raised would go to dredge ocean inlets. The story is here.

Sunday June 21, 2015

No break in the heat wave. Mid 90’s today and tomorrow. Heat index tomorrow could be up to 108 says the Oriental Weather Forecast.

Summer’s here. If the heat wave of the past few days wasn’t signal enough, it’‘s official with the Solstice today.

Yesterday was the Summer Solstice Sailstice Regatta, and one observer notes that out on decks of boats that 90 degree heat really underscored the “longest” in this “Longest Day” race.

A doldrum-y start but there was eventually some wind and 16 boats and crews did finish the race. Here’s how they stacked up:

1. Bottle Rocket
2. Vector
3. Bewitched
4. Stimulus
5. Nevermoore
6. Nova Carina
7. Long Run
8. Jorum
9. Orion
10. Short Cut
11. Cielo
12. Legend
13. Wind Melody
14. Heron
15. Lansa
16. LADY K
DNF Pollwog

Friday June 19, 2015

Highs of 91 today and tomorrow. Factoring in the mugginess, and how hot it’ll really feel, the Oriental Weather Forecast says the heat index for today is 102, and 106 tomorrow.

Sunday’s the official summer solstice. Summer 2015 is coming in like a lion.. but even the big cat’s gotta be moving slowly in this heat.

And just think about Pamlico’s Visiting Bear in that heavy coat….

Up at the legislature, the move is on to charge boat owners another fee/tax to finance dredging of NC’s ocean inlets. You may recall that 2 yrs ago, lawmakers passed a big spike in boat registration to pay for that ocean inlet dredging. As was the case with that tax hike 2 years ago on the thousands of boats in Pamlico County, it appears that none of this new tax’s money will come back to dredge anything here.

The Coastal Waterways User Identification Number is what this one’s called. It’ll mean a second line of numbers on boats 24 feet and longer. Got a 24-foot boat? This new fee will set you back $70 or so. A 40-foot boat? $200. Every year. This in addition to that registration tax hike of 2 year ago.

This is now in the Appropriations Bill as the lawmakers draw up the state budget. Boat US says that if passed, this will mean NC charges the most in the country for owning a recreational boat. It’s urging boat owners to contact their legislators to vote against it.

In What’s Happening, there’s lots on tap this weekend. The Summer Sailstice Regatta is out on the river and sound tomorrow. Nautical Wheelers is serving up South African wines at its monthly wine tasting tomorrow afternoon — in the shade of the front porch and crape myrtles.

On the tee out at Minnesott, the US Open is the latest installment of the Majors at Minnesott. And tomorrow night, Dale’s leading a Ghost Walk

Thursday June 18, 2015

Another day, another bear sighting. This one a bit too close to home for a Merritt couple. The bear came right on their deck…