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Wednesday September 28, 2016

7:27a It’s a clear morning, but there’s a 50% chance of rain today (this afternoon).

Of course, using complex math, that’s a 50% chance of no rain.

On the water, light NW winds today will clock around, becoming south / southeast for the rest of the week.

Tuesday September 27, 2016

5:10p A tropical depression will likely be declared later tonight or Wednesday. From NOAA/NHC:

Reports from an Air Force Reserve reconnaissance aircraft indicate that the tropical wave located about 300 miles east of Barbados does not have a closed surface circulation. The system is producing winds to near tropical storm force and the thunderstorm activity continues to show signs of organization. Conditions are expected to be favorable for development, and a tropical depression or tropical storm is likely to form tonight or Wednesday.
Click here to see the early computer models on this likely tropical storm. Those models have the storm heading our way.

5:06p A lot of water in the news today.

A recent NC State Court case is changing how Pamlico County (and likely the Town Of Oriental too) charges to hook up to the water system. Currently, if you wanted to hook up to Pamlico County Water there is an approx $700 Tap fee, plus a $500 Capital Reserve fee. That Capital Reserve fee, also termed an impact fee, appears to be no longer legal. The county today put out this press release:

Pamlico County Water System recently learned of the N.C. State Supreme Court case, Quality Built Homes Inc. v Town of Carthage, that ruled counties and municipalities do not have the authority to charge impact fees relating to future water system improvements.

Staff members are reviewing the court decision to determine the effect on the Pamlico County Water System and any actions necessary. More information should be forthcoming in the following weeks. Customers with questions may contact the County Manager’s Office at (252) 745-3133.

County Manager Tim Buck tells TownDock.net “We’re still figuring out what this means. There could be a change in the Tap fee coming soon.”

The press release is here.

3:34p How ‘bout some networking? The Business Expo & Job Fair is 4-7p today @ PCC’s Delamar Center. Admission is free.

3:29p New Bern’s Mumfest is every October. This year the Oriental Tourism Board will display there. Carol Mabe writes in:

The Oriental Tourism Board is hosting a display at New Bern’s Mumfest October 8-9 to promote getting more visitors to Oriental. We will be providing materials from the town such as our Oriental brochures and town maps locating our businesses and sites; but also want to include specific materials from any of our business owners and special event chairs for display and distribution. Attached is a doc inviting participation.
Click here to see more information about Oriental’s participation in Mumfest.

3:14p Update on the Oriental water situation. While Town Hall waits on state approval to turn the water plant back on, Town Manager Diane Miller tells TownDock.net that the Greensand (see info below) really is green sand. TownDock’s investigative team made further enquiries:

TownDock: But it isn’t green.
Town Manager: But it is green sand… each particle of it is encapsulated by the other material (which makes it black)… so under that black exterior, it is green sand. Kind of like M&Ms is chocolate.
TownDock: Jack would need to see some busted up.
Town Manager: Alas- all contents labelled greensand have been emptied into their respective filters.
TownDock: Hmmmmm.
Town Manager: I haven’t seen it either… but ALLEGEDLY… it’s in there.

7:29a Oriental water has been a bit odd for a few days. On and off a bit stinky.

The town has just had the filter material replaced at the water plant. But it isn’t back online yet. From Diane at Town Hall:

town hall signWe have had several complaints about the smell of the water over the weekend and into today. We are still on Pamlico water. We have received this morning a good test result back and have filed it with the state to get approval to put our system back online. As soon as we get that, we will be turning off that connection and going onto Oriental water. It is currently out of our control, but we hope to be back on Oriental water by Wednesday and then it will take a few days to have our lines completely converted.

The new filter material (it is a specialized fine sand) should mean clearer water, water that is less likely to create water stains over time. Better tasting? Jack is hopeful.

The filter material is called Greensand. We heard “green sand.” But is isn’t green sand – it is stuff called Greensand. It isn’t green. Or sand. It is defined as follows:

Manganese Greensand is formulated from a glauconite greensand which is capable of reducing iron, manganese and hydrogen sulfide from water through oxidation and filtration.

Looks like this:

Water is now filtered through a giant container of Greensand at the Oriental water plant. Stand by for Perrier on tap…

Monday September 26, 2016

7:51a Joy. Sorrow. It is all in the story of Macnab, a 28’ cutter. See The Shipping News…

The brewing tropical wave (Invest 97) east of the Caribbean is likely to become a storm in the next few days. From NOAA/NHC:

Showers and thunderstorms associated with an area of low pressure located about 1100 miles east-southeast of the Windward Islands continue to show signs of organization. Environmental conditions are expected to be conductive for development, and a tropical depression is likely to form around mid-week…

6:24a It’s almost October. We were just getting almost comfortable that the storm season may have missed us.

The tropical wave (Invest 97) that will likely become Tropical Storm Matthew now has computer models indicating a bounce north:

These early models are not conclusive (this is not yet a declared storm), but they do show that this next storm needs watching.

Sunday September 25, 2016

3:31p Kinda sorta still high water. 1 1/2 ft high at the Oriental Level Gauge. It appears even a bit higher than that at the harbor. Hodges Street is wet:

7:33a You’re waking up a bit slow there. Cloudy/lazy high 70s/near 80 today.

North winds have water levels about 1 1/2 ft above normal. It’s enough to almost cover Hodges Street near the harbor. Drive slow unless your vehicle was wanting a salt water bath.

Those northeast winds will stay with us today, 10-15 knots on the Neuse. Winds back from the south by Monday night/Tuesday, and those water levels will be back down.

On the Atlantic, storm Lisa (who stayed at sea in the far east Atlantic) has fizzled out. Karl is on his way north and to ultimate oblivion. Karl is in the middle of the Atlantic, but his latitude is now about the same as New Jersey. His winds sound kinda whiny.

The tropical wave moving west now has some computer models tracking it – it is Invest 97. When/if this becomes a storm it will get named Matthew. Initially, models show the future Matthew staying well south of us.

click either image for larger view

Saturday September 24, 2016

8:19a Today is The Kitchens Of New Bern Tour – it’s raising money for the Food Bank Of Eastern NC, which also serves Pamlico County. You tour around and stop in at, what we must assume, are some of the fancier galleys in town. More info here…

Meanwhile, back here in the big town, it’s wine tasting time at Nautical Wheeler’s porch on Broad Street. Tastings at 3 & 4p today. Something Soave from Italy will be on tap. Elmer, you look like you need a little Soave.

Poker. Golf carts. They are somehow combined today at Minnesott.

Tropical Storm Karl visited Bermuda overnight. The system is now leaving the Island – see Bermuda Weather Radar.=

Another potential storm is out there:

A tropical wave, accompanied by a broad area of low pressure, is located south of the Cabo Verde Islands. This disturbance is expected to move rapidly westward across the tropical Atlantic Ocean at 20 to 25 mph for the next several days. Environmental conditions are expected to become conducive for gradual development, and a tropical depression could form while the system approaches the Lesser Antilles and moves into the Caribbean Sea by the middle of next week. The system has a 50% chance of forming in in the next 5 days.
click image for larger view

Friday September 23, 2016

1:33p A bit of history about the old Pamlico News building on Broad that came down today. Sarah Winfrey writes in:

That building was built around 1915 and was the Oriental drug store and doctor’s office. Many things have been there over the years. The right hand side was a shoe shop run by Mr. Ben Roebuck and later a beauty shop operated by Mildred Erwin. The left hand side was a barber shop for Mr. Roy Harper. Cindy Sawyer had a florist on I think the right hand side for a while as well as Ned Delamar Jr. had an insurance office there. The Wits End spent a little time there, as well as a hat shop. The back section served as a day care in the late ’80s. The building also served as the town post office and telephone office many many years ago.

12:17p The old Pamlico News building on Broad Street has been vacant since it was flooded during Hurricane Irene in 2011. In the past week it has been slowly demolished. The front finally came down just a few minutes ago:

Here is the building a week ago, awaiting its fate:

9:45a Karl is back at tropical storm force. Real tropical storm – 60 mph. Bermuda is getting hit by Tropical Storm Karl late tonight and early Saturday.

9:40a Front Porch Music is coming to Oriental October 15. You can get listed in the program – if you act now. From the Ol’ Front Porch Music crew:

The Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival is making a last call for festival sponsors to be listed in its program. As a Sponsor you help make the Music festival happen. As well as the headlining performers there is printing, advertising, rental of golf carts and port-a-potties etc. (there is no admission charge to attend the festival). Anyone wishing to support OFPMF and be listed in the program should send checks to Dottie Osmun, P.O. Box 445, Oriental NC 28571 for receipt by Monday September 26.

9:29a Some actors say a dangerous stunt is the hard part of doing a movie. Tonight’s Friday Flick has a different hard part. Jean White writes in:

As an interesting fact about tonight’s Friday Flick, Russell Crowe learned to play the violin in 3 months from Australian Chamber Orchestra leader Richard Tognetti, and he referred to it as “the hardest thing he’d ever done for a film.” Paul Bettany on cello, too, of course!

Thursday September 22, 2016

4:52p Doh! We shouldn’t have said anything earlier. Now there is a tropical wave just leaving the coast of Africa. From NOAA NHC:

A tropical wave moving off of the west coast of Africa is expected to move rapidly westward across the tropical Atlantic Ocean at 20 to 25 mph for the next several days. Environmental conditions could be conducive for some gradual development of this system early next
week. Formation chance in the next 5 days, 20 percent.

8:09a From the perspective of life at latitude 35N, longitude 76.7W, it is a quiet weather morning.

Out on the Atlantic two storms that are forecast to stay at sea. Karl might rain on Bermuda. Lisa is just bothering shipping. No prospective tropical waves building (the genesis of a new storm).

We are getting beyond the historical peak hurricane season for 2016. That doesn’t mean something can’t brew, it is just getting less probable. Late season (October) storms have also historically been more likely to visit Florida than the NC coast.

Some scattered showers may visit today, but a sunny dry 80s weekend is ahead.