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The bright lights of shrimping trawlers keep Oriental’s harbor lit on weekend nights. (Photo: Dori Arrington)

Saturday July 30, 2016

In case you were wondering, no, no cooling temps today. (But it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?) Your Oriental Weather Forecast brings us more of the same – highs in low 90’s and chance of thunder and rain.

This is the kinda weather that takes it out of you. But then, we are still in those dog days of summer. If you go by how much longer the dog star, Sirius is sharing the same patch of celestial real estate with the sun, the dog days stretch on for almost 2 more weeks. Just sayin’.

But Parrothead Regatta sailors aren’t letting the heat stop ‘em. The Buffeteers are sailing in from New Bern, water canon, waterballoons at the ready, today. (The Oriental Town Docks are reserved for this group of visiting sailors.)

Friday July 29, 2016

4:17p When you see all those shrimp boats in the harbor, that means fresh shrimp are in town.

At Garland Fulcher Seafood on Hodges St, Buddy has fresh shrimp. Medium size. Big size. You choose. Fresh off those trawlers. They have bigggg fresh shrimp.

10:48a While the Parrothead Regatta sails into town Saturday… another summer regatta is coming up.

It may be warm, but ODC is sailing. Oriental Dinghy Club’s Dragon’s Breath Regatta is next weekend, Aug 5 – 7. It’s two days of sailing on the Neuse, Saturday night entertainment & dinner. Details here.

And yeah, it is warm. Another mid 90s day with heat index numbers into triple digits. It cools a littttllle bit for the weekend, highs low 90s.

Find some shade.

There is a chance of thunderstorms Saturday, but the Parrothead Regatta will get a cooperative wind forecast Saturday – light south winds pushing the boats to Oriental.

Tonight, Steel Shot plays @ The Red Rooster, and Rep. Speciale holds an Open House at the Pamlico Courthouse in Bayboro. It’s all in What’s Happening.

Thursday July 28, 2016

7:19a NYRA’s Parrothead Regatta. Heat. Water cannons. Libations. Saturday they sail from New Bern to Oriental. Saturday night, NYRA invades Oriental. Sunday, return.

From NYRA Commodore Mike Afflerbach:

Join in the fun in the FREE race/cruise/party as we head to Margaritaville/Oriental! Bring your Parrothead gear and water cannons, pistols, balloons (with appropriate launching devices) and prepare to attack and repel other Pirates of the Neuse (and take a few water shots yourself). Anchor out, or reserve a slip afterwards in the Oriental harbor and join us for FREE grog and snacks. After the social, hit the nightlife in Oriental.

The Town Docks will be reserved (as per Town Council) for NYRA boats for a raft-up Saturday afternoon onwards AND that we would find free slips tie-ups Friday evening at Blackbeard Sailing Club (just contact BSC Commodore Eddy Parker) if there are some Oriental boats who want to come up river to spend the night or just stage themselves to set up to come back Saturday as part of this free race.

6:16a It’d been more than a week and a half since we got any rain. So it was welcome, that inch and a half of rain last night. We could hope that would cool things down today, but the
Oriental Weather Forecast suggests otherwise. High mid 90s.Heat index 109.

Wednesday July 27, 2016

3:35p From Town Hall:

Bay River Sewer will be closing both ends of Church Streettown hall sign from Highway 55 to Midyette Street for a sewer repair Thursday July 28 at 7:30am.
Residents that reside on Church St. will have access to their homes.

1:11p Now online, video from the Grand Opening ceremony and the ribbon cutting. It was all this morning, 9a at The Piglet.

11:20a And a new chapter in Oriental begins. The new Piggly Wiggly opened a few minutes after 9:00a this morning, following a Grand Opening ceremony attended by 200 plus. TownDock.net streamed the event – it was watched online by 949 viewers across North Carolina and the country.

The store is getting universally positive comments by all who have seen it. Billy, forgive this writer for mentioning another brand, but it’s like a cross between a Piggly Wiggly and a Harris Teeter. All fit in a Piglet sized building. Owner Billy Flockhart listened to what people wanted in an Oriental store, and then delivered even beyond that.

Take a look inside.

The live stream video isn’t yet available for viewing after the event, but we’ll figure that out today and have it online later this afternoon.

Meanwhile, Oriental is a bit better place today than it was yesterday. Well done – to the entire Piggly Wiggly staff.

6:32a Stand by fellow Orientalians. It’s smaller than a satellite truck. It sits on a tripod. And somehow live video happens. Live coverage of the Piggly Wiggly Grand Opening will be online this morning on TownDock.net.

Here is the morning schedule:

  • 8:45 – bagpipe music by Tom White
  • Wendy Osserman dancing to music throughout the morning.
  • 9:00 – Ribbon cutting ceremony: Billy Flockhart
    • Comments by Oriental Mayor Sally Belangia
    • Raising of the flag and horn music.
    • Comments by Doug Sligh, Oriental Food Initiative
    • Comments by the Pamlico Chamber of Commerce
  • 9:30 – 10:15 music by Ken Belangia
  • 10:30 – 11:15. music by Bob Jones
  • 11:15 – 12:00. DJ music by Cheryl Thompson
    The music is being made possible by the folks from the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival (coming Oct 15).

We’ll have live coverage of the opening ceremonies. Then we’ll be getting out of the way – so you can shop.

Hot day ahead. Mid 90s. Heat index pushing to near 110. Might be a nice day to hang out in the Piglet Beer Cave.

Tuesday July 26, 2016

11:57a A follow on yesterday’s Shipping News about a sailor from the remote Falkland Islands buying a boat here. He is now sailing 9600 miles home to the archipelago at the 52nd Latitude. A Letter to the Editor picks up on the idea of very few degrees of separation between Oriental and such places.

7:40a News from the Piggly Wiggly. Billy Flockhart reports that the gas pumps will not be open until Friday (he is really unhappy about this). They had to have a total rewiring from Walmart proprietary setup, and there have been state inspections, etc. It may be a day or two, but gas is coming to the Piglet.

Meanwhile (the important part)… the grocery store will be open as planned tomorrow.

6:47a A Heat Advisory in the forecast again today. Yesterday was hot, but not as hot as feared (high 93 and heat index about 100). Mid 90s forecast for today, likely ending up about like yesterday (maybe a bit warmer). A chance of rain tomorrow afternoon, but the morning should stay dry for the Piglet Grand Opening.

The Grand Opening is at 9a, with music and down home stuff starting up 8:30~ish (latest details confirmed today).

The Grand Opening will be televised. TownDock TV will be in action, live video streaming the opening right here on the home page. Senior Management is grumbling about the video bandwidth charges, but dang, we’re doing it.

Monday July 25, 2016

7:27a Hot ahead – Heat Advisory in effect today. Temps into the mid 90s, and heat index numbers getting up near 110.

This morning the crew of Fiddler’s Green is several hundred miles east of Bermuda, bound for the Azores. They report no wind, having to motor in rolling seas. Short of a circumnavigation, it is a voyage like no other we’ve seen undertaken from Oriental.

Here’s a link to their current position.

Sunday July 24, 2016

On July 15 three men departed Oriental onboard a 37 ft sailboat. Their voyage: sail to the Falkland Islands.

That’s a 9,600 mile sail.

This is a story with a classic Oriental zero degrees of separation coincidence, a steel boat built in 1979 now just getting its second owner, and a reallyyy long sail.

Fiddler’s Green is in The Shipping News.

You’ll notice a not too subtle countdown clock at the top of the page. We’re counting down to Wednesday July 27, 9a. That’s when Oriental gets its grocery store back…. Grand Opening at the new locally owned and operated Piggly Wiggly.

Saturday July 23, 2016

Gracious, where did the cool of the morning go to? 80° and not even 8:30a yet. Highs in the low 90’s, heat index 102. Take care outside today.

This weekend’s big event is NSA’s Dinghy Poker Run. Got a dink? If so, you can be dealt in..

Friday July 22, 2016

2:20p You may have started to see them around town — buttons for the 3rd Old Front Porch Music Fest in October. They’re both commemorative and a way to raise funds for the grassootsy music fest. Last year’s had a guitar, this year’s features a banjo. button ofpmf $5 gets you one button, $20 buys 5. They went on sale today at these fine emporia: Provision Co, Marsha’s Cottage, Nautical Wheelers, Village Hardware. Some of the folks you see wearing the buttons may be selling them, too. Just ask, or contact Leigh Price 919-219-2446 or Donna Luh 249-1190 for more info.. and mark that calendar for October 15, ‘kay?

7:02a It hit a cool low of 71 overnight, welcome relief in July (step out… it feels great outside). Evening lows will get back closer to 80 over the weekend though… with daytime highs in the low 90s.

The Piggly Wiggly countdown is underway. The Grand Opening is next week, Wednesday July 27 9am. TownDock.net will stream the Grand Opening live – right here on the home page. Oriental getting its grocery store back is a big deal for town.

TownDock.net has had a preview tour of the store. The “Piglet” has a broader variety of goods than have been available before in our town, ranging from classic inexpensive grocery items to premium and organic goods. Angus beef. A massive (well, for Oriental) selection of wines and beers. Owner Billy Flockhart has listened and stepped up (stocking this store had to be big $). We think you’ll be impressed.

Coming later today (OK, over the weekend) a Shipping News that covers two hemispheres. Stand by…

Thursday July 21, 2016

9:48a Meals on Wheels, which delivers lunches to the elderly, could use a bit of help. State funding has been cut, but the need has not. Result: 14 seniors here in the county aren’t getting the lunches. MOW is seeking financial donations and looking for volunteer drivers. Click here for more details.

8:04a Sleep well? You can thank the 72° temps last night. Your Oriental Weather Forecast has more of the same tonight. Daytime temps in the upper 80s today. Low tonight 71. It’s thermally exciting.

This Thursday evening has a few things going on. At the Old Theater tonight, the young actors of The Children’s Theater Workshop show what they’ve learned. PCC has its 3rd Thursday jam session at the College.

Also in What’s Happening…. at 5:30 the Dragon Boat club practices. Drummin’ Dragons play in Lou Mac at 7. Both welcome you to join ‘em.

Coming up this Saturday, NSA’s Poker Run, in which the waters around Oriental are one big card table and you dinghy to 7 docks and pick up a card at each.. It’s a fundraiser for Hope Clinic.

From its founding a decade ago, Oriental’s History Museum has had a collection of artifacts – shards both man-made and natural — culled from the river and creeks. This summer an archeologist, Leslie Mead, is ID-ing them and re-doing the display. For that, the museum needs a bigger shelf of glass or plexiglass. Maybe you have one?

Wednesday July 20, 2016

10:45a Oriental is often touted as having more boats than actual residents. We also seem to have a lot more bicycles per capita than most communities, which got us thinking the bikes and the people who ride in our small town them deserved some more attention.

That’s why TownDock is rolling out a new column today.
It’s called, Spokes. Most installments won’t be nearly as long as today’s, and they will be about much more more typical (and easier) bicycling. Sometimes “Spokes” will be about fancy $ bikes, but it will also cover rusty village single speeds… simple bikes that work for Oriental.

This first edition of Spokes is about Chuck Lee and his very special recent accomplishment – he pedaled across the USA in less than a month. Chuck did the 2016 TransAm BikeRace in just 29 days. Here is his story.

6:28a The Old Front Porch Music Fest is a little under 3 months away – October 15. More than 2 dozen music groups have signed up to play on porches around town and once again, the Carmonas are in concert at the end of that afternoon.

Organizers need some help with pulling this all together. First, porches in the Old Village are needed. Got one out front where a musician or four could play? If you aren’t in the central part of town and still want to support the OFPMF, you can be a sponsor. Details on how to do that are here.

Tuesday July 19, 2016

There is excitement in town because 24-hour signs are up at the Piggly Wiggly re: gas (and bait).

Not quite yet. That all starts on the grand opening day – Wednesday July 27, 9am. It may look like the store is open today… you’ll see a parking lot full of cars. It’s new employee training all day at The Piglet – the store isn’t open yet. It all starts Wed July 27. 9a.

Store owner Billy Flockhart would have liked to open the gas pumps by now, but he told TownDock.net that they had to be re-wired (from proprietary Walmart wiring), and that means a new state inspection before they can be used. July 27 is the date when the store opens. After that, the gas pumps will indeed be open 24 hours a day.

Monday July 18, 2016

2:58p New today in Go Local: Marsha’s Cottage is holding a Summer Sale, and at The Provision Company Pat salutes summer with new fresh produce, fresh meats, wine & beer.

12:45p Oriental Rotary is having an open meeting tonight – non members welcome to attend. Author Craig Elliott is the speaker, talking about his newly published book “Mike Blackstone – NIS Special Agent.” Meeting is at Brantley’s back room, starts at 6p… folks usually arrive earlier to chat about the world.

It’s (probably) not going to rain. For a mid July day, it isn’t toooo crazy hot. And the wind is blowing.

Sounds like sailing. Open Sailing… tonight at Bow To Stern.

Check out the marine forecast.

Now, for an evening sail you could get a Hinkley 42 DS (DS stands for Day Sailor) for $735,000.

Or, you can rent an FJ (FJ stands for Flying Junior) tonight at Bow To Stern for $5. Five bucks.

You save $734,995.

Sunday July 17, 2016

11:17a Normally, we folk a few feet above sea level are the ones with flooding issues.

But this weekend, it was Raleigh that got the high waters. WRAL reports flash flooding had some rescues performed with boats.

8:45a Oriental had its big parade during Croakerfest. Macy’s has a little parade at Thanksgiving. And then there is Minnesott Beach. Saturday was parade time…

8:14a It is calm this morning, but it got frisky overnight. Winds hit 28 mph at 1:34a, and third of an inch of rain followed a few minutes later.

Highs near 90 and a chance of rain today. It must be summer.