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blue clouds OYC
Clouds of blue slip across the late day sky near OYC.

Tuesday September 23, 2014

High of 75 in the Oriental Weather Forecast today. Three guesses what else is in the forecast on this first day — and first week — of fall.

Here’s a hint. These first few days of fall will be a lot like our summer. Yep. Rain. 50% chance today, 90% tomorrow, 40% Thursday, 30% Friday. At this rate, we’ll never dry out before winter’s freeze comes and we’ll be on big block of frozen mud.

In the meantime though, a happy Autumnal Equinox to you. We’ll keep the light on.

In What’s Happening, the mid-week Oriental Farmers’ Market is tomorrow from 8-11a. (The baker says she’ll be there rain or shine.) Nautical Flea Market’s this Saturday outside the Provision Company and you may still find a space to set up. (No mention of rain on Saturday.)

Monday September 22, 2014

The results of the 2014 Oriental Cup Regatta are in. Click here to download.

On the horizon this coming Saturday, there’s a Nautical Flea Market outside the Provision Company. It’s $5 to sell. Let Pat know you’re taking part – cos space is limited. Details here.

Sunday September 21, 2014

Brighter skies than yesterday in the Oriental Weather Forecast Highs in the low 80s today and tomorrow, and a string of days in the 70’s after that…

Saturday September 20, 2014

Those north winds have been blowing — it was great sleeping weather last night — but it also means high water – very high water – again today on Hodges Street.

We’ve looked in to it and there is no truth to the rumor that today’s Oriental Regatta would start on the yellow lines in the middle of Hodges. (For one, there’d be that tricky matter of moving the dog who takes up residence at that spot. ) Kayak sprint races however have not been ruled out.

On the drier part of Hodges this morning, the Oriental Farmers’ Market is happening. On even higher ground, at Pamlico Community College in Grantsboro, the Renaissance Festival gets going at 11a. Nautical Wheelers has its wine tasting – vins francais – from 3-5. Dale Montgomery leads a ghost walk tonight. Paradise Cove features Mac McWilliams. There’s more still.. and you can find it all in What’s Happening

Friday September 19, 2014

10:12a To get on the water, most go out on a boat. But some in Oriental choose their cars and trucks as their vessels. A Letter to the Editor wonders why they do that and issues a sodium warning.

8:28a Ah, this is great weather. High of 80 today, sleeping with the windows open weather low of 65 tonight. The Oriental Weather Forecast has only a wee chance of rain tomorrow.. and a good thing too, cos there is so much going on.

Oriental Cup Regatta plays out on the river tomorrow. More than 20 boats have signed up so far. Organizer Larry Summers is hoping for still more. And while the OCR has traditionally been for keel boats there will be a class of smaller boats racing, thanks to the NCSU Sailing Team returning to Oriental this weekend.

The Wolfpack sailors — the Sailpack — first raced here in Oriental in the Greens Creek Challenge two weeks ago and really liked the winds and the town. They’ll be taking a lot of Bow to Sterns FJ’s in to the regatta tomorrow. Other small boat sailors welcome. How to register and more info on the OCR, here.

While the sailors are on the river during the day, those on land can take a trip back in time as Pamlico Community College presents its second Medieval and Renaissance Festival. There’s beaucoup more musical groups this year, in addition to the sword fighting demos and dancing (not, alas, at the same time). You can come in costume or just take in the spectacles, with participants in full regalia. Admission won’t cost you a pence. It’s free.

Tonight, the Old Theater’s kicking off its 2014-15 season of Friday Flicks with White Squall. It is based on the story of the brigantine Albatross, which sank half a century ago.

The 1996 movie with Jeff Bridges is one that some TownDock readers praised in the aftermath of the Theater showing the Robert Redford flick, All Is Lost (To He Who Makes Many Goofy Decisions).

(If you’re just catching up – All Is Lost, while getting very positive buzz from land-based reviewers, ran in to a Beaufort scale Force 12 of criticism from many here who knew their way around a boat.) The Old Theater folks took a look at the list of Better Sailing Movie suggestions that emerged from all that and White Squall ‘s the first pick to make it to the Old Theater’s big screen. Tix are $5.50 and show time’s 7:30p.

Also this evening, Paradise Cove has New Belgian Brewery beer tasting. If it’s wine you prefer, Nautical Wheelers is sampling French wine tomorrow afternoon. And tomorrow night, Dale Montgomery’s leading a ghost walk in town. All the details are in What’s Happening.

Wednesday September 17, 2014

Three-quarters of an inch. This morning. And it that’s not enough rain for you, the Oriental Weather Forecast suggests more may come this afternoon.

And thanks to winds out of the north, the water’s already covering our low-lying harbor area as Harborcam shows. Bright thoughts about living in the Land of Perpetual Wet? Think of what we’re saving on moisturizer.

October 17, 2015. Save the date. Organizers of Saturday’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest got together yesterday and set their sights on the 2nd Annual.

The two co-organizers of Saturday’s event have a note of thanks… A lot of photos of the day can be seen here.

There’s a lot going on today and thru the weekend, as you can see in What’s Happening. Constitution Day is being celebrated at noon today at Pamlico Community College with a discussion on the 2nd Amendment.

Tuesday September 16, 2014

12:49p Photos from Saturday’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Fest are now up….

9:37p High of 85 today, wee chance of rain. Not so bad, compared to what we’ve had. The Oriental Weather Forecast gets us down in to the 70’s – okay, 79, but still — tomorrow and thru the end of the week.

We are entering that busy season when the weekends seem jam packed. At Pamlico Community College on Saturday there’s a Renaissance Festival (which technically could be the Re-Renaissance because it’s the second year running) Medieval culture represented too. Folks in costume, and as we learned last year, very enthusiastically in character. It’s rather a trip on a twisty road back in time.There was a lot of music last year and even more this time around. Dancing. Crafts. Food. 11a-3p. Admission is free.

Here in town, the Oriental Cup Regatta is Saturday. A note if you’re planning to sail here this weekend — the Town, at the request of the OCR, is closing both Town Docks so that OCR participants can tie up and raft up there. That’s from midday Friday to Sunday afternoon.

Looking ahead to another race on the horizon, on Saturday October 4, the Neuse Solo & Double Handed Race is happening. The double-handed aspect was new last year and they’re doing it again — combined ages of the two on board have to equal at least 150. The NOR and Registration can now be downloaded, here.

Photos from the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival are coming up..