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A lighted boat, Circe, at the Oriental Town Docks at last year’s Spirit of Christmas. A flotilla is planned again this year for the Friday night of SOC. You can be part of the flotilla and get a reserved dock space. (To see more of last year’s Friday Night of Lights, click here.)

Sunday November 29, 2015

A peek at the Oriental Weather Forecast shows a turn to rain tomorrow. But today? Bunky, today our run of incredibly beautiful fall weather continues.

Good thing too for the cyclists heading out on their 106 mile ride thru Pamlico County. They take off on the Chuck Fondeaux 2015 at 8:30 from in front of the Bean. (That would explain the higher than usual quotient of fluorescent apparel on Hodges in the Harborcam shot….)

The very grassrooty Chuck Fondeaux this year celebrates Chuck Forrest’s 60th birthday. Folks welcome to ride if only for part of the route. Ditto – open invite to the gathering after the ride — ETA 1:30-2:30p – at Water Street Grill.

Got a boat? Got some Christmas lights? How about putting the two together and being part of the Spirit of Christmas flotilla on Friday December 11?

Friday November 27, 2015

12:22p This holiday weekend began with a bike event starting by the Harbor – yesterday’s Thanksgiving roll thru the village — and it ends with another bike event. Sunday brings the 3rd Annual Chuck Fondeaux, an arguably more ambitious century ride thru 106 miles of Pamlico County roads.

Organizer Will Conkwright says it’s a grassroots thing, inspired by the gran fondos in Italy, and a celebration of cyclist Chuck Forrest’s 60th b-day with the finish line at the top of the bridge.

While the more practiced riders will be hauling – er, pedaling hard – to make time and do the full ‘century’, you’re welcome to join in for a shorter time. And of course for the gathering at Water Street Grill afterward.. (More details, here.)

8:18a The TownDock crew may be a little lazy today. The pressures of Black Friday in Oriental are just overwhelming.

The Thanksgiving Day Bike Ride was magnificent … sunshine and about 80 peddling humans.

Bikes make sounds. Rings. Horns. Here are some of the bike noisemakers yesterday:

We’re getting spoiled today. Sunshine & 70. A few more clouds but basically the same weather Saturday & Sunday. Drink it in…

Thursday November 26, 2015

6:42a Happy Thanksgiving TownDocker. You look a little sleepy. FYI, The Bean is open today. Technically not til 7a, but they’ll let someone nice like you in.

Wednesday November 25, 2015

6:07p Check out that full moon…

7:33a Now Elmer, it wouldn’t hurt you to get a bit of exercise. Say a bike ride. Even a leisurely bike ride.

Here’s the deal: You and your date show up at the Town Dock on Hodges Thanksgiving morning at 9a. We’ll all go for a lazy bike ride around town. No spandex allowed. You’ll earn the right to eat more pumpkin pie later in the day. It looks like this:

Yup, a dog does lead the ride. Welcome to Oriental.

Tuesday November 24, 2015

Ok, so it was just a few weeks ago when we were wishing for crisp fall weather. The Weather Fairies seem to be in overcompensating mode. 28 degrees around sunrise and a high in the mid-50’s today was a bit much, doncha think?

Happily, no more freezing temps in the Oriental Weather Forecast Should be warming up a tad tomorrow and on Thanksgiving Day.

Which means gloves, yes, but maybe not a parka for the Thanksgiving Bike Ride Around Oriental at 9a Thursday. Rumor has it you might be able to burn off some calories in advance of the turkey later in the day.

As for today’s chill, you might take the edge off with something from the Gourmet Bake Sale at St Peter’s.

Today’s on-the-cover photo shows one of the 3 benches the Town installed recently at the riverfront ends of Wall, King and Neuse Streets. The benches – like the grassed-over street ends – are there for the public to use. They may help clarify that.

Before the benches, visitors – as well as some residents – had been tentative about walking to the river at those public street ends. They may have mistakenly thought those public rights of way were private property because at two of them – Wall and King – posts and rope stretch across the street.

Those barriers may have been put there to keep cars from venturing down that last stretch of street, but yet, no signs welcomed pedestrians to walk there. The benches may now make it clear that that is public space. Not to mention a pretty good place to plop down and take in the views….

Monday November 23, 2015

3:53p Some very fast small sailboats were sailing on — no, scratch that —- were flying above the waters off of Minnesott Beach a week or so ago. They were Moths and their sailors were getting in some practice before a regatta in Bermuda.

2:55p If you’ve got any tender plants outside, you may want to cover ‘em up tonight. The forecast has a freeze warning from 9p til 8 tomorrow morning. You may feel cold, too, with the low predicted

Last night Oriental’s yearly ecumenical Community Thanksgiving service was held at St Peter’s. 7 area churches and a synagogue took part. The Thanksgiving offering from the evening was $500 and this morning was donated to Heartworks, the organization that provides outside-of-school activities and mentoring for students in the county.

12:35p That was quick. The ferry service to and from Minnesott is back to normal. Here’s the latest from the ferry folks …..

Now that the wind had calmed, the Cherry Branch ferry is on full schedule.

11:03a The Neuse River ferry is on a “one-boat schedule” through at least this afternoon. Those bracing north winds are doing what they do — pushing water down the Sound and up the Neuse and that’s made water levels too high. Only one boat – instead of the usual two – is crossing between Minnesott Beach and Cherry Branch. Here’s that schedule:

Leaving CB 11:00a, 12noon, 1:30p, 2:30p, 3:30p, 4:30p

Leaving MB 11:00a, 11:30, 12:30p, 2:00p, 3:00p, 4:00p

Tonight at the Pamlico Courthouse, State Representative Michael Speciale speaks about the recent legislative session. The 7p event is billed as a Town Hall where questions will be taken.

Looking ahead in What’s Happening, you may want to check the air in that Huffy, so you can glide smoothly in the Thanksgiving Morning Bike Ride. 9a start, from the Town Dock on Hodges.

Sunday November 22, 2015

1:40p A rainy Sunday, though it’s supposed to slack off by tonite.

And even if it continues to rain, word from the Oriental Marina Tiki Bar is that the 3p Celebration of Life party for Joe Wakefield is a go. Despite the eau. Which rhymes with Merlot. Worth the row. Y’know Joe’d go….

11a When Joe Wakefield died this past Monday, he left a will that called for a party at the Oriental Marina’s Tiki Bar. That party is happening this afternoon at 3.

It’s a celebration of Joe’s life – from growing up in England – including WWII evacuations during which he learned to play bridge, to an engineering career that took him ‘round the world, to settling in Oriental 18 years ago If you knew Joe, stop on by. A light meal’s being served – salads and desserts welcomed.

Tonight at 7, the Community Thanksgiving Worship service at St Peters brings together 6 area churches and a synagogue for ecumenical prayer and song. More at What’s Happening.

Saturday November 21, 2015

The team of sailors from Pamlico High now have one regatta under their belts, with more to come. That story is here.. along with news of a high school regatta coming to Oriental next April.

Larry Langson survived a bad car accident on Tuesday in Grantsboro — near the light at 55 and 306. His friends report that he suffered some injuries and is in Vidant Medical Center in Greenville. Larry’s been active with the kayaking and birding groups here in town. Thoughts go out to him and his wife, Kim.

If this kind of weather has you hankering for some yard sales, you are in luck. There are some big ones going on today. Check ‘em out in the TownDock classifieds…

Friday November 20, 2015

11:36a It’s now been 2 months since a 911 call came from a boat at a marina in Oriental, and a man said that he’d been shot. Readers have been inquiring about the case of Robert Miller. An update is here.

In What’s Happening, Marsha’s Cottage has a feature about skin this afternoon. Tonight, the Old Theater’s Friday Flick is “The Trouble With Harry” a Hitchcock romp (featuring “The Beav” no less and Shirley McLain in her first film role).

And hey, you can work in shopping and a movie. This being Friday, Nautical Wheelers is Open Late. (Which in Oriental means 7p.) There’s even a coupon….

Thank you for your emails and photos. We are compiling a collection of remembrances about Joe Wakefield who passed away Monday. If you’d like to add yours, you may send them here: info@towndock.net

On Sunday at 3p, there’ll be a celebration of Joe’s life at the Oriental Marina. Joe had called for a party in his will. One friend, Toni Leavitt is also looking for photos and stories to have on display. Send them to dotanddash.lam@gmail.com

7:09a Sunshine & mid 60s today… low tonight near 40. Flannel sheet weather.

Thursday November 19, 2015

3:50p The Coast Guard this morning came to the rescue of a sailor whose 36-foot sailboat went hard aground in the military’s targeting range near the confluence of the Neuse River & Pamlico Sound. Officer-in-Charge Kenneth Grande says the sailor on board “Scambo” was on his way from Hobucken to Oriental and “got beset by weather and a little disoriented, and inside the targeting range.”

When the Coast Guard crew from Hobucken responded to the call, says Grande, “we couldn’t get in to remove his boat, so we removed him and his pets and brought them to Oriental.” They arrived around noon.
The 69-year old sailor, who is from Utah, was taking his newly-acquired boat from the Chesapeake to Key West when it became stuck in the shallows. Shallows near a practice target. A salvage plan’s in the works for him to retrieve his boat from the military firing area.

6:02a Rain and, to put it charitably, unseasonably warm today. You want less charitable? The #^!*&% mosquitoes have to be loving this. The Oriental Weather Forecast gets better (crisper) after today.

At this Sunday’s life celebration for Joe Wakefield (see posting just below) folks are being encouraged to bring stories and photos. In the meantime, if you have a remembrance of Joe and want to share it on TownDock, you are welcome to do that, too. You may send them here: info@towndock.net

town hall signTonight there’s a public hearing on Oriental’s GMO. (No Bunky, your tax dollars have not been going toward genetically modifying anything) Locally, GMO means the Growth Management Ordinance – the set of rules about building and zoning in town. It’s been added to over the years and criticized by some for being confusing.

Enter the Planning Board, which has worked for well over a year to bring some order to it – without changing the rules. Town Board’s taking public comment tonight on the reconfigured GMO. More, and a link to the GMO’s 161 pp, here. (There’s also a 3-page synopsis.)

(If the Town Board okays the overall revisions, the Planning Board could create guides for each zone, outlining the particular rules applying there.)

Wednesday November 18, 2015

4:40p Handsome. Debonair. Mister November is in the house – meet Gus of Arlington Place.

Stand by for rain, likely starting after midnight. Thursday will be wet, but then Friday and the weekend have sunshine back over Oriental.

12:02p There will be a gathering to honor Joe Wakefield, who passed away on Monday night. It’s set for this Sunday, November 22, says Toni Leavitt, one of Joe’s close friends…

Come join in the celebration of the life of Joe Wakefield at the Oriental Marina / Tiki Bar, Sunday at 3pm. A light meal will be served. Salads and desserts are welcome. Bring stories and photos!

Joe, we are told, called for a party at the marina (it is in his will). Folks are being encouraged to bring stories about Joe, and photos. If you want to share them in advance of Sundays gathering, you can send them here at info@towndock.net (TownDock.net will put memories of Joe online).

5:55a Hey. Where did autumn go? It feels… muggy. Warm.

OK, warm-esque.

Cloudy mid 70s today, then rainy wet mid 70s Thursday. Nice clear dry autumn air returns for Friday and the weekend.

A new Pet Of The Month emerges later this morning. Anticipation. Now don’t scratch yourself.