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Charlie Hall with the New Bern Sun Journal interviews a clown (part of the pressure of reporting at Ol' Front Porch Music). Remember, early voting starts today.

Thursday October 20, 2016

4:23p Not too early to be thinking about the weekend. Two food-based events by the harbor…. Saturday the Old Theater holds its annual Chili Cookoff. That’s at the Oriental Marina.

So is Sunday’s gathering when the Dragon Boat Club serves up an Oktoberfest feast of brats and beer. Funds raised at both feasts go toward putting a new roof on the theater.

1:11p Still got all that porch music playing in your head? It’s jam session time tonight at PCC.

1:03p Rough day in ferryland:

Due to Mechanical Failure, Cherry Branch / Minnesott Beach is now on a one boat schedule.
Leaving Cherry Branch: 1:30, 2:30, 3:30, 4:30
Leaving Minnesott Beach: 2:00, 3:00, 4:00

10:03a Ferries back in action:

The fog has cleared out and the Cherry Branch Ferries are now running.

8:24a It’s on you, now. Last night’s was the last debate and though November 8th’s Election Day is a couple of weeks away, you can get your voting done now. Today is the first day of Early Voting. Here in Pamlico County, it happens up at the Courthouse in Bayboro.

Not registered to vote? You still can – get registered and vote right then and there – but only during the next 2 weeks and 2 days of early voting. (No Election Day registration.)

Here’re the hours and days of early voting between now and Saturday November 5.

There’s a world of hurt in other parts of Eastern NC because of the massive river flooding from Matthew. Oriental and Pamlico County were spared and that puts us in a good position to help out. Here’s how you can. Meanwhile, 5 volunteer firefighters from Pamlico County are on the ground helping out in Princeville.

5:56a Allow yourself some extra time this morning – it’s foggy out there. So foggy that the ferry isn’t running. From Susan Kinner at Cherry Branch:

Due to dense fog, the Cherry Branch Ferries are not running.

Wednesday October 19, 2016

2:38p After Hurricane Matthew we had some inconvenience in Oriental. Power was out for many for a couple days. Some branches to clean up. We had to wear boots on Hodges Street.

In Princeville, NC, they are still underwater. Life is unlikely to be the same for a long time (if ever).

Eric Kindle is a Pamlico Firefighter & Paramedic (FYI, Eric also owns The Bean). Eric is one of five Pamlico volunteers who are in Princeville this week. Eric has sent in a report and stunning photos.

How can you help Eastern North Carolina flood victims? Pamlico County groups have teamed together to provide a way.

1:17p If there was some doubt yesterday, today Hwy 70 is really clear. Marsha Paplham writes in:

Headed for Durham this morning on 70… we had no trouble getting thru. An incredible number of white work trailers in front of Neuse Sporting Goods. It must be like a disturbed ant nest inside…

8:22a Does a chiropractor make better chili than a yacht broker? Enquiring minds need to know – and they can find out this Saturday:

The 9th Annual Chili Cookoff is this Saturday, Oct 22 from 11a-1:30p at the Oriental Marina & Inn. Tickets $10, you’re invited. All proceeds go to support The Old Theater. More specifically, this year they go to fix The Old Theater roof.

8:11a There is a reported coal ash leak above Goldsboro, now heading down the Neuse:

Waterkeeper Alliance and Sound Rivers have discovered a large coal ash spill into the Neuse River from the Duke Energy H.F. Lee facility, 10 miles upstream of Goldsboro, NC. A substantial but undetermined amount of coal ash was found floating on the surface of the river in a layer over one inch thick.

More on the waterkeeper web site.

Here is the Waterkeeper Alliance video of the spill:
HF Lee Coal Ash Spill Water Sample Video 10.17.16

Tuesday October 18, 2016

8:54p More re Hwy 70. From reader Lee Barham:

Kinston PD says 70 is open; one lane each way, confirmed 8:30 pm

6:37p Conflicting reports re Hwy 70. James Dewar writes in:

I was detoured in Kinston at 12:30pm today with a clearly flooded hwy. 70 and stopped to discuss conditions with the NCHP, they stated it will reopen in several days. 70 was not clear in Kinston!
Playing it safe would be to go for THE ROUTE.

4:50p It has been reported that Highway 70 is now clear for east & west traffic. Jim Kellenberger drove the route west earlier today – water was 2 to 3 ft under the bridge at Kinston. It also checks clear on the NCDOT Travel info map.

Water levels are lowering on the Neuse at Kinston.

12:46p This has been a big year for new restaurants in Oriental. O’Town at Oriental Harbor. Oriental Deli & Subs next to the post office. A Mexican restaurant opened on Broad in June but closed after fewer than two months.

Now, at that same Broad Street location comes Mediterranean food. It’s Layla’s – Grand Opening is today at 4p.

10:23a Out on the Atlantic, storm Nicole has finally become Post-Tropical. It didn’t happen until Nicole was up next to Newfoundland, an unusually northern latitude for a storm to last to. That Nicole had legs.

While Nicole didn’t mess with the US coast, she did visit our island neighbor Bermuda as a Category 3 hurricane on Oct 13.

So. Meanwhile… there’s more. Invest 99 is a “non-tropical low pressure system” located just to the northeast of the Turks and Caicos. It may develop into a tropical storm, but early computer models have it keeping out to sea. As in keeping out to sea from our perspective. Maybe not so much for Bermuda:

The next storm name in line is Otto.

9:22a TownDock reader Chris Root got a shot of the rocket launch last night – the photo was taken from the Outer Banks where she was attending the Carolina Bird Club’s Wings Over Water fall event. Chris reports that she could actually hear the sound of the first stage separating from the rest of the rocket.

The rocket was launched last night by private firm Orbital ATK – launching from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility at Wattsville, Virginia. Click here and see the launch close up.

7:45a Water levels are going down, but they’re taking their time doing it. Now at 1.2 ft. You can now drive Hodges without a wake (parking near the edge still a bit wet).

Sunshine & 80 today. Other than Friday with a small chance of rain, nothing but dry in the forecast. We deserve some dry.

Porch Music & Classic Car pics coming. Meanwhile, a look at the Best In Show from Saturday – Frank Roe’s 1956 Ford Truck:

Monday October 17, 2016

3:50p Sometimes we must boldly go where no man has gone before.

Or, not many, anyway.

It’s clear tonight, and a rocket is going up. Launch at 7:40p – and the launch site is the Virginia coast. It isn’t NASA – but rather a private cargo launch. The Lou Mac pier will be a great viewing spot. And maybe your yard (depending).

More rocket launching info here.

Cue the theme music:

9:01a MumFest in New Bern got hurricane Matthewed – but they are still having it this year. The event has moved to Nov 12-13.

Meanwhile, you can have MumFest at your home – Mums on special at The Pig.

7:44a If you see Ken Brandon or Jennifer Smart today… look ‘em in the eye and give up a Happy Birthday.

7:20a Sunny, upper 70s/near 80. Water going down down down (a dry yellow line spotted on Hodges Street).

Looks like you might survive.

Sunday October 16, 2016

2:21p For those heading out of Oriental and west home (bummer) – Hwy 264 is reported clear today. “The Route” works west, too. Highway 70 should still be avoided for a few more days.

Kinston water levels are finally on the way down… but they are still over 26 ft at this writing.

Back here in Otown – levels at about 1.5 ft.

Folks who watch too much FearTV™ might think we are getting “record high” water levels early this week as the high waters flow down the Neuse.

Uh-uh. Winds are turning south tonight. It should get better (lower) here Monday and Tuesday.

Those south winds are bring along some warm air. Near 80 & sunshine for the coming week.

7:54a Sunday morning. You’re looking a little sorry there Elmer.

You might need some gospel. Recorded Saturday afternoon on Freemason St – The Gospel Ensemble:

Need some more? Video of Open Mic time at the same porch:

7:39a Just wakin’ up. Free Coffee at The Pig this morning til 10a.

Coming Sat Oct 22 – a big auction in town. Details later this morning.

Saturday October 15, 2016

7:34p What. A. Day. Oriental October magic. The music, the classic cars… town couldn’t have been sweeter.

TownDock crew is plum tuckered. But great music & car photos await. Sometime Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Classic Car Show trophies…. as they patiently awaited being awarded:

9:03a The Porch Music Festival Schedule is at this link.

Just a click here for the Festival Map.

8:48a The Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival Food Court & Village Market is at (and adjoining) Lou Mac Park. Right next to the Classic car show by the waterfront.

Back on Hodges Street (by the harbor)… biz is open. The Bean has coffee / bagels / ice cream all day. The Farmers Market is on Hodges this morning. The Provision Company is marine store / apparel / gifts / food – and outside this morning a Nautical Flea Mkt.

7:20a Water levels down nicely overnight – now 1.6 ft. No water in front of the Village Gallery… plenty of room for music watching bipeds.

Light northeast winds today. Levels should at most maintain or continue down slowly. Monday still has south winds in store – bye bye water.

Sunshine. 71. It’s a day for walking around town. There might be somethin’ going on.

Friday October 14, 2016

4:12p Saturday Oct 15… Tomorrow. The 3rd Annual Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival is all over town (and a Classic Car Show by the waterfront). Here is the map that shows it all:

Click map for the big view. Salute to Bill Wheeler, Village Map Maker.

7:49a The ferry is operating, both boats, normal schedule this morning. But higher north winds today will see levels rise a bit. Don’t be surprised to see the ferry have to go to a one boat schedule, or even shut down later today should water levels riser higher.

The north winds have water levels inching up in Oriental this morning – 1.94 ft just a few minutes ago.

Lighter winds Sunday, and finally some south winds forecast Monday will put water back down again.

7:40a We’ve had emails and calls from folks that have successfully used the route east to Oriental. Folks that said they were not initially coming to town based on their local TV & newspaper coverage.

Welcome in.

While Hwy 264 east is reported clear, it is blocked on the north side of Greenville if you are traveling west.

TownDock.net has endeavored to provide all the water level info that may be an issue on east NC highways:
Pamlico River At Washington Water Levels
Neuse River At Goldsboro Water Levels
Neuse River At Kinston Water Levels