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fj unloading
This happened nine times Friday morning… FJ sailing dinghies were “decanted” from a delivery truck. Then they waited for a tow up Smith Creek. Another truck arrives this morning… volunteers are again sought for the mission. 9a, Wildlife Ramp.

Friday January 30, 2015

3:20p Over a dozen folks showed up this morning to help unload FJ sailing dinghies at the Wildlife Ramp. Nine boats were unloaded in about 30 minutes – it was impressive. Saturday morning nine more boats arrive. Your help is needed. Come on out and help support small boat sailing in Oriental. Call Jim Edwards at 252-474-6000 if you have any questions, or just show up at the Wildlife Ramp Saturday at 9a.

12:08p Looks like we’re in for a weekend of kinda mid-range winter weather with highs hanging in the 40’s – low 50’s. On the upside — no rain in the Oriental Weather Forecast until Monday.

February is just a few days away and if you check out the What’s Happening listings, you’ll see that that shortest month is jam-packed with concerts, mariner classes and dragons here in Oriental.

For instance, every weekend has something going on at the Old Theater – two Pamlico Musical Society concerts, Russian dancers and folk musicians, a Nina Simone revue, not to mention a movie.

A lot of sailors may be waiting for warmer weather to sail, but next weekend you can learn more about figuring out the weather as it relates to you and your boat.

The Asian Lunar New Year comes very late this year – on Thursday February 19th – which is when Oriental runs its serpentine Chinese dragon on Hodges Street near the harbor.

A few days later, on Saturday the 21st, an Indoor Dragon Boat Race. It involves just one dragon boat, and two teams on it pulling in different directions, in the Village Club pool. More info is here…

It could become Oriental’s newest dragon tradition. We’re told it’s the first ever indoor dragon boat competition in the US of A. (Canada did beat us to it, but Oriental seems due for some sort of bragging rights….)

Thursday January 29, 2015

5:34p Water is back, modern society has been restored.

4:50p No water pressure? We feel your pain. Everyone on Town water went out 4:30 ~ish. The news from Town Hall:

We have lost water pressure- emergency repair- we have interconnected to Pamlico County and we should have pressure restored at approx 5PM

11:14a OK sailors… we have the FJ news. The FJ sailing dinghies (for more info about these boats scroll down the page) are arriving on two separate days. One truck (9 boats in a truck) arrives Friday morning 9a at the Wildlife Ramp. The second truck arrives the following day – 9a Saturday morning – again at the Wildlife Ramp. If you can help Jim Edwards unload these boats, give him a call at 252-474-6000. Or just show up at the Wildlife Ramp Friday and/or Saturday at 9a. With many helping it should be easy work.

FYI, after getting the FJs out of the trucks, the boats will be launched at the ramp and then towed up Smith Creek to Bow To Stern Boating.

8:38a The overnight low hit 23 in Oriental. The Duck Pond froze, and there was some ice forming over parts of the harbor by the Oriental Marina Inn docks. Today will be a bit warmer than yesterday at least (yesterday’s high was 45). Look for sunshine and a high in the upper 40s / near 50 this afternoon.

It has seemed plenty cold lately. But if you’re from Norway, a high near 50 plus sunshine doesn’t sound like winter at all. A couple from Norway have made Oriental their home this winter, visiting on a salty 28 ft gaff rigger berthed on Smith Creek. Meet Nina and Henrik in The Shipping News…

The FJ sailboats mentioned yesterday are still coming to town – we hope to know more details later today.

Meanwhile, here’s a bit more info about how & why these boats are coming to our town. Jim Edwards Bow To Stern Boating already has a fleet of FJ’s (FJ stands for “Flying Junior”). The 13 foot boats are very popular for both youth and adult small boat sailors. Jim’s FJs were made in 1989. He wanted a newer fleet. Jim discovered that Georgetown University was getting brand new FJs, and their existing boats needed a new home. Those boats are rather new – made in 2008. Jim pounced on the opportunity and is acquiring the Georgetown fleet as they get their new boats.

Which brings us to this week’s schedule. The brand new boats are in a Rhode Island warehouse. They were supposed to be loaded Wednesday on two trucks and shipped to Georgetown U (in Washington DC). Those same two trucks would then deliver the 2008 Georgetown fleet of 18 boats to Oriental. But ol’ man winter intervened – the snow storm earlier this week has delayed the Rhode Island departure. Jim hopes to know more later today, and when he does we’ll pass it along.

He’ll still be looking for volunteers to unload the boats in the next few days… we’re just not sure when yet.

Wednesday January 28, 2015

7:20p An update re the FJ sailboats coming to Oriental. The shipment has been delayed (due to the snowfall in the northeast). The boats will not be here Friday morning. Jim Edwards tells us he’ll get an update Thursday… the boats could arrive Saturday, Sunday, Monday… he ‘ll know more tomorrow.

Carry on…

7:45a Jim Edwards’ Bow To Stern Boating has been leading the push for small boat sailing in Oriental. It started in 2008 with a small fleet of 8’ Optimist dinghies for youth sail training. It has grown & grown since then…. and Friday it grows some more. A fleet of 18 additional FJ sailing dinghies arrives… Jim Edwards explains more:

Our FJs are arriving on the 30th of Jan and I am looking for hands to help unload the boats from the two trucks. We will be unloading at 0900 on the 30th at the Wildlife boat ramp. Boats will be floated down to the boating center after we unload. I have a couple volunteers so far… looking for 10 to 12… need to be able to lift boats or at least sails.

If you can help Jim unload these boats (and bring even more small boat sailing to Oriental), give him a call at 252-474-6000. Or just show up at the Wildlife Ramp Friday at 9a. FJ’s (“Flying Juniors”) are 13’ sailing dinghies. Many hands will make it all happen…

It is going to be… thermally challenging this evening. High today near 40, tonight’s low near 20. Nice & clear for star gazing.

Tuesday January 27, 2015

We could see a flake. No, we’re not disparaging anyone there, Bunky. It’s snow we’re talking about -though not a whole lot of it. Chance of snow and rain this morn. Nothing that’ll accumulate. Only up to 41 or so says the Oriental Weather Forecast

Coming up, there’s a beans and rice dinner tomorrow night – for water in Nicaragua. It’s at the Methodist Church and they’re asking you give a call to let ‘em know you’ll be there. And while you’re checking that out in What’s Happening, take a glance at the action-packed February. Lots going on — four concerts at the Old Theater, weather forecasting course, a dragon run for the Asian New Year to name just some….

Sunday January 25, 2015

No rain in today’s Oriental Weather Forecast, welcome news after the drenching we got yesterday and Friday. Highs in mid-50’s today and tomorrow, then a bit of a dip in temps and possibility of snow Tuesday.

Saturday January 24, 2015

Rain’s been coming at us as promised. The numbers: since it started Friday afternoon 1.78 inches have fallen at the weather station here in downtown Oriental. And still more’s in the forecast til early afternoon.

Flood watch in effect til noon. Down here in the low-lying part of town swaths of land near the Duck Pond are submerged once again. (It happens a lot, even without a formal flood warning from the forecasters,)

Coming up in What’s Happening, Village Gallery’s open today for your rainy-Saturday look at the new exhibit. Tomorrow, there’s a student art exhibit at the OWC.

Next Wednesday, the Methodist church is serving up beans and rice Nicaraguan style as a fundraiser – Rob Sampson has been in Nicaragua working to upgrade water and sanitation in villages there. Having a dirt bike would enable him to do that work in a wider area. Donations for the beans and rice dinner go toward that. More details, here.

Friday January 23, 2015

Hard rain’s gonna fall. We’re in for a couple of inches falling, starting this afternoon but really coming down tonight. The Oriental Weather Forecast has a flood watch tonight in to tomorrow morning.

Hmm…more puddles and water on already saturated ground? O Joy. Makes one wish the precip would come down as snow…

In What’s Happening tonight, Harbor Sounds plays a benefit concert. On Sunday, OWC presents a student art show.

Thursday January 22, 2015

High in the mid 50’s today says the Oriental Weather Forecast.

Tomorrow night Harbor Sounds helps raise the roof — or raise money for the roof and other repairs — at the Anointed Remnant Church on Kershaw Road right at the 306 intersection. More details here…

Wednesday January 21, 2015

We’ll be at 65 degrees today, for a second day. Enjoy it now cos the mercury’s dropping tomorrow — to 51 for a high, which admittedly is not shabby. But not balmy like today. The Oriental Weather Forecast has details. Weekend’s looking a bit precipity….

At the Silos it’s Open Mic Nite tonight. Planning Board meets starting at 3p. (new time for the Planning Bd mtgs.) Link to the agenda is here.

Elsewhere in What’s Happening, for a teensy month, February has lots going on. Concerts. Boating seminars. Asian New Year Dragon Run. The listings keep pouring in. Check it out.

This weekend, though, may be one of those where we take a breath and just enjoy la dolce far niente – the joy of just doing nothing.

Tuesday January 20, 2015

Well, another day where you cannot complain about the weather. (Hope that doesn’t throw off your day.) High in the low 60s today — and again tomorrow, says the Oriental Weather Forecast Mid morn, it’s already at 54.

Monday January 19, 2015

Streaming sunlight this holiday Monday and a high close to 60 today. The Oriental Weather Forecast gives much the same thru Wednesday.

The Post Office is closed today, as is Town Hall as per the King holiday.

For the civic-minded, there are three town committees meeting this week. Water Board and Tourism Boards tomorrow, Planning Board on Wednesday. No agendas are on line from Town Hall for any of the meetings, so it’s unclear what’s to be discussed. You can attend though, it being the law and all….

If you want to get better at reading the skies, coming up on the weekend of February 7 & 8 you can learn a lot more about marine meteorology in either one or two days of courses geared to boaters. The classes are, Basic Weather for Mariners and Wind Forecasting for Racing and Cruising. They’re taught by two sailors and meteorologists. It’ll be here in Oriental.

Also coming up in February, the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s presenting it’s annual boating skills course.