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* * 10th Annual Chili Cookoff * Sat Oct 28 * 11a - 1p * *

Upcoming Events

Meet the 2017 Oriental Town Candidates:

3 incumbents and 4 newcomers vie for 5 Commissioner seats. The Story

Classic Cars Gather in Oriental for 3rd Year:

2017 Oriental Classic Car Show Has It's Own Day. The Story

Planning Board Reworks Recommendations:

Changes to R1, zoning the Piglet, definition additions. The Story

Letters: GMO Change Could Put Schools, Churches in R1 'Hoods:

Writer Warns of Noise, Traffic, "SUP du jour" . Letters To The Editor

2017 Ol' Front Porch Music Festival:

4th annual festival has two days of tunes. The Story

Town Board Meeting October 2017:

Piggly Wiggly petitions for annexation, trash collection takeover, new Fulcher application to CAMA. The Story

North Points Sailing Regatta On the Neuse:

High school sailors compete in Oriental. The Story

Hurricane Lilies 2017:

Some of This Year's Crop in Oriental. The Story

Oriental Cup Regatta - 2017:

29th Oriental Cup Regatta returns to Oriental. The Story

Town Board Meeting September 2017:

Golf carts on state roads, rabies and leash law, Officer Blayney nabs turtle. The Story

Piggly Wiggly Sept 2017 Update:

Shocking Lineage Revealed. The Story

2nd Marine Air Wing Band at Lou Mac Park:

Marine Band returns to Oriental for performance in the park. The Story

Greens Creek Challenge 2017:

Sailing in pursuit of medals and a rubber chicken. The Story

North Carolina's First School Bus:

Drawing Out 1917. Drawing The Town

New Cherry Branch Ferry Terminal:

Shiny new building. Bathrooms smell better. The Story

Miss August 2017 - Scout:

Adventurer, survivor, and loyal companion. Pet Of The Month

Eclipse Watching 2017:

Dark(er) skies and DIY viewing devices. The Story

Watermelon Sunday on the Bonds' Lawn:

48 years of watermelon for everyone. The Story

Town Board Meeting August 2017:

Officer Sworn in, Permits Revoked, Alcohol Sales on Sunday. The Story

Letters: More Comments on Fulcher Point Boatyard:

The town can do something. Like the paint.. Letters To The Editor

Packed Meeting Hears Unhappy Public:

Most Oppose, Some For Fulcher Trawler Paint Yard. The Story

The Piggly Wiggly Celebrates First Year in Oriental:

Party At The Piglet. The Story

This Little Piggy Went To Market:

The Piglet's 1st Birthday. Drawing The Town

Rooflessness Continued:

Chris Fulcher's Latest Plan: No Roof For Harbor Building. The Story

Comment On Fulcher Sandblast/Paint Yard, Take 2:

CAMA Official: Public "Shortchanged" By Lack of Notice. The Story

Mister July 2017 - Doc:

Super greeter and employee of the year. Pet Of The Month

Fulcher's Plans Dominate Planning Meeting:

An Open Roof, Dark Skies and Water @ July's Meeting. The Story

Letter: Fulcher Point Roof Open For Discussion:

Planning Chair Urges Public To Attend Meetings. Letters To The Editor

Author Bites Oriental Man in Fridge-Moving Dispute:

Knife fails to move Picker's purchased fridge. The Story

Town Board Meeting July 2017:

Flooding Study, Surplus Funds, New Hours At Town Hall. The Story

The Lady Catherine, a 1947 60’ Trumpy, docked overnight at the Oriental Marina & Inn. A charter yacht, she stops over in Oriental twice a year to catch up with local friends. Click for the bigger picture and to see a little more.

Monday October 23, 2017

Hey sailor. The Wednesday night sail is a summer Oriental tradition. Some call it a race, for many it is just a sail around the marks. This Wednesday night is the last one of the season. Meet at Marker #1, 5p.

This coming weekend has a few things for your calendar. Saturday is the 10th Annual Chili Cookoff. Attending this just for the chili is enough, but your attendance helps pay for maintaining Oriental’s Old Theater too. If you have a chili recipe you’d like to launch to the world, you can still enter as a Chili Chef. More info here.

If you or someone you know is effected by Parkinson’s disease, a two day retreat this weekend in Oriental could be a life changing experience. There is evidence that focused exercise can really help Parkinspn’s patients – in effect “exercise is medicine.” It’s called a PEP retreat. PEP stands for “Parkinson’s Exercise Prescription.” No, you don’t need a prescription to exercise… the point is that exercise may help like a prescription can. More at pepretreat.com.

Care to dance? It’s a Monster Mash Friday night at the Oriental Women’s Club. Saturday night Halloween party at the Tiki Bar.

Also Saturday night, ghost walker Dale Montgomery is back in action.

Sunday October 22, 2017

8:49a Check those pics above, the result of checking out the girls at the fishing docks.

Sunny 80 today, the cooler stuff coming by Wed / Thursday.

Light and easy… 5 to 10 knots on the Neuse today and Monday. Brisker 15-20 knot winds arrive Tuesday.

Officially, hurricane season runs until November 30. But in late October, chances have become very small of tropical storm activity. Nothing looking even potentially tropical storm~ish on the Atlantic today.

Saturday October 21, 2017

8:31a Can you pronounce Vin Mousseux Brut? Soave I Basalti?

Elmer, that was brutal.

But you could learn to overcome your Alabama/Jersey roots. Nautical Wheelers has a special guest today… Natalie Bashor. Natalie is one of those learned folks that can pronounce wine labels. She’ll also let you drink some wine. Even if you talk funny. Wine tastings today at 3 and 4p.

Warm autumn today & Sunday, highs near 80… then cool autum appears mid next week… highs mid 60s to 70.

Friday October 20, 2017

1:43p Thursday the Quebe Sisters (from Texas) played first for a free afternoon show on The Bean porch. TownDock’s Allison DeWeese was there and got these pics from the porch.

Then the sisters played for a sold out performance Thursday night at The Old Theater.

Matt McCotter snuck in and hid under the piano. TownDock Senior Management agreed not to point out the theater stowaway if Matt would send in some pics. He did… check out these finely dressed Quebe Sister shots.:

click image for the big view and another photo

1:14p Some readers have pointed out that the stated population number below (127) is inaccurate.

Perhaps. But try and name 128.

Next weekend is event time again in the big river city. The 10th Annual Chili Cookoff is Saturday Oct 28. You get to eat lots of different chilis, and vote on the finest in the land.

Are you a chili cook? You and that spicy gleam in your eye can still enter. More info here.

Check out previous Chili Cookoffs:

11:21a For a town with a population of just 127 a pretty busy weekend ahead. The Old Theater’s Friday Flicks gets all music magic tonight 7:30p with the motion picture August Rush.

Saturday night at The Old Theater tenors Patrick Clerkin and Denny Colbert present an evening of tunes from Broadway, church and the Great American Songbook. 7:30p showtime.

Fowl? Oriental Rotary Club serves up its annual BBQ Chicken Dinner Saturday 5-7p at St. Peter the Fisherman Church.

Details on all the goings on in What’s Happening.

Sunny & near 80 today through Sunday. Early next week some rain may be visiting.

Thursday October 19, 2017

12:24p Alcohol? Coffee? It’s a difficult decision, faced by most of us sentient beings. Today at New Village Brewery there’s no need to decide. Continuum Coffee Porter is on tap.

Quebe Sisters sing today at 1:30p near the Town Dock (they’re even closing Hodges St)… more info below. If you want to do some pickin’ and fiddlin’ of your own, there’s a jam session 6p tonight at PCC.

8:15a Sunshine. Upper 70s to near 80. Today, Friday, Saturday & Sunday. You’re just gonna have to tough it out.

On the Neuse light winds. For days.

7:57a While tonight’s show at the Old Theater is sold out, three champion fiddlin’ sisters from Texas are still willing to sing & fiddle some more. The Quebe Sisters. Fiddlin’. Singin’. Just for you.

It’s a free afternoon street performance 1:30p in front of the Town Dock. Today. Brought to you by the Pamlico Music Society.

But… there’s more. Bunky, there’s catering too. Free hot dogs and fixins as Oriental’s Harbor Waterfront Advisory Board celebrates a clean marina award given to Oriental for its Town Docks (Hot dogs courtesy of the Piglet.) Hodges Street is closed to vehicular traffic today from 12:30p – 3p, so leave that vehicular at home and pony over.

Wednesday October 18, 2017

10:52a There is an election coming. Not one with the noise and headlines of last years, but this is one that counts close to home. The Town Of Oriental elects 5 commissioners and a mayor every two years.

Election day is Tuesday November 7. But starting tomorrow is early voting. TownDock.net asked all the candidates questions about Oriental, and their answers are here. Meet the 2017 candidates…

Tuesday October 17, 2017

1:48p The 2017 Oriental Classic Car show displayed 75 entries this year. That’s a new record, doubly important because this was the first time the car show was a stand alone event.

In past years it was held the same day as the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival. That worked well for a couple years, but as both events grew… moving to separate weekends became inevitable. Here’s the story on the 2017 Class Car Show.

10:50a New weekly specials start every Wednesday at The Piglet. Catch a sneak peak of tomorrow’s deals here.

8:45a The Planning Board met yesterday to review the remaining sections of the the Table of Permissible Uses. The Board is recommending a change from a Land Use Permit to a Special Use permit for several different types of building uses.

They will meet again Tuesday, October 24th from 10a-12a to go review their changes before submitting them to the Town Board for final approval.

The last Planning Board meeting report on the changes to R1 is here.

8:01a Breezy out there sailor… north winds 15-25 on the Neuse today.

Those north winds have pushed some water our way. Water levels about 1.4 ft at this writing, and may sneak up a bit more today. Hodges Street by the harbor is semi-wading (sidewalks still dry~ish.)

Sunny and about 70 today and Wednesday, then warming back up to near 80 days.