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Posted by: David White from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-515-6978
Lost: Prescription Glasses
Prescription glasses in brown case lost between Wildlife Boat Ramp and Deaton Yacht Service on Wednesday afternoon, April 14. If found, please call 252-515-6978.

Posted by: Rita Vorleiter from: Merritt, NC Phone: 252-571-5030
Found: Cell Phone Found on Straight Rd

A phone was found lying on Straight Rd near Pamlico Rd yesterday. I assume someone had it on the roof of their car and it fell off when they made the turn.

Call 252-571-5030 to identify the phone and arrange pickup.

Posted by: Susan Stephens from: Oriental, NC Phone: 339-832-5825
Wanted: 2 Roosters Wanted
I'd really like a couple of roosters to keep my young hens safe and happy. My layers are free range, and so will the roosters be. Lots of experience raising chicks and adults.

Call or text Susan at (339) 832-5825, Oriental.

Posted by: Mark Risso from: Oriental, NC Phone: 703-568-6560
Found: Very Sharp Machete Found

Machete found; Oriental & Brigantine Rd. (right over bridge). found in the grassy area by the treeline.

Posted by: Eileen White from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-0039
Found: Found - Boat seat cushion for bow of boat
Found on Dolphin Point a large boat seat cushion for the bow of the boat. Please call and describe. Must have washed up overnight into the back yard from the Neuse.

Please call 252-249-0039 if it's yours.

Posted by: DS Forman from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-675-7293
For Sale: Mallet Found on North St

Found on North St. If yours, please contact Dan at 252-675-7293.

Posted by: Irene Goley from: Oriental , NC Phone: 301-525-6923
Lost: Lost Cat: Small Female Calico Gray Flea Collar

Missing since Monday night. Basil is an 8 month old small calico cat (dark brown coat with orange spots and strips) with distinctive orange markings on her face (see photo) and a permanent head till from mild brain trauma. Her cost is medium length and she was wearing a thin gray flea collar.
Please call me ASAP if you have seen her.
301-525-6923. Irene

Posted by: Jackie Wynne from: Merritt , NC Phone: 325-370-6455
For Sale: Lost kitten found in Cabin Creek Subdivision
Orange kitten found. He has a collar. Can’t be more than a year. Not fixed

Posted by: David Schoenthaler from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-665-1923
Lost: Lost Boat Hook
To the kayaker who found the boat hook (red&white) on Ship Creek
its owner is the white Mainship Trawler if you could return it I would be grateful Thanks Dave

Posted by: Marilyn Arnone from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-649-4522
Lost: Have you seen this parrot?

Our beloved family pet parrot named Seymour accidentally got out of the house on the evening of Wednesday, November 4th. He is 25 years old. We live on Goodwinds Drive and we think we saw him fly in the direction of Oriental Road. We have been looking for him all day but so far, no luck. He is green with red under his wings. He sometimes makes wolf whistle calls. Please keep an eye out for him and call Marilyn at 649-4522 if you see him. Thank you.

Posted by: Josh Mandel from: Oriental, NC Phone: 9147140150
Lost: Lost life vest
Lost on Green Creek. ASTRAL Life vest. Olive green. Call Josh at 914-714-0150

Posted by: Ceri Lewis from: Oriental, NC Phone: 816-804-5010
Lost: Kayak Missing from kayak rack 1
We went to move our kayaks from the kayak racks at the boat launch for Isaias, and one was missing from space 1. It's an orange Perception Sport 11 ft sit in.

If you know it's whereabouts, we would appreciate it's return, or a phone call so we can pick it up. Thanks.


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