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Posted by: Cat. CB Wall from: Arapahoe , NC Phone: 321-794-4198
Found: Fuel tank
Found a large fiberglass fuel. Call, describe and pick up

Posted by: Edward Ruppert from: Oriental, NC Phone: 828-577-9463
Found: AC to DC Power Supply
Found May 29 on side of Fork Point Road. To claim, provide manufacturer, model, number, input-output specs. Leave voicemail and return phone number at number, above.

Posted by: Mindy Schmitz from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-671-1889
For Sale: Black cat (Coal) with one eye - FOUND
update: Coal has been FOUND.

My very friendly black cat with one eye named Coal has been missing for four days (two is his usual limit). He may have jumped into a workers car in Dolphin Point/Easy Street area (where there is construction)and taken a ride. He does that if you leave your windows open. He is chipped.

Have you seen him? His brother, Sprout, and Doug and I miss him!

Posted by: Bucky Hydal from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-229-2624
Found: Lost Dog sighted in Oriental . . . UPDATE May 26, 2024 . . .
May 26, 2024, just after 9 a.m.: When I backed my truck out of the garage this morning, I heard barking and walked toward the marsh. About 30 feet away I got a fleeting clear side view of a large brown dog RESEMBLING a German Shorthair, with a docked tail of six inches, or so. It may have come out of the marsh when it heard my truck door close (hounds often respond to pickup trucks). The dog ran back into the marsh when I approached it and called it.

The dog looked and acted lost and is gaunt. I will try to call it to me, but lost dogs, especially working hounds, frequently run away from a would-be rescuer.

If you know of someone who has lost a dog in Oriental that fit this description, please have them call me and leave a message. Bucky
May 23: The dog with the same behavior (baying, splashing, proximity, etc.) has been in the marsh several times since I first posted this ad, most recently last evening (May 23) just before 10 p.m. Again, it would come near (determined by splashing and bark) but not show itself.

I believe this dog originates from the BENT TREE ROAD neighborhood, and just goes off on a toot now and then; doing what hunting dogs do, getting on a scent and barking to beat the band. And there are many scents in that marsh, from deer, raccoon, and, rarely, bear.

So, I'm leaving this edit up for a while to allay the concerns of some kind people on FaceBook.
SIGHTED: On May 17, 2024, in large marsh between STYRON DRIVE and BENT TREE ROAD.

A hunting dog, POSSIBLY A YELLOW LAB, with collar, baying and running around in flooded marsh. I have tried to get it to come to me, and only got a glimpse (due to marsh grass) of it's largish head.

I've called and whistled, but the dog has only come within about 75 feet, or so, from me. Trying to entice with food, banging spoons together with no luck. It will probably only respond to its owner's voice.

May 18, Saturday morning: The dog is still in the marsh.

Call me if this is your dog and I will help you try to rescue it from the marsh.

Posted by: Mike Atkins from: Oriental, NC Phone: 423-957-6667
Lost: Black & White Border Collie - Yoda - FOUND
Yoda made the great escape in Oriental. He busted out the back door.

Yoda is a black and white Border Collie. He's wearing a collar with my number on it.
YODA is back home

Posted by: Ellen Lyons from: Oriental, NC Phone: 617-447-3619
Lost: West Marine RIB
Small West Marine RIB lost on 5/12/24 between 9-1130 am on the Neuse somewhere between Whittaker Point and the Bay River. Oars and a package of yellow life jackets aboard. No numbers.

If you find it give me a call. Thanks!

Posted by: Anita Goss from: Oriental, NC Phone: 757-374-2552
For Sale: FREE Seresto Large Dog Collar
Free unopened, no expiration date Seresto Large Dog Flea and Tick Collar. Our dog passed away . . . would like to see this go to another dog that can use it.

Posted by: Gary Ramsey from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-671-5177
For Sale: Helping friend find boxes
Moving boxes needed.

Call 252-671-5177

Posted by: Oriental United Methodist Church from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252.249.0213
Found: Ladies Ring Found
A ladies ring was turned in during the Town-wide Yard Sale on May 4, 2024.
Please call and describe the ring to recover this treasure.

Call Oriental United Methodist Church Office at 252.249.0213

Posted by: Alice & Tom Petree from: Oriental, NC Phone: 703-628-8123
Lost: Black Plastic Cup

It’s just a black plastic cup - but it’s the drink liner to an irreplaceable sentimental handmade leather mug!

Liner was dropped somewhere between the deck at 101 Freemason down the ramp to our parking place across the street at Tuesday night's Blues Concert.

If found please call sad Tom at 703 628-8123.

Posted by: Roger Cordes from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-626-0308
For Sale: Found: electronic car key fob
Car key fob found Wednesday morning lying in the street across from M&M's.

Posted by: Adam Lassen from: Oriental, North Carolina Phone: 443-223-6510
Found: Kayak Found
Kayak found on Broad Creek.
Call and describe - 443-223-6519

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