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Posted by: Matt Jones from: Oriental, NC Phone: 910-616-0088
Found: Found Small Bag On 1st Street In The Village
We found a small blue and white bag while walking on 1st Street this morning. Call, identify the contents, and come pick it up.

Posted by: Jeremy Hudson from: Jacskonville , NC Phone: 910-539-8921
For Sale: Friendly male

Loves purring, warm laps, and short naps. Soft food aficionado. Indulges in belly rubs often. Cat treats socially.

He is clever, vibrant and active. He is very affectionate to people and often attempts to interact with the other cats. He is not being well received by the more aggressive neighborhood ferals and desperately needs a home we cannot provide.

We live in Jacksonville, with a slip at OYC in Oriental. We will gladly bring him with us during our numerous visits for anyone interested.

Texts welcome.

Posted by: Al & Matt from: Oriental, , NC Phone: 252-229-7040 or 252-675-9776
Found: On the wings of a (white) dove
Found, and caught in Village a very friendly white dove. Beautiful bird ..... must belong to someone. Call and describe ....... color, etc.

Posted by: Xan Wise from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-725-7453
For Sale: Cute Dog for Adoption - ADOPTED


Adopt Coda - a black male rescue dog available. About one year old, smart, friendly, needy for attention, handles the leash well. Free to good home.

Posted by: David Kreutz from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-639-0147
Lost: SUP. FOUND - Thanks TownDock
We lost a Tower SUP last week?
It is dirty white and has a dog pad up front.
It was beached up Otter Creek off of Greens Creek.
It just floated away!

Posted by: Lee Morgan from: Oriental, NC Phone: 910-352-4698
Lost: Missing Cat

Our two cats went missing Friday evening. One has come home but the other is still missing. Her name is Sheba and she is a chubby gray tabby cat. Lost near Academy and Neuse St.

Call 910-352-4698.

Posted by: Cliff Bond from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-249-1211
Found: iPhone Found
I found (what looks like a new) iPhone in the cul de sac at Goodwinds Drive late Monday evening.

It has been ringing but I can not answer it to find out who the phone belongs to — it apparently requires a “facial-recognition” or pass-code to answer/open the phone.

It is now at Village Hardware if someone can claim it. As usual, anytime between about 7:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Posted by: Janet Monak from: Oriental, NC Phone: 540-223-5704
Lost: Orange Tabby Neutered Male Cat “Sandbar”
Lost Male 13 yr old very friendly and vocal orange tabby at Oriental Harbor Village Marina. No collar. Big and answers to Sandbar. Lost 07-07-2021.

If found please call Jan or John at 540-223-5704. We are on our boat at slip A17.

Posted by: Bow to Stern from: Oriental, NC Phone: 252-204-6129
Found: Missing a Paddle?

Wooden kayak paddle found in Pirate's Cove on Smith Creek.

Call Bow to Stern Boating to claim. 252-204-6129 Ask for Mark.

Posted by: Stacy McCauley from: Oriental, NC Phone: 919-593-6789
Lost: FOUND- 6mo old puppy scared by fireworks

Tate has been found.

Posted by: Wanda Strukus from: Oriental, NC Phone: 781-405-3286
Found: Found Sweet Black and White Kitten
Found the sweetest little black and white kitten last night (July 3rd) on the Pecan Grove side of Oriental Bridge. No collar but clearly domesticated and very friendly, loving, hungry, and tired. Call 781-405-3286

Posted by: Denise Meng / Village Gallery from: Oriental, NC Phone: 678-357-7054
For Sale: Keys Found Near Village Gallery - Owner Found

Someone lost these keys during the parade this morning. Found just outside of Village Gallery on Hodges Street.
* Owner Has Recovered Keys *

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