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2019 Oriental In-Water Boat Show:

Power boats, coastal cruisers, and an electric boat. The Story

2019 Sailpack Regatta:

Hosts NC State win first place. The Story

Judi Heit, 1948 - 2019:

Dedicated to Oriental & The Old Theater. The Story

2019 SailPack Regatta April 12-14:

Coach Dana Magliola on the 2019 SailPack Regatta . Guest Columnist

Mr. & Miss April 2019 - Buddy & Lily:

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Town Board Meeting April 2019:

Waterline work begins, CycleNC returns, Board responds to NCDOT. The Story

2019 PAWS Pet Parade:

Over 200 paws hit the pavement for the pet parade. The Story

Steve Chard: Kayaking the Great Loop:

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Way Down Wanderers Headline 2019 Ol' Front Porch Music Festival:

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Town Board Meeting March 2019:

Board asks Cycle NC for cooperation, repair contracts to be awarded. The Story

2019 Chowder Cook-Off :

Toucan's Clam Chowder Takes 1st Place. The Story

Hwy 55 Bridge Replacement Plans Raise Safety & Economic Concerns:

Town, County officials meet with NCDOT. The Story

Lois Moye, NC School Hero Contender:

Help Pamlico High Math Teacher win $10,000 for her school. The Story

A Wedding on the Dock:

Adventurers marry on the town dock. The Story

Landing A Harrier On The Mall:

Captain John Rahm Tells The Story. Guest Columnist

Rainbow Farm:

Childhood Story Returns as a Children's Book. The Story

Chinese New Year 2019 - Year of the Pig:

A pig and a dragon meet on Hodges St.. The Story

Should the new Lou Mac Pier have a dock?:

The pier could have a dock. Letters To The Editor

Mister February 2019 - Ziggy:

Dog personality in a cat's body. Pet Of The Month

2019 - Year Of The Pig:

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1st Annual Dragon Burn:

Dragon burned for the Arts. The Story

Holly Martin and SV Gecko:

"I've always felt like a boat was my first home". The Shipping News

Town Board Meeting January 2019:

Bidding begins on pier and Whittaker Point projects. The Story

Instead of Football Regatta 2019:

Trimarans, power boats, and two Army Landing Craft. The Story

Two Dragons and a Croaker - New Year's Eve 2018 into 2019:

Traditions and a fresh start. The Story

Marte Fenton, 1940 - 2018:

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Friends Of The Dragon 2019:

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Santa Parks At The Town Dock:

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Town Board Meeting December 2018 :

Speed limit 45 to 35 on Broad, South Ave update. The Story

Third Grant Received for Whittaker Point Restoration:

New grant brings total to $1.5 Million. The Story

Giving Tuesday 2018 - Giving Locally:

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Bikes, Trikes, and Tandems: The Thanksgiving Bike Ride:

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Turkey On A Bicycle:

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Sunken Boat Raised in Search of Hazards:

Coast Guard briefly boosts boat. The Story

Spirit Of Christmas 2018 Parade Needs A Theme:

Your creative ideas wanted. The Story

StormPack Hurricane Relief Regatta:

Giving back to Oriental. The Story

The girl you always wanted to meet? It’s Miss Adventure, visiting trawler at the town dock.

Monday April 22, 2019

7:37a And so the water did return to the Duck Pond. And the Dragon was launched. She is now floating proudly on the pond. The skilled Dragon deployment team almost got it right… the Dragon needs to get moved about 20 ft closer to Hodges to be in the HarborCam view.

The canoe will hit the pond again sometime today and make that so.

After this fine brisk morning… sunshine and near 70 ahead.

Sunday April 21, 2019

7:48a Calmer winds have let water levels rise to near normal again. It’s looking like there will be enough water to launch a Dragon today.

Very civilized weather ahead. Sunshine & 70 today and Monday, then Tuesday through Thursday more sunshine and highs warming to near 80.

Happy Easter.

Saturday April 20, 2019

9:51a It’s a beautiful day to relaunch a Dragon. But something is missing. Water.

The high winds Friday and overnight have left water levels a couple feet low. So low that the Dragon Launch Team discovered a few minutes ago that there’s not enough water depth to float the Dragon at the Duck Pond water’s edge.

So. The relaunch has been rescheduled. Easter Sunday, 11a. At the Duck Pond. The forecast appears to indicate that wind levels and direction should allow some water to return to Oriental by then.

7:32a. With the high winds behind us, the ferry is back on the normal two boat schedule.

The Duck Pond Dragon has been AWOL since Hurricane Florence (mid September.) Today (after repairs) the Dragon returns… re-launch at the Duck Pond 11a.

7:05a Today’s quote explains the safety we enjoy in our town.

6:52a Like a dragon, the wind overnight huffed & puffed. Winds up the mid 40s were with us during the wee hours, peaking around 2~3a. The barometer dived and the winds increased until that point. This morning, things are much calmer. The Gale Warning (and the huffing & puffing) has passed. From The Oriental Weather Station:

click image for the big view

After a cloudy morning some sun should appear mid-morning, highs today near 70. While diminished, there is some wind out there. Winds south to southwest today, 15-20 mph.

Oriental NC Forecast
Neuse River Marine Forecast

Friday April 19, 2019

5:14p There are real Gale force winds out there… a 49mph breeze recorded this afternoon. The ferry remains on a one boat schedule. There is both a Gale Warning & a Tornado Watch in effect on the Neuse tonight. That Tornado Watch also applies to Oriental and Pamlico County (in fact the Tornado Watch is also in place for New Bern & Beaufort/Morehead City.)

Oriental NC Forecast
Neuse River Marine Forecast
Pamlico Sound Marine Forecast

The good news is all the high winds & rain should be over Saturday morning, leaving sunshine and calmer air for Saturday’s Dragon Launch.

12:27p Weather has forced a few changes to the ferry schedule. From Sue Kinner at the Cherry Branch – Minnesott Beach Ferry:

Unfortunately the weather has impacted on our ability to operate and we have had to shut the Kinnakeet down. We will be running the Neuse for as long as we can on a one boat schedule. Her next run will be from Minnesott Beach at 12:30pm, and then at 2, 3 weather permitting. The next run from Cherry Branch should be at 1:30, and then 2:30 .

11:22a Whoa Nelly. The Oriental Weather Station measured a 42mph wind at 11:05a today.

10:45a About that Saturday Duck Pond Dragon relaunch. The Dragon isn’t too heavy, but it needs a little muscle. And look at you, a fitness example for all to admire.

If you can help lift / move the dragon (just a couple extra humans needed) Saturday drop TownDock a note at info@towndock.net. We’ll have to lift it to the truck Saturday about 10:30a on Whittaker Point Rd, then off the truck just before 11a on Hodges St.

The Dragon will be most appreciative.

10:39a One small town has a few things going on. Today is Food Truck Friday at New Village Brewery – “The Dilla” truck is serving from noon til 8p. Loving Vincent is the Friday Flick at The Old Theater. Saturday sees the relaunch of the Duck Pond Dragon, 11a on Hodges near The Bean. Saturday afternoon wine tastings at Nautical Wheelers, 3 & 4p. Easter Sunday has the sunrise service, 6:15a at Lou Mack Park (the weather forecast is dry.) At M&M’s Cafe Easter Brunch Buffet Sunday 11a-7p.

It’s all in What’s Happening.

8:28a Can an entire movie be created from oil paintings? Loving Vincent is a story depicted in oil painted animation, about the life of painter Vincent van Gogh. It shows at 7:30p tonight at the Old Theater. Here’s a preview:

Want a bit more of a taste of Vincent? The Don McLean song:

8:10a Mom Nature is reminding us that we live near the water. A Gale Warning is in effect tonight on the Neuse, and this afternoon through Saturday morning on the Pamlico Sound.

Here in River City it is windy, right now. A high wind (so far) of 32mph at 8:09a today. Thursday saw a 33mph wind peak at 5:24p. Anchor accordingly.

Thursday April 18, 2019

3:08p Nautical history, a PFD puzzle, and a power vessel worth over $400,000. It was all at the 2019 Oriental In-Water Boat Show. The story is here.

8:39a Sunny today and highs in the low 80s, but thunderstorms tomorrow – it’s a 70% chance. After that, the sun shines through Wednesday of next week with temps in the high 70s.

It’s coming up on Easter weekend. This Sunday, a cooperative effort between six area churches will result in the the Sun Rise Service at Lou Mac Park at 6:15a. Make sure to bring a chair.

Wednesday April 17, 2019

2:18p During Hurricane Florence more than a few things around town got damaged. One of those things is returning to duty Saturday. It’s the Duck Pond Dragon.

The Dragon was originally launched in 2004, created by artist Gary Gresko. It has been repaired a couple times since then (just from age,) but it saw its worst damage from Hurricane Florence.

OK, not exactly Florence. During the hurricane the Dragon dragged onto Hodge St and was near the steps at Garland Fulcher Seafood. But it was fine. But somebody(s) picked it up after the hurricane, and broke off both the head and the tail.

Volunteers Art Halpern and Ken Laser stepped in, combining their engineering and artistic talents. The Dragon has been repaired, and will be re-launched this Saturday at 11a. It will happen on Hodges by the Duck Pond / near The Bean. You’re invited.

10:01a Today from 2-3:30p, Prime Time hosts a discussion about Dementia – what it is, what’s it’s like to live with it, and how to communicate with those that have it. Registration is required.

If your water smells like chlorine, you’re not alone. The “Water Burnout” begins today.

For about a month, until May 24, the town switches the chemicals used to clean the water supply – from Chloramines to Chlorine. More about the burnout, and how to contact Town Hall, right here.

9:09a Early voting is underway for the primaries to fill the seat left open after the death of 3rd congressional district Representative Walter Jones. Early voting is now through April 26, Monday – Friday, 8a – 5p (except Friday 19) at the Pamlico County Courthouse.

There are 17 Republicans vying to be their party’s candidate in the special election on July 9.

Tomorrow night, there is an opportunity to meet four of the six Democratic candidates running for their party’s nomination.

2 Libertarians running in their party’s primary. One Constitutional Party candidate will be on the ballot in July.

Tuesday April 16, 2019

2:51p Over one hundred collegiate sailors invaded town this past weekend for the SailPack Oriental Intercollegiate Regatta. Jacksonville’s took home first place in 2018 and 2017. This year, they came in second. The story is here.

7:53a Overnight a cool crisp 47 degrees. It may be some of the last really cool evening air you feel for a while. Sunny today and near 70, warming to 80 for Wednesday and Thursday.

Monday April 15, 2019

10:01a The Sailpack Regatta has been won by Jacksonville U of FL several times. Jacksonville’s sailing team is a varsity program. They have a paid coach, and funding. And they are good. Really good.

Most collage sailing teams are not varsity programs. They are actually called “clubs.” They have a volunteer coach. They just want to sail. The NC State Sailpack fit that description.

Often the varsity teams are dominant over non-varsity sailing teams. But this past weekend, it was a different story. The NC State Sailpack Wolfpack came through and took 1st place (for the 1st time) at their own regatta. It is an impressive accomplishment… there were 18 sailing teams.

9:45a Old Theater President. Vice President. Board member. For a couple decades, whatever needed to happen… Judi Heit made it happen at Oriental’s Old Theater. Sunday, after an extended illness, Judi Heit passed away. Our sympathies to her husband Ralf and Judi’s extended family of friends.

7:11a We are getting some really interesting weather. Last night we got wind (it was a good thing the tents were down from the boat show.) Overnight high wind 52 mph at 1:58a.

This morning all is relatively calm. A strong low pressure will push a cold front through the region. Sunday’s highs reached near 80, but to day high just 70… and cold air comes into tonight, reaching down into the 40s.

The cold air brings in clear skies. After morning clouds a clear afternoon … and clear & dry days forecast through Thursday.

Sunday April 14, 2019

3:10p NC State has hosted the Sailpack Regatta in Oriental for several years. But they’ve never won it… or even come close to winning it.

That changed today – congratulations Sailpack Wolfpack – 1st Place Winners in this weekend’s Sailpack Regatta. Coach Dana Magliola and the team are mighty proud. Jacksonville (FL) University placed 2nd, Clemson 3rd.

At the Oriental Boat Show Chris Weinheimer won the Wooden Boat Raffle. This year’s Heber Guthrie handmade craft is a sweet rowing / power vessel. Congrats Chris…

The boat show is over. Sit back and grab a brew. Ken Belangia is playing this afternoon til 5p at the New Village Brewery beer garden.

8:43 There are raffles going on at the Boat Show. The key one is the Rotary raffle for the boat Heber Guthrie makes during the show. This year it is a power skiff… it looks perfect fro cruising local creeks. Just add a small outboard. Tickets 5 bucks, just ask any Rotary member at the show. The drawing is done at the end of the show… 3p today.

Seacoast Electronics is displaying at the show. They are raffling off a Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Pro (it’s a cool fish finder with “sonar”.) Raffle proceeds are going to the Whittaker Creek Dredging Project. The raffle drawing date is April 19th.

6:52a Today we a re blessed with a kinder forecast. After a cloudy morning a partly sunny day that will reach 80.

That kind forecast will make things better on both land and sea. The Oriental Boat Show runs from 10a-3p today. On the water the Sailpack wraps up, sailing just off Oriental on the Neuse. The Neuse Marine Forecast calls for 5-10 knot winds from the south.

Eighteen teams are competing in the Sailpack Regatta. After Saturday’s sailing Jacksonville University is in 1st, NC State 2nd, and Clemson 3rd.

Saturday April 13, 2019

8:45a It’s Saturday the 13th. This is a traditionally lucky day according to ancient sailing lore.

Some may say today doesn’t have an ideal forecast. It’s been simply cloudy all morning… no rain. But there is a 60% chance of rain today – a 40% chance of dry for you math majors. The hour-by-hour forecast hints there may be wetness during a certain boat show.

Should rain occur, any pollen on the shiny boats displayed will be effectively removed, enhancing your viewing pleasure.

The boat show is open today 10a – 6p. A diverse collection of sail & power vessels await your visit, right in downtown Oriental.

Friday April 12, 2019

2:49p There are tents all over Hodges Street near the harbor for the boat show. The boats are all on trailers or ready for you to visit in the harbor. Take a look:

1:28p The Star Spangled Banner was performed at noon (the singer proved this is the home of the brave) and the 2019 Oriental Boat Show is underway.

The Seminars this year are in a tent on the Tiki Bar deck (beverage options may assist in your seminar appreciation.) Most of the seminars are Saturday, but there is one today. At 3p this afternoon Curtis Stokes presents Boat Buying Basics – What to know when you’re buying a boat. This writer has seen this seminar – it isn’t a sales pitch. Curtis really has great info for both boat buyers and sellers.

The complete seminar schedule is at this link.

8:12a Downtown is hoppin’. The 2019 Boat Show is mostly set up… boats are still arriving. Fishing boats are lined up on trailers on Hodges, sailing vessels in the waters of Oriental’s harbor. It all starts at high noon today. Come on down and take it in.

Sunshine today and a high that may reach 80. Saturday does have a chance of rain, but any showers should happen in the morning, leaving boat show hours drier. Word is that the boats are designed to get wet, so all should be well.

Winds are forecast from the south… keeping water levels ow and Hodges dry for the weekend.