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Death, Taxes, and Registration:

Just the first two used to be inevitable. Captain's Blog

Dragon's Breath Regatta 2021:

ODC's annual hot air event. The Story

Flounder Festival 2021:

From Croaker to Flounder. The Story

Gospel, Blues & Rockin' BBQ:

Singers (and dancers) come out to play. The Story

Heirloom Rice Brings Chefs to Pamlico County:

Locally grown rice and seafood is the attraction. The Story

To Document or Not:

Paperwork: federal and/or state?. Captain's Blog

Rick Smith, 1944 - 2021:

Artist, Dreamer, Caretaker, Curmudgeon. The Story

Dick Flaherty, 1941 - 2021:

Gentleman, Father, Mr. Fixit. The Story

A Returning Commissioner and Two Public Hearings:

June Town Board Meeting. The Story

Dancing into the Night:

Silospalooza 2021. The Story

Ketch Blue Moon:

Fulfilling a dream. The Story

Don’t Fish the Bombing Targets:

Staying clear of restricted waters. The Story

Flounder Fest Parade is On:

Fireworks, parades, and community support. The Story

ArtWorks Oriental Launches:

Studio space, gallery, art education. The Story

Don't Be Yourself:

Be someone nicer. Captain's Blog

Public Use Signs Cause 'Consternation' for Commissioners:

Town Board Meeting May 2021. The Story

Letters: Looking for a New Commissioner:

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Letters: A Commissioner Resigns:

Outside the limits. Letters To The Editor

Prom Night in Pamlico:

Dancing under the big white tent. The Story

2021 Town Wide Yard Sale:

Treasure hunting in the yard sales of Oriental. The Story

Derelict Boats Leave Oriental:

A change in the law helps clear the waters. The Story

Deaton Yacht Service Is Becoming Zimmerman Marine:

Will become part of a mid-Atlantic group of boatyards. The Story

2021 Town Wide Yard Sale:

Yard Sale Map & Information. The Story

Letters: Curbing Roadside Litter:

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New Owners Carry on the Tradition at Triton Yachts:

The multi faceted business finds the right new owners. The Story

Letters: Nip Bird In The Bud:

Scooters were trouble in Raleigh. Letters To The Editor

Letters: Look Out for 'Humps':

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Full House Wins Again:

2nd Annual Classic Car Poker Run. The Story

Jetty Permit in Limbo, Oriental Closer to Jurisdiction Over Local Waters:

Town Board Meeting April 2021. The Story

Fire Burns a Dragon and a Virus:

Dragon Burn 2021. The Story

Ever Running Aground:

Few things are certain, except death, taxes and going aground. Captain's Blog

Shoaling Near Ocracoke Temporarily Alters Pamlico Sound Ferry Schedule:

Bigfoot Slough Water Depths Too Shallow for Larger Ferries. The Story

Mr. March 2021 - Cowboy:

A spiritual leader with four legs. Pet Of The Month

A New Home for Pamlico County Fishes and Loaves:

PCFLO now has their own space. The Story

Knot Funny:

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Ribbons, Markers, and a Community Invitation:

OUMC prayer station. The Story

Rick's BBQ Opens On Broad:

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Pamlico County Vaccine Shipments Delayed:

Winter Weather Elsewhere Stops Shipments. The Story

Brother Sister Dory Story:

Cruising on a dory named Cod. The Shipping News

A Space for Artists at Work:

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Pamlico County Receives And Delivers 500 Vaccine Doses:

Who is getting them, and a look ahead. The Story

Robert James 'Bobby' Ross, 1982 - 2021:

"He made lives bettter". The Story

Ol' Front Porch Music Festival Returns October 2021:

2021 brings a focus on North Carolina bands. The Story

Dan Giro, 1942 - 2021:

A man of many firsts. The Story

Mr. January 2021 - Tillman:

A dog takes the lead. Pet Of The Month

The COVID Vaccine - What's Up in Pamlico County:

Phase details and limited supplies. The Story

New Year’s Boat-er-lutions:

Have a better boating year. Captain's Blog

Flooding, Buckling, Potholes: Board Plans Road Repairs:

Town Board Meeting January 2021. The Story

A kayaker takes their inflatable vessel on a tour of Greens Creek.

Sunday August 1, 2021

Temps near 90 today. But it’ll be the last time it’s that warm for a while. Tomorrow in the mid 80s, and then near 80 for the rest of the week.

The week’s lower temperatures are accompanied by rain; 50% or more all week:

Sw winds at 10-15mph. Some thunderstorms “may be severe this afternoon.”

If you’re looking for a quiet way to spend your stormy afternoon, The Village Gallery’s August artist of the month is two-for-one: creative couple Janet & David Jaworski.

On display – her paintings and his photography. You can check out the work of several other artists as well. The Gallery is open until 5p today.

Find out more of what’s happening in town in What’s Happening.

Saturday July 31, 2021

2:09p Honey Magpie plays tonight at the Village Brewery. If you were in town for the 2017 Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival, you might remember them playing from a residential porch next to the River Neuse Suites… where a wedding was taking place.

Both the wedding march, and Honey Magpie’s rendition of Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow could be heard as the bride walked down the aisle.

No word on whether any of Carol King’s hits feature in tonight’s lineup, but you can catch the band in the beer garden starting about 5p.

And if you’re wondering, yes, dear reader, there will be an Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival in 2021. The lineup is set and ready for October 8-10.

8:10a After an overcast morning, a partly sunny should emerge. Clammy high near 90, a 40% chance of afternoon showers. Sunday about the same, but a degree or two warmer, and a 70% chance of precip.

Neuse River Marine Forecast
Pamlico Sound Marine Forecast
TownDock Weather Radar

7:33a Today gets an acronym. CDOY.

Clamiest Day Of the Year.

Humidity (right now) in Oriental is 89%. Cherry Point measures 93%. We may as well be a fish.

CDOY may not be literally true (it hit 90% earlier this week), but by the harbor, the air seems thicker than ever. TownDock crew had a difficult time keeping fog off a camera lens.

Friday July 30, 2021

2:25p Tonight from 5-7p is an exhibit opening at Artworks. Wine. Cheese. You’re invited. Here’s some of what you’ll see:

(click photo for larger view)

You’ll see the wine & cheese too. The exhibit showcases 29 artists from across the United States, working in 17 different mediums. More info here.

9:26a For almost August, it almost feels coolish by the harbor this morning. That won’t be the case this afternoon.


High mid 90s today, with Heat Index values reaching near 110. It cools down to mid 80s highs for the weekend.

On the Neuse 10-15 knots today & Saturday, 5-10 Sunday.

Thursday July 29, 2021

9:22a Town feels like summer.

The older groups of the Children’s Theater Summer Workshops share what they’ve learned, tonight at 7p at the Old Theater.

At the brewery a weekend of music. Tonight Barefoot Wade from 6-8p, Friday night HoffnFinch (aka Mark Hoff & Scott Finch), Saturday Honey Magpie.

Friday night Artworks August Exhibit debuts, with a wine & cheese party from 5-7p. Saturday night is “Date Night Paint Night” at Artworks.

It’s all in What’s Happening.

Today we get to dry out… sunny and near 90. Saturday cools to the mid 80s, still with clear skies.

Nothing going on in the tropics right now, but we are approaching the busy part of the tropical storm season.

Wednesday July 28, 2021

3:21p There is a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH in effect until 9p tonight, for most of eastern North Carolina, including Pamlico County.

10:12a There’s a new charter boat in town… and this time it isn’t a sailboat. It’s a trawler, a Monk 36. TownDock crew went for a voyage with Jim Edwards, who showed us how to handle the helm:

More info about the Monk 36 is at bowtosternboating.com.

Tuesday July 27, 2021

3:48p Bunky, it’s time you put some points on the board. A frozen pizza just ain’t gonna do it. Time to venture just a tad outside your normal zone.

It just might be time for Date Night Paint Night.

It’s this Saturday evening, July 31, 7-9p at Artworks in Oriental. You and your date get all art supplies provided. You even get a glass of wine (it helps).

You and your date collaborate to create a painting. An Artworks artist will guide you (no experience required). Be brave and click here.

8:57a Invest 90, at the Georgia/SC coast, is about outta gas. There had been a concern the potential storm system could redevelop when/if it returned out to sea, but this morning the National Hurricane Center is dismissing that, stating: “Significant redevelopment of this system is not expected. Formation chance through 5 days…low…near 0 percent.

8:40a That big orange cable being installed on Hodges Street… is fiber optic cable, for Spectrum. The crew at work this morning:

While the fiber cable is several inches across, the actual fiber part is tiny, at its core. The rest is to protect the cable.

So, is town about to get faster net? Not really – but indirectly, kinda sorta. Where it is run, the fiber optic cable acts as a backbone around town. The connection to a home or business is still coaxial cable. While stated speeds may not change, an improved backbone should make speeds more reliable. Spectrum offers up to 1 Gbps (1000 Mbps) to homes and businesses in Oriental.

Monday July 26, 2021

2:24p TownDock often talks with Keith Bruno of Endurance Seafood about fishing. This time we talk fishing… but also a bit deeper. We talk about fish stocks and this year’s short Flounder season.

The short season Keith is referring to is from Sept 1 – 14 (recreational) and Oct 1 – 19 (for commercial). The 2020 season was 46 days for recreational fishermen. The 19 day season was the same for commercial fishermen in 2020.

By comparison, in 2018 the commercial flounder season was 11 months.

According to the NC Dept Of Environmental Quality, the shorter seasons are part of an effort to reach the the Southern Flounder Fishery Management Plan’s goal to “end overfishing within two years and rebuild the stock to achieve sustainable harvest within 10 years.”

10:32a It’s not an otter. Reader John Kaplan writes in:

Wife thought she saw an otter across the creek (Pierce Creek) this AM.  Turned out to be about a 5 ft Gator!

This isn’t the first time a gator has been spotted in Pierce Creek. The last time TownDock was notified of a large reptile in that area was in August of 2020, by creek resident John Rahm.

Though associated with more geographically southern states, alligators do call North Carolina home. “Coastal NC is considered the northern extent of their range,” according to NC Wildlife Resources Commission, “and pose little threat to human safety if left alone.”

8:53a Near 90 today through Friday. S winds around 10mph. There’s a minuscule chance of rain today (only 20%) but tomorrow it rises to 60%.

On the Neuse, Sw winds at 5-10 kt. On the Sound, they’re 10-15 kt with gusts 15-20 kt.

Neuse River Marine Forecast
Pamlico Sound Marine Forecast
TownDock Weather Radar

Sunday July 25, 2021

3:10p We’ve had some summer temperature extremes lately. From the Oriental Weather Station:

click image for larger view

Daily highs near 90 are forecast for the coming week.

Invest 90 is a low pressure system off Florida… it has a 50% chance of developing into a tropical depression. If it does the northern coast of Florida would be in for wind and rain… any impact to our area would be at most peripheral.

This Saturday night is Date Night at Artworks. What’s that? Read on…

Saturday July 24, 2021

7:59a Poker on the water. For Charity. Sponsored by Oriental’s three sailing clubs, the Charity Dinghy Poker Run is today. Buy a hand (or three) starting at 9:30a at the Tiki Bar, then hit the creeks at 11a to collect your cards. There’s food, silent and live auctions, and more.

Proceeds benefit youth sailing. Like these young sailors coming into Oriental Harbor on Friday:

Ben Casey photo.

The Parrotheads are coming. It’s a race/cruise/on-the-water-party coming from New Bern. Both town docks – at Hodges St and near Oriental Marina & Inn – have been reserved by the regatta for 24 hours.

Sunny and high near 90, with light winds becoming east at 10 mph this afternoon.

Oriental NC Forecast
Neuse River Marine Forecast
Pamlico Sound Marine Forecast
Neuse River at Oriental Water Level Gauge
TownDock streams NOAA Weather Radio Online

Friday July 23, 2021

4:55p Saturday is the Dinghy Poker Run. NYRA (Neuse Yacht Racing Association) brings the Parrothead Regatta, sailing from New Bern to Oriental.

Tonight Randall Whorton is at New Village Brewery, Rick Huff @ the Red Rooster.

It’s all in What’s Happening.

12:18p The not-so-likely potential storm is now being more closely followed… it is Invest 90:

Invest 90 forecast track
(click image for larger view)

NHC states: “…environmental conditions appear marginally conductive for some additional development during the next couple of days while the system drifts offshore of the southeastern United States.”

• Formation chance through 5 days…low…30 percent.

The next storm name on deck is Fred.

12:01p As of today 50% of Pamlico County has received the first dose of vaccine (47% both doses).

8:38a A low pressure system is off the GA/SC coast, that has a small chance of becoming tropical storm. Even if it were to happen, it’s initial movement would be east & offshore.

8:14a We’re getting a bit of a thermal break today and Saturday… forecast high just into the mid 80s.

Light 5-10 knot northeast winds on the Neuse today, becoming east Saturday.

Oriental NC Forecast
Neuse River Marine Forecast
Pamlico Sound Marine Forecast
TownDock Weather Radar

Thursday July 22, 2021

9:04a There was a haze hanging over the water this morning. While not unusual along the coast, this haze was different; there was no water vapor with it. Sunrise looked a little strange this morning.

The haze is actually smoke, blown across the continent from fires on the west coast. It is affecting almost all of North Carolina. So much so that the NC Department of Air Quality has issued a Code Orange warning for most of the state. Orange means the air outside is ‘unhealthy for sensitive groups.’

Those groups are “children, active people, older adults, and those with heart or lung disease (like asthma).” State guidelines suggest these people “limit prolonged or heavy exertion outdoors.”

Near 90 today, with light winds this morning becoming east at 10-15 mph this afternoon.