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It's Friday June 22, 2018 Dock Quote: “The ‘what should...

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Hope Regala 2018 :

Signed helmets, a trip abroad, and a $10,000 gift help local non-profit. The Story

Town Board Meeting June 2018:

Whittaker Point, 2018-19 Budget, and July's meeting moved up . The Story

Mister June 2018 - Petey:

Four-footed hospice helper. Pet Of The Month

Susan Elaine:

Home-built traditional sailboat. The Shipping News

Pizza, Soul, and Rock n' Roll at Silospalooza 2018:

6th Annual brings a little rain, a lot of music. The Story

King Tides Project Comes to Oriental:

Photographs contribute to UNC research. The Story

Bought. Sold. The 2018 Town Wide Yard Sale.:

Push mower with a cupholder and Santa riding a chicken. The Story

Town Board Meeting May 2018:

Ordinances amended, rezoning request denied. The Story

RiverKeeper and Citizen Scientists Get Funded:

'Cue for the Neuse brings in nearly $5,000 raised for river protection. The Story

SV SkinnyDipper:

Powerboaters become Loopers on a Meadowlark 37. The Shipping News

Letters: Dredge Spoil Poses Danger to Wildlife:

Dredge spoil captures deer. Letters To The Editor

2018 Oriental In-Water Boat Show:

A British Seagull, a Chris Craft, and a Swift Trawler all in one place. The Story

Wooden Sailing Skiff's Journey to the Boat Show:

NCCHA's new old boat comes to the show. The Story

Town Board Meeting April 2018:

Fees new and old, rezoning for a sale, street closings finalized. The Story

SailPack Regatta 2018:

20 teams from 16 Schools Sail on the Neuse. The Story


Circumnavigators become coastal cruisers. The Shipping News

Dragons, Pirates, and Popcorn at the 2018 PAWS Pet Parade:

Bribe the judge for a good cause. The Story

SailPack Regatta Comes March 30 - April 1st:

Coach Dana Magliola on the SailPack Regatta. Guest Columnist

Chowder Cook-off 2018:

A festival celebrating chowder & St. Patrick's Day. The Story

College Sailing Teams Visit Oriental:

Sailing students train in town. The Story

Letters: Bring Back Classical Music:

Classical Radio Ends Suddenly. Letters To The Editor

Mister March 2018 - Zeus:

Breed Ambassador. Pet Of The Month

Hodges Street Flooding. Is There A Fix?:

Hodges Street and Raccoon Creek: A Brief History. The Story

Winter Birds at Pungo Reserve:

Photographer captures wildlife at Pungo Reserve. The Story

Whittaker Point Is Eroding:

Whittaker Creek Properties Potentially Threatened. The Story

Oriental's Chinese New Year 2018:

A Dragon, a Rickshaw, and Pots & Pans. The Story

2018 ~ Year Of The Dog:

Celebrating two Oriental favorites. Drawing The Town

Pirate Ship Owl:

A 1960's sailboat in a 1780's disguise. The Shipping News

Town Board Meeting February 2018:

Military training, Chinese New Year, Seismic Blasting. The Story

Mister February 2018 - Mister Earl:

Man About Town. Pet Of The Month

Parade Master Paul needs a few good floats for the Croaker Festival Parade. He lays out the what, when, and where above.

Friday June 22, 2018

8:12a There’s a lot going on in town today. No whining there’s nothing to do.

The Pamlico Arts Council is meeting today at 6p at The Old Theater and showing a Penn & Teller film; Tim’s Vermeer. Free to the public.

Croakertown Coffee is demonstrating the Aeropress brewing system today at the Roastery between 9a -3p.

Village Brewery is hosting Big Boss Brewing Company this weekend. Big Boss names their brews in the style of WWI bombers. Some of the offerings tonight are Big Boss Lager, Hell’s Belle Belgian Blonde Ale, and Bad Penny Brown Ale.

The Urban Gypsies will play on the porch of The Bean tonight from 6 – 630p, before their full performance on Saturday.

Thursday June 21, 2018

1:22p Deals at the Piglet are up. Specials this week include Boneless Pork Chops. If you’ve missed out on one of the videos with Piggly Wiggly owner Billy Flockhart, you can view those at the link, too.

6:37a Today is the longest day of the year and it will again be in the low 90s. The Oriental Weather Station says humidity is currently 100% and temps won’t reach mid 80s again until next Tuesday. This writer will be happy to see a few shorter, cooler days.

Big Boss Brewery is taking over the taps at the Village Brewery. A cold ale is one way to beat the heat. The Brewery is also expanding their hours; they’re now open on Sundays.

Wednesday June 20, 2018

7:35a Temps will be high again, but only in the low 90s. It’s still gonna be hot. Gentle reader, drink your water.

The 2018 Bow to Stern summer youth program is in full swing. Both the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, as well as other youth sailors, are at the sailing school earning their ASA 101 certifications or learning how to sail.

Tuesday June 19, 2018

11:09a It’s hot out there. Temps are in the mid 90s today and there is a heat advisory in effect. Heat index readings are up to 109 degrees.

What is a heat advisory? Straight from the weather geeks at NOAA:

A heat advisory means that people can be affected by heat if precautions are not taken. A quick study in the Corning area from the 2005 summer showed that early in the summer, emergency room visits increased when the heat index surpassed 95°F.

The issuance of a heat advisory is important to raise public awareness that these precautions need to be taken. Heat advisories are also used to trigger other actions and regulations such as no evictions, no turning off of power, changing outdoor work requirements, etc.

An open fire hydrant cools the crowd during the 2009 Croaker Relay.
Today might be a good day to finish those indoor projects. If you have to be outside, stay hydrated.

8:29a Two presentations are happening in town today.

The Oriental Women’s Club is hosting Jayne Stasser. She’ll tell you all about recycling and what you can and can’t throw in those big blue bins. It’s at 1007 Gilgo Rd. Refreshments at 9a and the talk begins at 930a.

Pamlico’s Master Gardeners will be at Town Hall at 2p to discuss the life and times of the Monarch Butterfly. They’ll teach you how to attract, raise, and release them in a talk titled ‘Help Save the Monarch Butterflies’.

Both talks are free to the public.

Monday June 18, 2018

10:26a The Garbology Unit for the Croaker Festival needs a few good volunteers. More from Jayne Stasser:

Croaker Festival is fast approaching. A fun way for your group or family to experience Croaker Festival is to “Adopt-a-Garbology-Run! You will receive lots of appreciation from the crowds and all Garbology Run volunteers receive a Croaker Festival t-shirt.

There are 6 runs on the weekend and each run only needs 3 volunteers – 2 relatively strong people to empty the trash bins into the garbology bin on the forklift and one person to collect the bags of trash from the vendors. A run takes between 30-45 minutes.

To adopt a run or learn more, contact Jayne Stasser at jayne.stasser@gmail.com or call 617-9219.

7:014a A thunderstorm early this morning dumped nearly 2.5 inches of rain before 6a. The Duck Pond is full, but Hodges St. is clear.

It looks like more rain is incoming, but temperatures are forecast to reach 90 later today with a heat index reading of up to 103.

Sunday June 17, 2018

7:30a Looks like the last day for temps in the high 80s. It’s going to get hotter, but only by a few degrees. Low 90s through Friday. 50% chance of rain this afternoon.

It’s Sunday. Rest. Relax.

Croakerfest and July 4 fireworks are coming up quickly. Parade Master Paul Fairbanks will soon be in search of entries for the Croakfer Festival Parade.

Saturday June 16, 2018

6:28a Just about nothing but sunny & clear skies in the near term forecast ( a very small chance of showers Sunday & Monday.)

Mid week will be hot – lows on dipping down to near 80 / upper 70s. Its that “low tonight 80” weather that makes the cold stuff in January (that didn’t seem like such a great idea at the time) seem not so bad.

Today’s sunny mid 80s is poifect for what’s goin’ on. Outdoor painting, hula hooping, wine tasting. The ODC Sunfish fleet is racing today.

On the Neuse East 5-10 knot winds.

Friday June 15, 2018

Oriental has a coffee roastery – it just opened this spring. Croakertown Coffee sells mostly to wholesale accounts, but on Fridays they are open for retail, 9a – 3p. Maybe this year Dad gets coffee beans for Father’s Day. He really doesn’t want another tie.

Patrick Bliss plays at The Red Rooster tonight. Wine tastings Saturday afternoon at Nautical Wheelers. At New Village Brewery Saturday Zoey will teach you hula hoop. Beer helps.

It’s all in What’s Happening.

Thursday June 14, 2018

12:40p Billy Flockhart is back with the June update from the Oriental Piggly Wiggly. There are specials for summer and for Father’s Day. Billy says if you mention the video ad on TownDock.net, you can also get $5 off a new Piglet shirt.

8:18a Father’s Day is this Sunday. Don’t know what to get him?

The Pig has specials on ribs and steaks.

The Brewery is celebrating with the Wilmington Brewing Company, offering up their IPA Dad Beer Session for the weekend.

This weekend’s events are all in What’s Happening.

Wednesday June 13, 2018

3:26p Saturday night, over 300 people gathered for a gala dinner for Hope Clinic. TownDock was there.

2:54p Virginia Draughon (aka “Miss Cricket”) passed away this morning. She was 101. Miss Cricket had observed her 101st birth this past January 23rd. There was a small party at Brantley’s Restaurant – where Miss Cricket had breakfast every day.

Miss Cricket would drive her pickup to Brantleys every morning. And after breakfast, you’d see Brantley helping Miss Cricket to get back into the pickup for the ride home. Miss Cricket operated Green Bay Marina, a peaceful place on Greens Creek.

If you have a photograph of Miss Cricket we’d love to share it on TownDock. Thanks to Sally Farrell for the picture of Miss Cricket on her 100th birthday.

11:01a TownDock.net has learned that Bruce Goodman passed away this week. The long time resident of Minnesott Beach was a frequent site at all things Oriental until recent years. Our sympathies to Bruce’s wife Donna. Bruce had a smile that seemed to imply he was always up to something. Below – Bruce (at right) looking for deals at the 2013 Town Wide Yard Sale, and on the foredeck of Valkyrie in the 2008 Oriental Cup Regatta:
Bruce GoodmanBruce Goodman
click images for a larger view

9:30a Grilling out for Father’s Day? There are some specials at The Pig that just might help.

See this week’s specials here.

8:54a There’s a lot going on today. It’s the last day of the library book sale.

There’s a casual race on on the Neuse tonight at 5:30p (weather permitting). Boats gather at Oriental Marker #1 and sail to the upwind mark, either Garbacon or Adam’s Creek.

Or you can eat, drink, and sing at the Silos Open Mic Night.

7:45a A little over 2 inches of rain fell yesterday. That’s 5.78 inches for the month of June. Today there’s a 40% it may rain again. Temps will reach mid-80s later today.

Tuesday June 12, 2018

4:14p Now almost 2 1/4 inches of rain today. Word from Oriental Town Hall – town is wet, and you can help:

Public Works has been working tirelessly on drainage throughout town. But we need residents’ help. town hall signAttached are a few photos of the stopped drainage on Church St. It was amazing how LITTLE debris clogged up both sides of the street on Church and turned it into a torrent moving in the wrong direction. Once raked out, it drained fairly quickly, but we can’t be everywhere all the time. Clearing the culvert under driveways is the homeowner’s responsibility – we clear open ditches, not culverts, except those under the roads. Any and all assistance is appreciated.
Here are the wet views:

click image for the big view and more wet pics

2:52p Today’s alternative quote is from George Carlin:

“There will be a rain dance Friday night, weather permitting.”

Back here in river city, Friday night is thankfully forecast to be dry. Today, over 2 inches or rain has fallen. And it is still coming down…

2:07p Make that a dark and stormy afternoon. Over an inch of precipitation already.

While we are one wet town today, fear not dear reader. A sunny & dry weekend is ahead.

To go along with that sunshine – there are events in town. Patrick Bliss plays The Red Rooster Friday night. You can paint a lily. You can learn to hula hoop Saturday. It’s all in What’s Happening.

1:56p Ay caramba. That’s a lotta rain. So far about 3/4 inch today, but more will accumulate – it is coming down at a brutal rate.

7:36a High tide? It’s been over a month since water levels were this high… about 1 1/2 feet high this morning.

water levelsWater is covering Hodges Street by the harbor – you can see it on HarborCam.

Almost an inch and a half of rain yesterday. Overnight it didn’t really rain – but the world is damp & drizzly this morning. One might say the air is soggy. Today looks to stay wet – 70% chance of rain – afternoon thunderstorms likely.