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It's Friday September 24, 2021 Dock Quote: “Everybody’s talking at...

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Upcoming Events

Men at Work:

Nautical self-help. Captain's Blog

Tom Lathrop:

Meet the man and his boats. The Story

Fire Station 19 Honors 9/11 Anniversary:

The 20th Anniversary. The Story

New Bridge at Dawson Creek:

Scheduled to begin Summer 2022. The Story

Introducing MarineWeather.net:

Marine weather all in one place. The Story

Abstraction and Form in Watercolor:

Artists' Reception, Sept 4, 2-5p. The Story

The Man in the Photo:

Local knowledge required. The Story

A New Face at the Pamlico County Library:

Meet librarian Caitlin Kuhn. The Story

Heavy Weather Prep While Underway:

Prepping on the water. Captain's Blog

2021 Bow to Stern Summer Regatta:

Sailing through the rain. The Story

Watermelon Sunday Returns:

51 years of watermelon with the Bonds. The Story

Signs, Street Closures, and Wind Generators:

August 2021 Town Board Meeting. The Story

Waves, Fledglings, Fences & Beaks:

August Artists of the Month @ Village Gallery. The Story

Death, Taxes, and Registration:

Just the first two used to be inevitable. Captain's Blog

Dragon's Breath Regatta 2021:

ODC's annual hot air event. The Story

Flounder Festival 2021:

From Croaker to Flounder. The Story

Gospel, Blues & Rockin' BBQ:

Singers (and dancers) come out to play. The Story

Heirloom Rice Brings Chefs to Pamlico County:

Locally grown rice and seafood is the attraction. The Story

To Document or Not:

Paperwork: federal and/or state?. Captain's Blog

Rick Smith, 1944 - 2021:

Artist, Dreamer, Caretaker, Curmudgeon. The Story

Dick Flaherty, 1941 - 2021:

Gentleman, Father, Mr. Fixit. The Story

A Returning Commissioner and Two Public Hearings:

June Town Board Meeting. The Story

Dancing into the Night:

Silospalooza 2021. The Story

Ketch Blue Moon:

Fulfilling a dream. The Story

Don’t Fish the Bombing Targets:

Staying clear of restricted waters. The Story

Flounder Fest Parade is On:

Fireworks, parades, and community support. The Story

ArtWorks Oriental Launches:

Studio space, gallery, art education. The Story

Don't Be Yourself:

Be someone nicer. Captain's Blog

Public Use Signs Cause 'Consternation' for Commissioners:

Town Board Meeting May 2021. The Story

Letters: Looking for a New Commissioner:

Vacancy leaves space for recommendations. Letters To The Editor

Letters: A Commissioner Resigns:

Outside the limits. Letters To The Editor

Prom Night in Pamlico:

Dancing under the big white tent. The Story

2021 Town Wide Yard Sale:

Treasure hunting in the yard sales of Oriental. The Story

Derelict Boats Leave Oriental:

A change in the law helps clear the waters. The Story

Deaton Yacht Service Is Becoming Zimmerman Marine:

Will become part of a mid-Atlantic group of boatyards. The Story

2021 Town Wide Yard Sale:

Yard Sale Map & Information. The Story

Letters: Curbing Roadside Litter:

Join an event or DIY. Letters To The Editor

New Owners Carry on the Tradition at Triton Yachts:

The multi faceted business finds the right new owners. The Story

Letters: Nip Bird In The Bud:

Scooters were trouble in Raleigh. Letters To The Editor

Letters: Look Out for 'Humps':

Turtles on the move. Letters To The Editor

Full House Wins Again:

2nd Annual Classic Car Poker Run. The Story

Jetty Permit in Limbo, Oriental Closer to Jurisdiction Over Local Waters:

Town Board Meeting April 2021. The Story

Fire Burns a Dragon and a Virus:

Dragon Burn 2021. The Story

Ever Running Aground:

Few things are certain, except death, taxes and going aground. Captain's Blog

Shoaling Near Ocracoke Temporarily Alters Pamlico Sound Ferry Schedule:

Bigfoot Slough Water Depths Too Shallow for Larger Ferries. The Story

Mr. March 2021 - Cowboy:

A spiritual leader with four legs. Pet Of The Month

A New Home for Pamlico County Fishes and Loaves:

PCFLO now has their own space. The Story

Knot Funny:

The five(ish) knots you should know. Captain's Blog

Saturday night, HeartWorks brings HarborFest home to their newly renovated youth facility. Tour the new buildings and courtyard, dine and dance to live music, and place your bid in the auctions. Buy tickets, check out the auction catalog, or make a donation here.

Friday September 24, 2021

4:39p Pick up food from the Salty Sistas’ Food truck and listen to Brant Island Strings tonight at New Village Brewery. Music begins at 6p, food served until 8p.

Down at The Red Rooster (behind the Silos) hear Hank Barbee of The Dust Parade play on the Bantam stage. Music starts at 7p.

To see what else is going on in Oriental, check out What’s Happening.

7:45a On this third day of autumn, the overnight low reached 59. Sunny and near 80 today.

7:36a Sam became Hurricane Sam early this morning. Sam is the 7th hurricane of the 2021 tropical storm season. The storm is expected to become a major hurricane this weekend, reaching 130 mph winds.

The longer term computer models are suggesting Sam will be pushed away from the US east coast by a front:

Hurricane Sam has far to travel. We can’t yet assume that the ultimate track may not trend back our away.

There is also a likely storm system being created right behind Sam. From NHC:

A tropical wave is expected to move off the west coast of Africa by the end of this weekend. Thereafter, environmental conditions are forecast to be conductive for gradual development, and a tropical depression could form by the middle of next week while the system moves westward at 10 to 15 mph over the far eastern tropical Atlantic.
Thursday September 23, 2021

11:03a The tropical depression has been upgraded – now Tropical Storm Sam. Sam is the eighteenth named storm of the season. This storm is expected to reach hurricane strength Friday or Saturday.

Tropical Storm Sam Tracking Chart
Tropical Storm Sam Forecasters Discussion
Tropical Storm Sam Public Advisory

8:32a Most boat work is about the boat. But some is about the human. Captain John Rahm is working hard to explain this in this month’s Captain’s Blog.

8:03a We are past the peak of hurricane season, but individual storm systems don’t read those statistics. Storm Eighteen / future Sam is on the Atlantic, and now it appears there may be another system brewing behind it:

Another tropical wave is expected to move off the west coast of Africa by the end of the weekend. Thereafter, environmental conditions are forecast to be conducive for gradual development of this system as it moves westward at 10 to 15 mph over the far east Atlantic.

More info in the Hurricane Center.

6:30a Overnight both storms Peter and Rose ran outa steam – both systems were mid Atlantic. Tropical Depression Eighteen (future Hurricane Sam) remains.

Eighteen/Sam’s future track is making us wonder. Some long term models send Sam to the US east coast. Fortunately, many don’t, favoring a more northern route that will keep Sammy away.

Tropical Depression Eighteen Tracking Chart
Tropical Depression Eighteen Forecasters Discussion
Tropical Depression Eighteen Public Advisory

Wednesday September 22, 2021

5:15p Tropical Depression Eighteen has been declared. This is potential trouble… it is forecast to become Hurricane Sam by Saturday. The computer models suggest Sam will head north enough to avoid a route that comes our way, but the initial NHC track has our attention:

Here is an ensemble of the unofficial computer models… many (not all) hinting that Sam may kindly head north enough to avoid a visit.

Meanwhile, Tropical Depressions Peter and Rose are still out there. Both are forecast to stay far away, and both also forecast to dissipate in the next 24 to 36 hours.

Future Sam is the one to watch.

4:14p Rain on the way… check out weather radar.

9:25a Twenty-four hours, nearly equally divided between day and night. It happens twice a year.

And today’s one of those days, Bunky; the Autumnal Equinox. The first official day of fall.

There’s a good chance of rain today and tomorrow, with highs near 80. After that, it’s sunny days through the weekend.

It’s near perfect weather for a Fundraising Gala. For the first time, HeartWorks’ Harborfest will be held at their newly remodeled Safe Harbor Youth Center. There is dining and dancing, tours of the new classrooms, and a live auction.

Items up for bid include a low country boil for 20, two tickets to a UNC/Duke Basketball game, professional landscaping, and more. Take a look at the auction catalog here.

Tuesday September 21, 2021

5:32p Tonight’s low is 75. Friday’s high is 75. Autumn is emerging.

8:10a There are two tropical storms right now on the Atlantic, neither a potential concern for eastern North Carolina (or the US coast at all). While Storms Peter and Rose will stay far away, the yet undeclared disturbance is the one to watch.

Invest 98 is a tropical wave near the Cape Verde Islands. This is likely to become a tropical depression Thursday or Friday… and then strengthen into Tropical Storm Sam.

Most of the early computer models suggest a track towards the Caribbean, that could have future designs on our coast:

Hurricane Center

Monday September 20, 2021

2:37p What’s Oriental Harbor like on a Sunday? HarborCam caught it all. Sunrise to sunset in about 30 seconds. Take a look:

9:01a The Atlantic is semi-crowded with storm activity. At the moment, none of it is a threat to our shores.

Even the storm names seem calm… Peter & Rose just don’t evoke scary stormy thoughts. From a US coast perspective, both Peter & Rose are staying out to sea. If you’re in Bermuda, you won’t think that… as Peter appears to be headed toward the island nation. Peter is not expected to reach hurricane strength.

Invest 98 may become Storm Sam later this week. Early computer models are not at all conclusive re that system’s future route.

Sunday September 19, 2021

7:14a Overnight the two Invests on the Atlantic were officially declared as storms. There is Tropical Storm Peter and Tropical Depression Seventeen (which will get the name “Rose”). Both storms have a track that will keep them well away from the US east coast. Peter may visit Bermuda. Neither are forecast to reach hurricane strength.

Tropical Storm Peter Tracking Chart
Tropical Storm Peter Forecasters Discussion
Tropical Storm Peter Public Advisory

Tropical Depression Seventeen Tracking Chart
Tropical Depression Seventeen Forecasters Discussion
Tropical Depression Seventeen Public Advisory

Saturday September 18, 2021

11:52A Storm Odette is high tailin’ it northeast and away. There are two disturbances on the Atlantic, Invest 95 & Invest 97.

While there are no official tracks yet, the initial computer models suggest if these do form into storms, they will trend north and not reach the US east coast.

10:18a Lots goin’ in and near Oriental today. You can make art, there is a healing workshop, a motorcycle ride, wine tastings at 2 & 3p, Jimmy K’s Brats at 4p, and all day today the Greens Creek Challenge.

All the info is in What’s Happening.

Friday September 17, 2021

5:11p That disturbance off our coast has just been declared a storm – but no worries. Tropical Storm Odette is 250 miles offshore of Norfolk, with a path that keeps the storm away and at sea.

Tropical Storm Odette Tracking Chart
Hurricane Center

The GOES East satellite view:

Thursday September 16, 2021

1:48p Wax and watercolors, and a Plastiquarium. ArtWorks Oriental opens its new exhibit, ‘The Reluctant Welcoming of Fall’ on Friday night, 5-7p, with a wine and cheese reception. New work, and new artists are on display in the ArtWorks gallery.

Saturday, ArtWorks hosts artists and author David Edgar as he teaches a workshop on sculpture using plastic bottles.

Students learn basic engineering techniques for creating their own ‘plastiquarium’ designs, and explore environmental science. Teachers in Pamlico County Schools can get continuing Education Credits for attending the course.

8:44a Oriental celebrates 90 years of the amazing (and ongoing) life of one of its citizens. If you see Tom Lathrop Friday, share a Happy Birthday.

Few have accomplished what Tom has in his 90 years. Meet Tom Lathrop, right here.

Wednesday September 15, 2021

2:53p Saturday marked the 20th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. Oriental’s Fire Station 19 honored the fallen with a fire department tradition.

1:39p You have the best German potato salad recipe. You know it. Your family and friends know it. Now it’s time all of Oriental knows it.

Bring your potentially award winning German potato salad to the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival Oktoberfest fundraiser this Saturday, September 18, 4p at New Village Brewery. You could be crowned German Potato Salad King/Queen.

Even if you don’t like potato salad, you can show up for Jim Kellenberger’s grilled brats. Jill & Shane Harris provide live music in the beer garden. All for a $10 donation to the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival fundraiser.

7:49a Tuesday’s hungry caterpillars have found food. From Darlene Marquart:

Oriental is amazing! We have residents who are helping Caterpillars and Monarchs thrive. I have received some milkweed plants. The caterpillars are eating and growing by the minute.

The caterpillars in action:

Mostly sunny today, high in the mid 80s. Small chance of rain later today.

Oriental NC Forecast
TownDock.net Radar
Neuse River Marine Forecast
Pamlico Sound Marine Forecast

Tuesday September 14, 2021

10:52a Cherry Branch – Minnesott Beach Ferry has both boats back in service. View the regular schedule here or check the links on the right hand side of TownDock’s front page for “Ferry Schedule”.

9:48a These are Monarch butterfly caterpillars. And they are hungry.

Oriental resident Darlene Marquart is trying to feed them so they survive (and become butterflies). It turns out Monarch caterpillars are fussy eaters – they only really like one thing: Milkweed.

So Darlene is searching for Milkweed. If there is any in your yard and you’re willing to share with the hungry Monarchs-in-the-making, contact Darlene at 214-454-5909.

9:27a Cherry Point – Minnesott Beach Ferry is a one-boat operation this morning. From Cherry Branch Ferry:

ferry logo MV Baum is out of service with a problem with her rescue boat.

We will be running one boat from Cherry Branch at 0930, 1030 and 1130. From Minnesott Beach at 0900, 1000, and 1100.