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It's Monday December 22, 2014

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Summer Camp
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Our Summer Day Camp remains the center piece of our youth summer programs. The camp sessions will be divided into three distinctive groups depending on age, sailing experience, and on-the-water confidence level.

Our Counselor in Training (CIT) program will include more time assisting the younger sailors and double handed sailing (FJs and Keel Boats), all while continuing to accommodate the personal growth and leadership development of our older sailors. This program will have three major components: Leadership Development, Instructional Sailing, and Assisting the Summer Camp. (* CIT Programs may not be held during Keelboat Program weeks.)

Both programs will have 9 one week sessions starting June 16th and ending August 15th. Each session is Monday – Friday from 9:00-5:00.

The Keelboat Cruising Program is our new program addition. This program is designed for the older sailors (14-16), who are ready for another challenge. Supervised sailors will cruise the local waters on small keelboats while being introduced to many of the aspects involved in cruising and living aboard.

This five day overnight program starts on Monday at 9:00am and ends Friday at 5:00pm.

Please look at the Summer Camp Calendar for a more detailed schedule.

Be sure to read the Class and Program Descriptions for detailed information about each class/program.

Click to Register for our summer programs.

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