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It's Thursday September 20, 2018

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aces and scenes from the Oriental Farmers’ Market:

Scene at the Oriental Farmers’ Market in 2010, our third year.
Jayne Stasser demonstrates “Furoshiki”, the Japanese art of giftwrapping with fabric. It’s in keeping with Jayne’s efforts toward using less plastic. She sells — at cost and no profit to herself — garbage and other bags made of more bio-degradeable corn.
Eben Crowe performing at the Farmers’ Market in December. His alter ego, Bob Laverty has started offering up vegetables from Bob’s Gardens in the Spring of 2009.
NIcole, of Nicole’s Turks Head Mats, and some of the work she’s done with recycled dock line. (She makes table mats from the newer line.)
Ben Bruno takes a break from selling crabs.
Laura Turgeon at the Banner Booth.
Faithful customer, Melissa Lavalle who has rarely missed a market in a year and a half. She carries her haul in a basket made by Bill Evans of W3 (Will’s Wood Works.)
Dorita Boyd of Raindrop Ridge Herb Farms sold herbs at the April 4, 2009 market and showed how to successfully grown thyme in a strawberry planter.
Abundance of greens from Sandie’s Academy Street Gardens.

And still more.

We are a year-round market….

Farmers' Market Hours

Winter Hours: Saturday's 9:00am - Noon

The Farmers' Market is on Hodges Street near the Harbor