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Instead of Football Regatta 2012
Vessels from Horizon to Horizon
January 4, 2012

Coming and going: “Long Shot” and “Il Gatto” pass “Lahsa” heading the other way
Here, on the regatta’s downwind leg, “RiRa” sets a seldom seen combination of sails. Flying from the mainmast is a colorful cruising chute, and from the mizzen, a mizzen staysail. Aboard “RiRa” are Gerald Crowley, Anisha Frizzell, Tom, Liz, Mark, Jan, and Tim Lathrop. (Cathy Brugett photo)
Joe Valinoti’s Nonsuch 30, “Il Gatto” shows the fleet just how swift catboats can be. Here she is starting on the second, downwind, leg of the course.
Matt Bannister, Douglass Wales and crew aboard the light blue sloop pursue the much larger yawl “Skimmer” around the upwind mark
Kara Wheeler at the tiller of an FJ-14 dinghy sent out by the Bow to Stern sailing school. Ben Bruno mans the mainsheet.
The gaff cutter “Phyllis May” sails across the regatta course behind “RiRa”.
“Phyllis May’s” reefing bowsprit. The block and tackle at the end of the spar allow the bowsprit to be pulled inboard for heavy weather or tight maneuvering. Though she didn’t cross the starting line with regatta participants, she joined them for the downwind leg.

Posted Wednesday January 4, 2012 by Bernie Harberts

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