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Scenes Of The Snow
Third Fall In As Many Weeks Covers Oriental
February 11, 2014
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snow feb 2014 dewar boat
Getting out on the water may be a few days off. A glimpse of boat thru a garage window. Photo: Alan Dewar.
snow feb 2014 snowman sailcraft sampson
A snowman oversees the boats at Sailcraft Services. That is a stony gaze — the eyes are gravel from the yard. Laurie Sampson adds that the snowman is all recycled: “The smile is a piece of wire in white plastic with the coating cut off, one arm is a paperclip and the other is a short piece of twisted wire.”Photo: Laurie Sampson.
snow feb 2014 dogs
Dog days of winter. Lacey and Cagney (foreground) romp in the snow Photo: Pat Dixon.
snow feb 2014 dog
Dave and Sue Mauney’s dog, Emli, is dressed for an outing Tuesday.Photo: Dave Mauney..

snow feb 2014 snowman endurance bruno

A snowman at Endurance Seafood, with a visibly high level of carotene. (It’s the Vitamin D the snowman is worried about, but not for a day or so.) (Photo: Keith Bruno).

snow feb 2014 ronald mcdonald schmidt
Meanwhile, on the Neuse off of Janiero Road, Ronald McDonald wears a snow hat while reportedly awaiting a date with the Oriental mermaid. Muffin Schmidt says the fiberglass Ronald once graced a playground but now resides along the banks of the river here. (Photo: Muffin Schmidt).

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Posted Tuesday February 11, 2014 by Melinda Penkava

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