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Casting Call - June 27 & 28

Casting call June 27 & 28 at 6p at The Old Theater.

Casting is for Thirteen Signs You Should Stop Being a Pirate by A.M. Dittman and Pirate Jam Vignettes by P.F. Nocera. Show directed by P.F. Nocera.

The overall show is about the pirates traveling, attending, and returning to their ship after the Oriental Pirate Jam. British accents helpful but not necessary. Casting Call is for Adults only.

Performance Dates: August 26, 27, & 28.

Casting for:
Pirate Narrator – strong, well-articulated voice, very specific and technically correct with impassioned overtones.
Captain – Demanding, no fun & games personality, stands proudly as he/she calls out orders.
Pirate Jaime – Soft hearted, gentle, intelligent, sensitive, perfectly articulate and well-groomed.
Pirate 1, 2, 3 and 4 – typical pirates
Extra Pirates – as needed for the play and vignettes Vignettes: Need 6 actors good at creating situational humor and signaling clear facial queues to the audience.

RSVP If you plan to attend auditions. Everybody has a role at the Old Theater. Email Pat at PC.OldTheater@gmail.com or call 252-249-0477.


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