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Water Burnout April 17 - May 24

The annual Water Burnout is happening April 17 – May 24. Once a year, for one month, the Town switches the chemicals used to clean the Town’s water supply. This change in chemicals flushes out any buildup in the lines. They’re switching from Chloramines to Chlorine.

The water may look discolored or have a strong smell. If residents find they have problems with their water, call Town Hall at (252) 249-0555. Town may send workers to open a valve or hydrant to flush the system. Town Hall says to turn on all the faucets in your home, as you might do if you’ve been away for a while, to help rid the water of the chlorine smell.

Town Manager Diane Miller warns that elderly pets, people on dialysis or with compromised immune systems, or those who have/raise fish should be aware as they often have a sensitivity to the change in chemicals.

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