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Letters: Thank You to the Volunteers of Pamlico County
A Man With A Grill Tips His Hat
July 3, 2017

ou’ll see Jim Kellenberger at a lot of fundraisers. Often he is the man behind the grill, cooking up a pig or hundreds of chickens. These events happen due to the hands of many… Jim writes in:

Leslie and I came to this place called Oriental in April of 2002 and were shortly “wrangled” into the Oriental Methodist Church by Jackie and Faye Mason. This is where I began to understand what it means to make a difference as a volunteer. After my retirement and with the help of many of my old co-workers I was able to purchase the “Grilla from Manilla” in late June of 2006. The name I have given that “big dog” grill many of you have seen me pull around the County.

Jim Kellenberger
Jim Kellenberger
Over the last 11 years I have had the good fortune to help folks all over this state , especially in Wake and Pamlico Counties. These groups getting help have been as varied as you can image and I seem to get lots of compliments for my efforts to help folks raise money. Some people even think the food is good.

But one thing you might not hear much about are the folks who actually make these events work. Those good souls who come up with the ideas, sell the tickets, make the posters, put up the posters, take down the posters, serve the tea, make the desserts, run out 17.3 minutes before “kick-off” to pick up the apple cider vinegar I forgot, listen to me bark orders to make that secret cole slaw, serve the food while I am saying “a few less beans, a little more slaw”. The folks that decorate the venues, play the music, bring the extra coolers and ice, recycle the trash and leftovers to those in need, and hang around to clean up and help me pack it all up for another day.

This merry band of volunteers from all walks of life in this county are who this letter is dedicated to. Without you these events would never happen. Without you the needs of this area would go wanting. I have been truly blessed to have found this community of caring folks who are making a difference in the lives of others. No matter what you have done or will do to make a difference in this County I say thank from the bottom of my heart. Because Margaret Mead was right when she said (and I am going to butcher this baby) the only thing that has ever created positive change is a small group of caring people.

So go on you Pamlicoians, give a piece of your heart tomorrow to someone that thinks no one cares. And it will change your life forever.

Jim Kellenberger
Raleigh and Oriental

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