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Letters: Help For Maui
"I’m just so devastated"
August 13, 2023

he news from Maui today has the death toll from wildfires over 90 (and many more listed as missing), making it the deadliest natural disaster in Hawaii since it became a state.

Oriental resident Darlene Marquart writes in about how folks can lend a hand:

Dear Towndock readers,

I am feeling sad and I want to take action to help the people and pets in Maui. I have a friend who lives on the island. I asked her who can we support, how can we help.

From my friend:
“Thank you Darlene, I do feel the outpouring of love. I’m just so devastated.”

She said they feel the love and people are helping they just need so much more help. It is beyond our ability to comprehend the horrific devastation. I know Oriental has given and received help to recovery from numerous disasters. We have an idea of what this feels like. Please find it in your heart to give to help those who are suffering so much right now.  This is not going to be a quick recovery. It is going to take a lot of helpers and it is going to take awhile to overcome this tragedy. The suffering is unbelievable.   Your help can make a difference. Big or small help is help.

Please consider giving to one or more of the following organizations:

Darlene Marquart
Oriental, NC
August 13, 2023

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