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Letters: Thanks For Ol' Front Porch Music Fest Success
September 17, 2014

letter of thanks from the organizers of Saturday’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival, pulled together in just six weeks.

To the Editor,

It took a village to make the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival happen, but happen it did.

A heartfelt “thank you” to the musicians and singers who gave of their time to entertain; the homeowners who allowed the use of their porches; our volunteer “porch sitters”; Redneck Grill master, Jim Kellenberger; Maureen Donald of The Pamlico News for publicity; Melinda Penkava and the Towndock crew for daily promotional updates; Bill Wheeler, business coordinator; Dawn Hoyle, volunteer coordinator; Leigh Price, nonprofit coordinator; Carl & Catherine Baxley, Country Market Place coordinators; Sam Myers, poster creator & distributor; Oriental’s History Museum for loaning the Ol’ Store exhibit; Freda Watson, program layout; Oriental’s Rotary Club for the last-minute emergency use of a tent; Barbara Venturi, sign-maker; Jayne Beyer and Tammy Cox, Town of Oriental staff for program reproduction; Diane Miller, Oriental Town Manager whose support helped to make this event happen.

Community response to this festival has been overwhelming. The enthusiasm it has generated, and the huge participation are beyond our wildest dreams for a first annual. Be on the lookout for Oriental’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival – October 17, 2015.

Dottie Osmun
Leslie Kellenberger
Co-chairs Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival Committee

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