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Letters: Walking With Ghosts
An Appreciation
October 18, 2014

alloween’s on the horizon and haints’re on the radar screen. A reader writes in about taking a walk on the ghostly side in Oriental one dark and stormy night…..

To the Editor,

In support of entrepreneurs here is a brief recommendation from a first hand experience: The Oriental Ghost Walk

Last weekend my wife Kathie and I took the ghost walk…it seemed like something fun for an intown Saturday night. We met at the dinghy dock with lightening on the horizon. The group received an interesting introduction to what we would experience. Half way to the waterfront the rain caught up; serious rain. No problem…under shelter with interesting stories to let it pass and then the walking portion resumed.

I have been here 28 years and heard and learned stuff I had no clue about (maybe slightly embellished, but so what.) Plain and simple, it was neat and a great use of 2 hours. That seemed to be the temperature of the group.

Don and Kathie Mau
Oriental, NC

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