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Letters: Bring Back Classical Music
Classical Radio Ends Suddenly
March 15, 2018

lassical music suddenly disappeared from the local radio dial this week. Paula Valinoti writes in hoping that the music can be restored.

To the Editor:

On February 5th of this year I awoke with joy and anticipation of 24/ 7 Classical Music on WTEB. My husband and I, like many others in the area, have pledged annually to this New Bern Station. This program change that was announced for weeks prior to its implementation was a dream come true.

However, this morning, I found to my shock and sorrow that my joy from February 5th was very shortlived: WTEB on the 91.5 new frequency was totally now ‘news and ideas.’ Without any warning or announcement WTEB Classical Music is now no longer broadcast in the Oriental listening area. Oriental, a town that has lovingly restored its Old Theatre, and has one of the most successful musical societies, PMS, in the area can no longer hear classical music through a conventional FM radio or by turning in on an am/fm car radio.

Because of old transmitters and worn out equipment, the broadcast quality to other areas, i.e., Morehead City, was compromised, and the outpouring of complaints by listeners, according to general manager Dale Speare, prompted the station to, not switch back to its original format prior to February 5th, but to totally eliminate music from its new frequency, the ONLY frequency we can get east of Bayboro.

So NO Classical Music in the Oriental broadcast area from a station that so many of us have faithfully supported for years! If you are happy with this, just sit back and listen to the depressing news and someone else’s ideas, or you can express your outrage and write or call Dale Speare at 252.638.3434 and express YOUR ideas and opinions. 150-200 complaints from the Morehead area, according to Mr Speare, were enough for them to make an immediate switch…New Bern still enjoys its music, as do other areas, but it seems that we don’t count, especially against outmoded equipment!

Let’s see if we can help make a difference, and help get new technology so we can enjoy the type of MUSIC the Public Radio was founded upon.


Paula Valinoti
Oriental, NC
March 12, 2018

TownDock readers may not realize that we have a wonderful source of classical music based here in North Carolina.

WCPE broadcasts from Wake Forest, and is also available over the internet 24 hours a day, without charge (donations appreciated). Visit theclassicalstation.org to enjoy this NC treasure. If you are Raleigh area, tune into 89.7.

Pat Thomaier
Raleigh & Oriental
March 15, 2018

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