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Parade Master Retires
He Will Meister No More
July 6, 2016

This in from Paul Fairbank, our town’s long serving Parade Master.

10 years. 20 parades. It’s not a lifetime but it’s long enough.

It’s with a bit, but not a big bit, of regret that I resign my position as Parade Master.

A Great Big Thank You goes out to those who have participated over the years. And a special thanks to the Parade Wranglers without whom the lineups would never have been as orderly, safe and organized as they have become.

Also, thanks to The Pamlico News and The County Compass for helping to promote the parades over the years.

And, a very, very special thanks to TownDock.net for their continuing and creative support.

What now?

Someone needs to step up to fill the, now vacant, Parade Master position. It is my feeling that that person should coordinate both of our parades to preserve continuity in the process. Or not. Pssst – Don’t tell anybody but the job’s not that terribly hard.

For my part I will, if asked, train my predecessor in the Fairbank Method. I offer Village Hardware as a central sign-up and information center.

Persons interested should contact me at the hardware store.

Thank you for coming to your parade!

Paul Fairbank Oriental, NC July 5, 2016

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