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Questions Regarding Proposed Ship Yard
Reader Questions Unclear Plan
October 4, 2016

public hearing takes place Tuesday Oct 4 regarding a proposed boat wash & yard facility on Oriental’s harbor. Bernard Deneke, P.E., writes in;
To the Editor,

Something smells fishey! Bob Arrington’s article on TownDock is spot on.

Every day I view the Harbor Cam and when I visit Oriental, I am reminded of the eye sore of what is Fulcher Point LLC – the dilapidated facility, half built, not appearing to meet building code requirements. It devalues the property in town, detracts from the appearance of the town, and leaves one wondering will the property ever enhance the town’s image?

I am concerned by what I see – or lack thereof – in the permit application:

Improperly sealed survey by the surveyor – no signature and date provided across the seal. Why is it not sealed properly?

Survey not accurately reflecting what currently exists at the site. Why not? Seems to be a mix of existing and new things all not properly identified. Why? What is the actual project?

Existing buildings not shown correctly – is demolition or new construction proposed (104’x176’ refurbishing, repairing and painting facility)? Is enclosure of the existing building proposed? Appears the existing building (not shown) south of the building shown on the permit is proposing to be removed? Why is this not addressed in the permit or shown on the permit?

The permit survey seems to show land of different zoning of MU1 and R2 but yet it is not reflected on the survey. Is the R2 zoning being requested to be changed? Is it implied?

The lot(s) to the east – presently zoned as R2 – seem to be indicated as “EXISTING STONE BASE EQUIPMENT STORAGE YARD”. Is the plan to rezone the property and expand the equipment storage yard? Why is the survey not shown correctly to show the R2 lots with house owned by Fulcher Point LLC?

The existing piers seem to extend into the navigational channel setbacks. Was this ever permitted this way?

The Pamlico County GIS maps and the permit show a tract of land to the south that encompasses the river and the jetty (not shown) that appear to be owned by whom? The Town? How does one access the property if it is owned by the town? It appears from aerial photos that Fulcher Point LLC is utilizing this property.

It seems that there are many questions that remain as to what Fulcher Point LLC’s overall plan is with the property. What is the plan and what is the project?

The 300 Ton Mobile Gantry Crane (travel lift) is a massive lift. The ideal equipment yard for the utilizing such a lift is a stone base yard. Hence, is the intent to pull vessels out of the water and relocate them on land within the equipment storage yard? Once washed over the concrete pad, is further work on the vessels proposed in the storage yard? Is this what the Town wants and is approving? A small shipyard at the entrance to Oriental?

Bernard Deneke, P.E. Virginia Beach, VA Property owner in Oriental, NC Oct 4, 2016

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