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Town Elections Are Nov 7
Why I am running for Oriental Town Commissioner
October 20, 2023

he Town Of Oriental elects its town board every two years. There are five town commissioner slots, plus the mayor. One of the candidates running for commissioner is Bonnie Crosser, who writes in about why:
To enhance the lifestyle Oriental offers residents and visitors. Nothing celebrates the joyfull soul of Oriental more than our local events: Faye Bond’s 100 Birthday, Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival, Spirit of Christmas, Croakerfest and the list goes on. Oriental is a special place – beautiful location at the water with friendly people. It takes a willingness and effort to keep that spirit of joy alive and growing.

Why Bonnie Crosser – I have that willingness and have displayed that effort. I, as the Parks and Recreation Chairperson and with the team that joined me, have spent over three years bringing our parks back to a maintained level of “beauty” through weed pulling, flower planting, debris removal, and mulch raking. I care about the appearance of our beautiful town and have invested sweat equity. In addition, I have participated in the town budget process for the past three years. I am a Certified Public Accountant licensed in the state of North Carolina. I have provided assistance to past and current Commissioners focusing on fiscal responsibility.

I truly care for the Town of Oriental and the residents – both full and part-time residents, visitors – by land or sea, commercial businesses – wholesale and retail. All are key to our community.

I would like the opportunity to further invest my skills and energy in guiding the Town of Oriental into the future. I am asking for your vote this coming election, November 7th.

Bonnie Crosser
Oriental, NC 28571

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