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It's Monday September 26, 2022

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September Sunrise | September 23, 2022

September Sunrise. This was taken this week at dawn… before the sun appeared. That glow that looks like the rising sun… is actually the lights from a fishing trawler at the Garland Fulcher docks.

Gull on Watch | September 22, 2022

A gull keeps an eye out near the Wildlife Ramp on Midyette St.

Capt Jeff, Anchored On The Neuse | September 21, 2022

At dawn this morning, trawler Capt Jeff anchored on the Neuse. (click photo for more Capt Jeff dawn views)

Harborfest at HeartWorks 2022 | September 20, 2022

Harborfest for HeartWorks is at the new HeartWorks building in Bayboro on Saturday night. The gala begins at 5:30. There’s an open bar, dinner, dancing, and a live auction. It all goes to benefit HeartWorks’ mission to help the underserved children and families of Pamlico County. Become a sponsors or get a ticket here.

A Hatteras named Knucklehead | September 19, 2022

It’s always a relief to find a boat not named “Second Wind.” Spotted at Whittaker Creek, a 1979 Hatteras 58: Knucklehead. (click pic for more Knucklehead views)

Greens Creek Challenge 2022 | September 17, 2022

What looks like a close call in Greens Creek is just a couple of boats maneuvering through the Greens Creek Challenge course. Sailing vessels under 20 feet are on the hunt for a rubber chicken. The Oriental Bridge and the floating docks at the Wildlife Ramp make good viewing platforms for Saturday’s regatta. (Click for the big view and more on the water views.)

Watching the Caterpillars | September 16, 2022

This time of year, Monarch caterpillars begin their transformation into Monarch butterflies. Some Oriental residents, like Darlene Marquart, help them along, fostering the caterpillars while they prepare to make their transformation.

Motor Yacht Ripple | September 15, 2022

It’s not the usual vessel you see docked at the Oriental Marina & Inn. Visiting motor yacht Ripple hails from Palm Beach. (Click for the big view and more)
Appropriate music for viewing this boat:
Details of Chaz's Toy | September 14, 2022

Fishing Trawler Chaz’s Toy in Oriental’s Harbor. (Click for the big view and more details from the rigging.)

Dismal Swamp Summer | September 13, 2022

Oriental is at ICW mile marker 181 (mile zero starts at Norfolk). This is a recent view (last week) at mile marker 28, the docks at the Dismal Swamp welcome center on Highway 17.

Hot. Humid. Wet. Fungi love it. | September 12, 2022

Almost all life forms are complaining about the heat & humidity. Not these guys. Happy fungi in the village. (Ben Casey photo)

Hurricane Earl's Surf @ Atlantic Beach | September 10, 2022

Hurricane Earl passed over 600 miles away on his way north this week. While distant, the category 2 storm was still felt on the US east coast. This is Earl’s surf pounding Atlantic Beach Thursday evening. (David Jaworski  photo)

Blackbeard’s Last Revenge Cast Rehearsal | September 9, 2022

TownDock snuck in to the cast rehearsal at the Old Theater. It’s Blackbeard’s Last Revenge with 13 Signs You Should Stop Being a Pirate, live on the Old Theater stage tonight, Saturday night, plus a Sunday matinee. (Ben Casey photos)

The Revelers Are Coming To Oriental | September 8, 2022

There’s a fiddle. Sax. Accordion. Six guys, all hailing from Lafayette, Louisiana. It’s The Revelers, and they are coming to Oriental for the Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival, Sept 30 – Oct 1.

Oriental Buoys | September 6, 2022

Oriental Buoys, a painting by John Groesser. Dodi & John Groesser are the September Artists of the Month at Village Gallery.

PFD Kid at the Pirate Jam | September 5, 2022

One excited young listener at Saturday’s Pamlico Arts Pirate Jam – Oriental’s on-the-water concert. See Saturday’s scenes here.

Schoolhouse School Bus Celebration | September 4, 2022

105 years ago tomorrow, the first motorized school bus service in North Carolina began. It was in Oriental, at what is now known as the School House Condos. In 1917, it was the School House school. – called “Oriental Graded School.”
Today residents of the School House Condos invite alumni and members of the community with a connection to the School House to come celebrate this anniversary on the lawn at 503 Church Street, from 1 to 3p. (Laura Turgeon drawing)

Resting & Waiting by John Groesser | September 3, 2022

Resting and Waiting by John Groesser. John and his wife Dodi Groesser are the Village Gallery’s September Artists of the month. Meet them, and view their work, today from 2-5p at the Village Gallery Artists’ Reception.

Stallings House Pier Wind Vane | September 2, 2022

A wind vane. This one sits at the end of the Stallings House pier. (Click for the wide, Neuse River view.)

After Rain Sunset at Pecan Grove | September 1, 2022

Minutes after an afternoon rain on Tuesday, August 29, Peter Berndt caught this picture of the sky over Pecan Grove Marina. (Click for additional view)

Paddling A Barge | August 31, 2022

When is a dredge barge like a canoe? It turns out you can paddle both craft. This week a dredge barge made its way across the harbor, using an earth mover as a paddle. Take a look. At about the 25 second mark, the video speeds up, so you can really see the paddling.

Hard Rain @ Pecan Grove | August 30, 2022

An inch of rain fell in a hurry early Monday evening. Sailor Peter Berndt was in the cockpit of his Cape Dory at Pecan Grove, and caught the big rain drops coming down. (click pic for more views)

Almost Empty Harbor | August 29, 2022

It was an almost empty Oriental harbor late morning Monday. It is not often that so few boats are docked in the harbor.

August Sunset | August 28, 2022

Sunset over Greens Creek, viewed from the bridge. (Jens-Peter Berndt photo)

Trawler Sterns | August 27, 2022

Trawlers rafted up for the weekend.

School bus moment | August 25, 2022

It almost looks like Norman Rockwell was up early taking pictures. A morning scene, to be oft repeated in the next 9 months. The charter schools are now open, all county schools will be open next week. (Ben Casey photo)

Town dock Seagulls in August 2022 | August 24, 2022

With no boats at the free dock, the seagulls take up positions on the pilings. (Click for the big pic and more)

Mushroom Near Camp Creek | August 23, 2022

The consequence of the humid, wet weather seen near Camp Creek. (Ben Casey photo)