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Mister February 2018 - Mister Earl
Man About Town

esidents of Oriental, people and pets, find their way here by boat or car, word of mouth, or even the occasional advertisement. Hardly any are born and raised here. Mister Earl, like his keeper Amron Wagoner, is one of those rare few.

January 2017 Pet of the Month
Mister Earl, gray tabby.

For his deep community ties and devotion to a fellow Oriental native, TownDock.net names Mister Earl Mr. February 2018.

Mister Earl began his life with Amron on Midyette Street. Then, he was simply known as Earl. As a younger cat, the gray tabby roamed the neighborhood west of Broad Street, once visiting the Old Theater betweens shows.

January 2017 Pet of the Month
Mister Earl and Amron.

Slipping in a side door, the young Earl attempted to settle in on a cushioned theater seat. Unfamiliar with the nature of the original seats, the tabby’s weight triggered the closing mechanism, flipping the seat closed and dumping him onto the floor below. Startled by his adventure, he fled the theater. Lori Wagoner witnessed the scene, unaware the young feline would soon make his home with her daughter.

At the time, Amron was also living on Midyette. Earl made random visits to her home, and soon he was spending time inside. It wasn’t long before Earl decided to stay, making his home with her.

January 2017 Pet of the Month
Mister Earl patiently waits to be let in.

That was twelve years ago. As Amron has changed residences, Earl has gone with her. Two locations on Midyette, another few in and around Oriental. He’s been at every one.

Though one move wasn’t with Amron. While packing up her home on Midyette, Earl ran off. He stayed gone and hidden for a while. When she passed the area of her old house, Amron would call out to him, hoping he’d find his way back.

Eventually, he did. Amron recounted the evening when, walking home after watching fireworks from the Wildlife Ramp, she was ambushed by her missing pet. ”On the walk back, out of nowhere, he ran up and just jumped into my arms. He heard me, and ran. And he’s been back with me ever since.”

January 2017 Pet of the Month
High tolerance for small people. Clara scratches Mister’s chin.

After the birth of her daughter, Clara, Earl made the transition to Mister Earl. His name is now often shortened, affectionately, to Mister or Misser. Both an indoor and outdoor cat, he doesn’t wander far. On one occasion he escaped through a screen door, returning with an unexpected gift for his housemates: a live bird.

He released it into the house.

Amron eventually liberated the bird, but was surprised by Mister’s agility. She thought she’d been adopted by an older cat. She now suspects his larger size, even as a kitten, duped both her and any potential adversaries into believing him to be older (and possibly wiser) than his actual years.

January 2017 Pet of the Month
Mister retains the agility and behavior of a younger cat.

Consequently, Mister will hold his own against any dogs and most cats. He is no stranger to the odd cat bite here and there. But with his family, Mister is loving and kindhearted. Cats do not always get along well with children, particularly toddlers. Mister and Clara had no such issues. They play well together and, when Mister has had enough, he moves on.

According to Amron, he is affectionate and generally relaxed. Unless there is a glass of milk. “He is so obnoxious. He gets right in my face, and meows; he wants it.” Now and then, she’ll share if she has any left when she’s done. He’s also fascinated by shoes, curling up on or around them. An occupied pair will get as much attention as those left unattended by the door.

January 2017 Pet of the Month
A friend’s dog, Briza, watches Mister from the window.

Over the years, Mister has begun to perform one very important duty for Amron: alarm clock. Years of experience have taught him what time she needs to be awake and he leaves his bed for this specific purpose. Meowing loudly, he makes certain she is awake and aware before returning to sleep, his household duties finished.

Amron and Mister take care of each other. More than just a feline who expects to be fed and left to his own devices, Mister is an active part of Amron’s family. Mister Earl’s affectionate loyalty and status as a rare Oriental native make him the February Pet of the Month.

January 2017 Pet of the Month
Mister, lounging on the porch.

Celebrity most resembles: Humphrey Bogart

Likes: Shoes, Swirling water, Your glass of milk
Dislikes: Being left behind
Secret Talent: Catch-and-release bird hunter
Claim to Fame: Has lived in more Oriental locations than you
Personal Ambition: Keep Amron on schedule

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