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Coming Events in Oriental and in and near Pamlico County

New Year's Eve Dragon Roll & Run 2021 - 2022

The Dragon will run roll through Oriental on New Year’s Eve, 2021 into 2022. He/she will only roll once: at 8p this New Year’s Eve.

The Dragon is mindful that his/her tradition is important for public mental health, but that there is a pandemic. So the run will be a little different this year.

Not confined to one street near the harbor, the Dragon will be conveyed through Oriental on a trailer, visiting as many residents as possible. It will go down Broad Street and Hodges Street, on to South Avenue, Neuse, Link, and Ragan Roads. Even Whittaker Creek and Dolphin Point will get a Dragon visit.

With this plan, you either just come to the end of your driveway or travel a bit to the closest place the Dragon will pass.

Plus… the Chinese Dragon will run & dance on Hodges by the harbor, starting around 8:20p (as soon as the Big Dragon passes). If you attend the Chinese Dragon Run by the harbor, organizers ask that you both bring noisemakers (pots & pans) and that you wear a mask.


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