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It's Saturday July 20, 2019

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LOST: on Janeiro Rd , Old Town green canoe. If found please call Greg Gallagher 252-671-6121. Thank you

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST: FOUND We’re still evacuated from Pamlico and in the Raleigh area because of extensive medical issues with my husband. I have been told that my 20-odd foot pontoon boat (which says Miller Time on it) is not at home! Seems she flew the coop sometime during the hurricane. We would love to have her back at the end of our dock on Moore’s Creek just off the Bay River. Please call Claudia McLean at 252-229-1892 if our missing boat is spotted.

LOST: FOUND Wooden dinghy oar, approximately 5-1/2’ long. No brand on it, but did have our last name written on it in red marker. Has stainless steel clamp on oar lock attached. Lost near Pecan Grove. David Swanson. 919-946-0303.

LOST: wood bench lost on Brown Creek near Spiders Creek. more than 6 feet long, same design as photo. call Sharon 252.249.3340

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST: FOUND Sundolphin Kayak green. Missing from Blackwell Point Rd Oriental. If found please contact Gyon and Jill Ensley at 252-249-1531. Looks just like the one in this picture only green.

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST: 1.) Recently planted baby green apple tree, still had tags on it. Tall but very slender. Ripped up by root ball from yard between Water and Hodges street.

2.) Also two 4×4 posts from garden bed, cut for my garden bed and have bored holes for spikes to hold them down (still have several so can match up)

Email kit.kimberly@gmail.com; no phone or internet yet.

LOST: Wilderness systems tarpon 100 kayak floated off the rack on Dawson’s creek. Red and faded. If found call Helen 252-670-9914.

LOST: Black truck tool box plastic from Blackwell Pt Rd. Call Ken Mason 252-670-3830

LOST: Child size red picnic table on Janeiro Rd. If found please call Greg Gallagher 252-671-6121

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST: Two person yellow sit in kayak . Last Seen at Ensign Harbor on brown creek.
Call Chuck @ 9193687325

LOST: Missing its partner. Smith Creek / Blackwell Point Loop Contact Anne Parker anne.s.parker@gmail.com

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST: Floating dock section, approximately 4 × 6 foot and green waste can at Whittaker Point Creek. Call Mark Clardy @ 703-244-5829.

LOST: Billy Creech lost West Marine Zodiac rib with rebuilt transom. 252-617-2316.

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST: KL Industries water tender, white, on Broad Creek, Little Pamlico. Hull ID No. JOK01907B111, vessel: NC7322DS. Please call Helen, 249-1283. Please leave a message if no answer.

LOST: We live on Orchard Creek (Peninsula Drive). Wilderness Systems Kayak was on land on a trailer. GONE! She is grayish white, with black specks. PLEASE call Neal 410-708-3200 if found. Thank you kindly.

LOST: 3 of these pretty boxes floated away. Custom built. Contact Pat Dixon 252-571-5883

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST: FOUND Small end table painted peach & apple green with heart cutouts on both ends. Lots of sentimental value – made for me by my Dad. Contact Geri LaBreck at 252-571-1403 LaBreckG@gmail.com

LOST: from the Old Theater-one garbage and one recycle can. Picture probably not necessary as they all look the same… Contact Lauri Gates at 908-451-3045.

LOST: Large Black Mail Box from 354 Blackwell Point Loop Rd. Contact Sarah Kenney @857-272-4282 if found.

LOST: FOUND Hobie fishing Kayak,12 foot, single person, Brown – lost at 1100 Neuse Drive – near town beach – call Ken Reed 252-675-1534

LOST: FOUND Wooden sailboat Tanguera, 36’, washed away from Mainsail Point on Green’s Creek Rebekah & Peter Smith, rebekahgm7@gmail.com, pmsmith27514@gmail.com

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST: Large, upright propane tank missing from the Stallings House. Address is spray painted on the side of it: 500 South Ave. Call Lisa Durham if you find it. Thank you! 919-539-6950

LOST: FOUND From home on Treasure Dr. 2 “Buckeye Chairs” made of poly-wood. Scarlet/Gray/White. Please contact Phil at 330-990-5150 or pra6913@gmail.com.

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

ALSO LOST: 1.)*FOUND* Wooden lighthouse, approximately 4ft tall. Replica of Cape Lookout lighthouse with black and white diamond pattern. 2.) FOUND Kayak – Blue, Lifetime brand, sit-on-top double seater. 3.) STILL MISSING Kayak – Red, Lifetime brand, sit-on-top single seater. Please contact Phil at 330-990-5150 or pra6913@gmail.com.

LOST: BOTH FOUND Two Kayaks: FOUND a small yellow/white kayak and a STILL LOST green/blue Cape Horn 170 kayak floated away from Morris/Smith Creek. Please contact jimlastowka@gmail.com or 703-338-0544. Thanks in advance!

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST: FOUND Welcome to Oriental sign. Lost from the other side of the bridge. Contact Town Hall if found.

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST: FOUND Crawl space door. Painted gray. Approximately 2×3 ft. From Seafarer Dr, Oriental. Call Sharon Stephenson 919-414-7719.

LOST: FOUND blue and white small kayak, sea green mailbox 237, from Blackwell Pt Rd Oriental. Ken Mason 670 -3830

LOST: from Tarpon Channel dock behind Ragan Road in Oriental, grey Rubbermaid locker lid about 18 × 36 inches, pic to follow if we can find one. We believe it may be a floater… Contact Sharon Jacobs at (949) 280-5325.

LOST: sailboat from 1006 Neuse Drive near John Bond beach please call Stewart 910-297-2540 or email stewartpittman@gmail.com

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST FOUND: Looking for a decorative well similar to the one in the picture for a family member. Holds sentimental value. Lost from a home on main street near the duck pond.

Hurricane Florence Lost & Found

LOST: A few approx 2×2.5 ft doors that allow water to flow out under the house – metal handles, blue flotation devices on back.
A blue gazing ball – yes forgot to take in probably smashed somewhere but who knows?
A zodiac boat – grey
A kayak – orange – single

Off Dolphin Point.
Steve White, 6028 Dolphin Road, 508-479-2884.

5 Hobie 18 Centerboards
3 Hobie 18 rudders, 1 with tiller
Please contact Don Munn at don_munn@yahoo.com

1. FOUND in Smith Creek Large floating dock from home on Morris/Smith Creek; 2. STILL LOST Dinghy registration # “SC 9576 DF 06/20”. Missing dinghy may or may not still be tied onto the missing floating dock.
Hurricane Florence Lost & Found
Hurricane Florence Lost & Found
Contact: jimlastowka@gmail.com or 703-338-0544

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