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Letter: Ferry Toll Fight, Year Two
Reader Urges Turnout For Hearings
February 27, 2013

To The Editor:

The North Carolina Department of Transportation has announced two public hearings on the new Ferry Toll that will begin on 1 July 2013. The first is in Raleigh on 11 March at 7PM. It will be held in Room 100B at Wake Commons. The second will be held at 7PM on 18 March at Pamlico Community College.

I truly believe that, this year, our legislators are working hard to eliminate the tolls for our local ferries. How effective they will be may depend on us. I believe that it is important for us to attend both meetings. I am sure the PCC hearing will be well attended but we also need to go to Raleigh.

In Raleigh we will get more attention. We must convince a wide range of legislators that tolling our ferries is a bad idea. We all know the arguments but now we must convince more state representatives to join our effort. I would like see us send a large group to Raleigh from Pamlico, Beaufort, Craven, Hyde and Washington Counties to support our legislators efforts against the new tolls.

The 11th is a Monday and I know that many of us will be working but if we can go it would be helpful. I think that it would also be good if many of us could get there early to meet with some officials from the State Legislature and Department of Transportation. Last year we brought up over 50 individuals to the legislature and we got a moratorium. If we doubled that number we may perhaps be able to eliminate the tolls. Please contact me if you are interested in going to Raleigh. Larsum@aol.com or 252-675-0467.

Larry Summers

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