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Letter: Thank You to the Community
Thank you from the Ol' Front Porch Music Festival
October 3, 2022

his year’s Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival faced a few challenges. But the community came together to make it happen. Marjorie Dufek writes in.

The Ol’ Front Porch Music Festival is so grateful to this community for making the Festival happen this year. Thank you to the sponsors and supporters and the many, many volunteers who did jobs big and small. This community was not going to let Hurricane Ian stop the music!

Thanks to the performers for rising above the challenges, known and unknown, to entertain us so well! Thanks to the Old Theater, the Oriental Women’s Club, the Town Hall, Oriental United Methodist Church, St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Oriental Free Will Baptist Church and First Baptist Church for opening their doors to allow us to bring the festival indoors. Thanks to Candy Bohmert, who led the Festival Operations team. Thanks to all the Festival Board and committee members who made decisions moment by moment and found a way.

Thanks to Keith Smith at Town Dock for publicizing schedule changes in real time as they were happening. Thanks to Chris Daniels for providing the sound systems (and moving to the outdoor stage on Sunday). Thanks to the volunteers from Prime Time, the Fire Dept. and the “pizza crew”, and to Lili and Frank at the New Village Brewery, all of whom made it possible for Festival goers to find food and drink near the music. Thanks to the craft vendors for finding space to display your wares on Saturday, and a special perseverance award to Neanderthal Pottery who braved the elements to set up on Friday.

And thanks to Dottie Osmun, whose vision for this festival has created an enduring legacy for this community. Thanks to this community’s generosity at the benefit concert on Sunday, over $6,000 was raised to support the Dottie Osmun Scholarship Fund, which will award a college scholarship to a student at Pamlico County High School each year.

Please share your feedback about the festival here.

Mark your calendar for next year’s Festival: October 6 and 7, 2023.

Marjorie Dufek
Oriental, NC
October 3, 2022

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