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Letters: A Commissioner Resigns
Outside the limits
May 10, 2021

lected officials, Commissioners must live within the town limits of Oriental to qualify for service on the Board. Commissioner Barrow writes in to announce his move beyond the town’s borders and his resulting resignation.
Mr. Smith,

I am writing you as editor of Towndock.net to inform you and the residents of Oriental that I will be unable to complete my term as Town Commissioner. Belinda and I have purchased a home just outside the Town limits which will become our primary residence as of May 12, 2021. This move will preclude my ability to serve as Town Commissioner.

I have notified Mayor Belangia that I will be ineligible to serve after May 12, 2021 and have tendered my resignation as of that date.

I want to extend my appreciation to those residents that trusted me with their votes in the 2019 election. It was my goal to enhance transparency in the Town’s budget and business. I have tried to meet that goal and appreciate the other Commissioners that joined in the mission. I want to specifically mention Commissioners Allen Price and Dianne Simmons who helped me considerably and were always willing to help and discuss the issues as they arose. Commissioner White served as a good resource to provide historical reference on past Board actions and precedents.

Commissioner Price has been consistently a top vote getter and he deserves the confidence that demonstrates. I would encourage residents to continue to rely on ‘Allen’ to make sure they are heard. He often challenges the Board to consider all ramifications on the action it takes. Allen would make a great Mayor or Mayor Pro Tem and I sincerely hope he gets an opportunity to serve in either role.

The Board of Commissioners have the responsibility to fill the vacancy. I would encourage the Board to conduct an open and transparent selection process in which any Town resident may offer their services or make nominations.

I personally recommend Mr. John Ducas as a candidate to fill this vacancy. John has had a career in public service as a Marine and a law-enforcement officer. He and his wife Terri are operators of the Cartwright House on Freemason Street. As a resident and a business owner, John has a vested interest and will also represent and understand the needs of other business owners in the Town.

I regret I can no longer serve as I have enjoyed my time on both the Planning Board and the Board of Commissioners. In closing, I truly thank those folks that helped me participate in steering the Town’s course.

With regards,

Martin Barrow, Commissioner
Town of Oriental
May 10, 2021

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