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Letters: Curbing Roadside Litter
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April 29, 2021

n the roadsides. In the ditches. And eventually in the creeks. Trash seems to be everywhere.

One reader writes in about the ‘clean sweep’ in their neighborhood. Another reader called in with information on how to do your own litter clean up – and have DOT dispose of it for you.

On April 24, Pamlico County hosted ‘Clean Sweep’. A group of neighbors and family members from the Crayton Bay and Indian Estates communities on Hardison Lee Farm Road made a ‘Clean Sweep’ of a large section of Janeiro Road. The group picked up and filled lots of orange trash bags using gloves, vests and grabbers all provided by Pamlico County (thank you Daniel Simpson and team for organizing this). The orange trash bags and several larger pieces, remnants of Hurricane Florence, were carted away by staff volunteers from Pamlico County.

Besides the good feeling of taking care of Mother Nature this Earth Day week, it was especially nice to be able to visit with each other and learn that we’d all had our Covid vaccinations (thank you health care workers!).

Andrea Nixon
April 24, 2021

Another reader left a message with TownDock to report that there are ways to do your own road cleanup – without adopting a road, or waiting for an official event.

“It would be advantageous for people to know they can get orange DOT trash bags from the Department of Transportation on Highway 306 in Grantsboro. Call them first, to let them know what you need.

“After cleanup, leave the bags together in one location and call DOT again to let them know where the bags are. DOT will come pick them up.”

The local DOT number is 252-745-3731.

two full trash bags, one orange with writing leaning against a blue one with no writing

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