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Letters: Looking for a New Commissioner
Vacancy leaves space for recommendations
May 11, 2021

ommissioner Martin Barrow is moving outside the town limits of Oriental, making him ineligible to serve on Oriental’s Board of Commissioners. There is no election to fill the vacancy; the remaining four Commissioners will choose who fills the vacancy until the November elections.

Readers have written in with their endorsements and some desired qualifications in a candidate.

Since the town board has an opening for a commissioner and the fact that soon it will be time for candidates to file for the fall elections, I would like to put some thoughts out to the villagers of Oriental.

Anyone wanting to be on the town board should learn as much as they can about what makes Oriental work. Please don’t run unless you have been to town meetings and ancillary board meetings to get a feel for what is happening here. Once you experience the time and effort put forth by dedicated towns people you might not even want to run for an office. Most of the town board members have taken the time to be on other boards such as tourism, planning and others to understand what will be required of them as a member of the board of commissioners.

Commissioner David White, myself and former commissioner Barrow all were members of the planning board for several years before running for a spot on the town board. The planning board is probably one of the best town ancillary boards to be associated with because of the multiple issues that arise in Oriental. Any prospective candidate would do well to attend these meetings. Commissioners Price and Simmons were and are deeply involved in events and organizations here in Oriental. This involvement comes with being in town for quite awhile and finding interests that fit your skills and commitment.

Also, any candidate should familiarize themselves with Oriental’s Long Range Vision. There is a copy of that vision on the Oriental website. There is even an introduction to the Long Range Vision that lets the reader know about how it came to be. The commissioners and townspeople worked together to put the vision together and anyone wanting to be a town commissioner should familiarize themselves with the vision.

Any candidate should be willing to let Diane MIller, our town manager, handle the day to day running of the town. She has a Masters degree in Public Administration and is well qualified to do her job. She takes guidance from the board as a whole and any one commissioner should not try to micro manage her or her staff. That only leads to confusion and slows down the day to day work.

I hope that I have been able to give some guidance to anyone wanting to run for a town board position and I would be glad to sit down with anyone to go over what it takes and what to expect.


Charlie Overcash
Town Commissioner
Oriental, NC May 18, 2021

Editor’s Note: The appointment of a new commissioner is handled during a public, open session of the Board of Commissioners. TownDock.net spoke with Town Manager Diane Miller on the subject. She said the “issue is expected to be raised at the next Town Board meeting” on June 1. She also said Commissioners “are welcome to nominate anyone and appoint them.”

Additionally, there is no rush to appoint anyone. “They [Commissioners] don’t have to appoint anyone for some time.”

The last two times Commissioners vacated the Board before the end of their terms, former Commissioners were chosen to fill the vacancy until the next election. Commissioners are currently elected on a two year cycle. The next election is this year, November, 2021.

I understand an Oriental Town Commissioner slot is opening due to a current commissioner moving. I would hope that consideration is given to residents that have actually grown up and lived in Oriental all their life. Someone who is a true resident of Oriental proper brings a lot of knowledge of the community, what the past has seen, good and bad, and what the future can hold.

I recognize that newer residents bring new ideas to the table. I would hope that there be an even number of “old timers” and “new timers” to keep a good perspective of past and present new ideas.

I think our current Mayor has done and outstanding job and I would hope that we are able to maintain her in the future of Oriental.

I’d like to thank all the commissioners for giving of their time and all the individuals who have given of their time to help Oriental be the unique village it is now and hopefully will continue to be in the future.

Gail Good
Oriental, NC
May 18, 2021
Residents of Oriental,

I have the honor of being asked to become a new Town Commissioner. I would gladly serve and protect this community to the best of my ability.

I am a former Marine Force Reconnaissance team member and a twenty eight year law enforcement Veteran. My Vision for Oriental North Carolina is to protect and preserve our small town community way of life. This is the very reason my family relocated here. I have seen many horrific things in both my careers and would make every effort they never reach our community. I would also work with my fellow commissioners on solving problems and not just be a “rubber stamp” on issues which concern our community. I would also be available 24/7 to field complaints and other issues and will not be afraid to publicly post my contact information.

I promise to be a non biased servant and will represent ALL members of this community!


John Ducas
Oriental, NC
May 17, 2021
Dear Editor,

A vacancy has been created on the Oriental Town Board by Martin Barrow’s pending move to outside the city limits of Oriental. The Town of Oriental has an opportunity to replace Martin with someone who owns & operates a business in Oriental. John Ducas is the new owner of the Cartwright House, a well-known Bed & Breakfast in Oriental.
John Ducas is a retired law enforcement officer who also served his country in the military. He has a proven record of service. John would become the only town board member who owns & operates a business in Oriental. John would provide insight in what Oriental can do to serve the Town’s needs in providing services that will be needed in the future.
Please ask your town commissioners to support John’s unselfish offer to serve as a Town Commissioner.

Thank you.


Allen and Angie Propst
6207 Mainsail Point Road
Oriental, NC
May 10, 2021

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