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Thanks for the Spirit of Christmas
Appreciation for the helpful
December 17, 2021

arsha Paplham has been orchestrating the luminaria and The Spirit of Christmas for (she thinks) the last twelve years. She writes in to send out her thanks to everyone who helps make The Spirit of Christmas possible and includes an announcement about her plans going forward.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It truly takes a village to put on an event like The Spirit of Christmas. As always, there are those who deserve special recognition.

• Jeannine Russo at the Pamlico News for her work on the program
• Larry Summers for his organization of the Lighted Kayak Parade – it was beautiful
• Paul & all the crew at Village Hardware for providing candles, lighters & support with the luminaries
• Tony Santore for his work organizing the Christmas Parade
• Tom at the Oriental Marina, Fire Station 19, and Chris from The Silos – you all contributed to the luminaries, their assembly, and clean-up
• TownDock, The County Compass, and Pamlico News who worked non-stop to get the word out
• Finally, Thank You to all you wonderful volunteers. Without your help none of this could take place. I thank you So Very Much!

I have enjoyed being a part of The Spirit of Christmas for many years. It has truly been my honor. Now I feel it’s time to ‘pass the torch’. I will be stepping down and look forward to working with the new person who takes it on. Thank you so much to all of you for your support over the years.

Marsha Paplham
Marsha’s Cottage
Oriental, NC

Marsha Paplham on the porch of Marsha’s Cottage.

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