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Friends Of The Dragon 2013
Keep The Dragon From Becoming Homeless
December 28, 2012

ew Years Eve in Oriental has a cast of thousands. But there is one key star of the show – The Dragon:

dragon photos

The Dragon has had many “keepers” over the years. Up until recently the Dragon Keepers were Perry & Susan Cheatham, a responsibility they have carried for 8 years. This year they have passed that responsibility on to Oriental residents Turtle Midyette and Keith Smith. Volunteers are lining up and the New Years Dragon runs are secure… New Years Eve will see Dragon Runs at 8p and 11:30p, and then the Croaker Drop at midnight.

One of The Dragon’s challenges over its history has been finding a home for the rest of the year. That is being solved right now, and you can help. The Dragon has been housed in various sheds and barns over the years, sometimes suffering damage from the effects of weather over time.

This year The Dragon has a new home – his own 10 × 10 storage unit at Village Mini Storage on Broad Street. That storage unit costs $495 a year. The Oriental Tourism Board has agreed to pay for the first three months. But the Dragon’s home needs to get paid for for the rest of the year.

Become A Dragon Patron
This is where you can help. The Dragon needs 18 “Patrons”. Patrons Of The Dragon, if you will. Each Dragon Patron pays $20 for a half month of storage. January through March are covered by the Tourism Board (Village Mini Storage donated December of this year). TownDock.net has agreed to pay for the first half of April. The Dragon doesn’t want any Patron to pay for more than $20 – no heroism needed. Just sponsor a half month.

There isn’t any Dragon corporation or any Dragon bank account, and organizers like that simplicity. So to keep this simple, Patrons will simply send a $20 check to Village Mini Storage.

To become a Dragon Patron, just email in your contact info, and then we will email back confirmation and instructions on where to mail your Patron check. Your name, or your business name, can be listed as a Dragon Patron. The Dragon thanks you.

That was quick – thank you to TownDock readers and supporters of The Dragon. All the 2013 Dragon Patron slots are now full.

Month Dragon Patrons
December 2012 Village Mini Storage ✓
January 2013 Oriental Tourism Board ✓
February 2013 Oriental Tourism Board ✓
March 2013 Oriental Tourism Board ✓
April 2013 TownDock.net ✓
  Earl & Sandra Evens ✓
May 2013 Dick & Dottie Osmun ✓
  Linda & Walter Abercrombie ✓
June 2013 Lynn & Joe Mattea ✓
  IBX Marine Construction ✓
July 2013 Wayne and Betty Henson ✓
  Grace Evans ✓
August 2013 Barbara and Jim Pearson ✓
  Andy & Mary Anton ✓
September 2013 Charlie and Sigrid Overcash ✓
  Diane Midness ✓
October 2013 Liz & Tom Lathrop ✓
  Bernie Harberts ✓
November 2013 Kathy Enzerink, in honor of Gerry Enzerink ✓
  Doug & Mary Ann Sligh ✓
December 2013 Geri & Steve LaBreck ✓
  Inland Waterway Provision Company ✓

Posted Friday December 28, 2012 by Keith N. Smith

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