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Whortonsville Yacht & Tractor Club To Host 2007 America's Cup
Landlocked Switzerland receives a generous offer
March 8, 2003

While North Carolina sailing may not be widely known in Switzerland, the international prestige of the Yacht & Tractor Club gives Whortonsville front runner status in their America’s Cup bid
he sailing world has been in disarray since the Swiss recently won the America’s Cup in New Zealand. Much discussion has ensued about where Switzerland will host the next America’s Cup races – set for 2007. Switzerland is landlocked, presenting serious challenges to water-based activities.

Motivated by his concern for the history of the series, Whortonsville Yacht & Tractor Club Commodore Nick Santoro has offered to host the 2007 America’s Cup.

"Beyond being landlocked, there is another reason that this is the right solution" states Santoro. "Switzerland has a long history of neutrality. How can hosting a race at their place be neutral? It wouldn’t be – and they would tarnish their image of fairness."

"Swiss sailors will enjoy the full amenities of the Yacht & Tractor Club," Santoro proudly states.

Santoro recently invited the TownDock.net NewsExtra staff over to tour his facilities. Upon arrival, Commodore Santoro showed his close affinity with the Swiss people by offering a plate of Swiss cheese.

Nick Santoro uses his 37- function Swiss Army knife to prepare a plate of Swiss cheese

While Whortonsville has extensive sailing facilities, Nick knows he cannot stage an event of this magnitude alone. He needs the help of Oriental, some 10 miles south. Officials and business owners in Oriental have been quick to offer support.

Emily Daniels displays "square knots – an introduction."

An America’s Cup boat has a crew of 16, yet in the recent Swiss victory only three crew members were actually from Switzerland. While Switzerland has a population of 7 million people, only three of them know how to sail.

"We’re here to help" says Emily Daniels of Oriental’s School Of Sailing. "Everyone at the Sailing School has purchased new uniforms to make the Swiss students feel comfortable" stresses Daniels, "and we have introduced a two step program to prepare America’s Cup crew members."

In Cup Crewing 101 Daniels says prospective Swiss sailors will learn many of sailing’s lesser known performance tricks, like the crafty square knot.

Jim Nixon and Emily Daniels show some of the course materials in Cup Crewing 202.

Cup Crewing 202 includes winching, tailing, plus how to pose for press photos.

Still, just learning to sail isn’t enough. The area must present
itself as a place that will make affluent Swiss yachtsmen feel at home. The Bean , Oriental’s coffee shop on the harbor, has
joined the effort.

Bean proprietor Diane Stewart says all Bean employees will be required to adopt "culturally sensitive Swiss hairstyles", designed to make Swiss guests feel at home. The Bean will also begin offering Swiss Miss for the 2007 season.

Diane Stewart with Swiss Miss – now with Mini Marshmallows

Other food service interests have joined in. Scoots, known for pizza and sandwiches, will actually rename itself for one year to aid the Swiss in enjoying Pamlico society.

Ralf Heit says he will rename his business to "Scoot’s Chalet", and promote an extensive "Apres Sail" theme.

Ralf Heit shows off the new "Scoot’s Chalet" logo, along with his famous Swiss Meatball Sandwich

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