The graceful double-masted boat from Long Island that came to Oriental's Town Dock in early April, had proud old lines.  She was a schooner, with lots of finely-kept wood and time-burnished bronze.  Not to mention that carefully flaked foresail.

But "Deliverance" also featured signs of something even older - that old physics law:

Two objects can't occupy the same space. 

On her port bow, she sported a sizeable blemish.  The apparent scrape had scratched off some of the letters and that just made the boat's name stand out all the more.   Her hull was steel - which may have been fortunate during the hull scraping incident.

Was it a brush with a freighter? A particularly aggressive docking?

What is your caption for this Pamlico County picture?

The boat slipped its lines before we had a chance to talk with the captain.  So, we now turn to you to provide some back-story.  (Or as the case may be, the fore-story.)  As with our earlier Pamlico Caption photos, we want to hear your captions, limericks, poems, haiku or in this case, your anagrams for this photo.  Send them to us here at

Best captions submitted will appear right here on's Pamlico Captions. Winners will receive much due credit and newfound fame.

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