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Artist Laura Turgeon is Drawing The Town

Chicken With The Lady's Head Cut Off
November 2014

here are a few locations around Oriental that used to be a grocery store. One is the OYC (Oriental Yacht Club) building. It was Goodwin’s Grocery. Circa 1930s, brothers Calvin and Elsie (yup, Elsie was a boy) Goodwin ran the store. One of their kin also worked there – Donnie Goodwin.

Fresh food is something often promoted by modern groceries, but Donnie had them beat. You could get a live chicken at Goodwin’s. So you could take your clucker home, Donnie put the chicken in a paper bag, its legs tied, with a hole cut in the bag for the chickens head.

You just can’t make history like that up.

This tidbit of Oriental history inspired artist Laura… who imagined a Goodwin’s Grocery customer on her way home.

Presenting – Chicken With The Lady’s Head Cut Off…

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Laura Turgeon and her husband Gil Fontes live in Oriental. When they are not out looking at boats Laura and Gil are often seen with drawing instruments or paint brushes in hand. More of Laura's work can be found at her site LauraTurgeon.com.