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Letters: Croakerfest

February 21, 2014

riental has put on a Croakerfest for many a July. The parade, the baking contest, the pagaents, the fireworks, the street dance, the kids area and what had been, perhaps more so in the past, a way for non-profits to raise some funds. This year, some are talking about needing many more volunteers — or scaling back the event on that first Saturday of July. An organizing meeting has been set for Saturday March 8 at 9a at Brantley’s Restaurant. All are welcome to attend and bring their ideas. Some brainstorming has been happening already, as witnessed by a Letter to the Editor.

Dear Editor:

To ensure a truly dynamic Croaker Festival without burnout by both attendees and participants, affording more time for planning and execution, I suggest the Croaker Festival be held every other year, the odd years. Then on the even years, Oriental could have a simple celebration actually on the Fourth. The even year event on Independence Day could have water related events in which local people and their holiday guests could participate.

Perhaps a two year fundraising effort for a festival every other year could produce sufficient funds to attract a band or group of some renown as the headliner.

Benjamin E. Casey

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